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24 Niche Business Ideas

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Published on August 11, 2022

Updated on November 17, 2022

24 Niche Business Ideas

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24 Niche Business Ideas

One of the keys to business success is finding the right niche — that perfect market segment ripe for an exciting new product or some sort of disruption. Some of the top niche-focused businesses involve skincare, homeschooling, fitness, restaurants, matchmaking and medical supply.

These industries, and many more, change considerably with shifting tastes and trends, which means that if you’re able to find just the right niche, your business could go boom! 

Check out our list of great niche business ideas to get started.

1. Skincare Center

How to start a skincare business

Obsessed with healthy skin? If so, you’re in luck, as the US skincare market is now worth $20 billion and still growing. You could start a skincare business, help people look and feel their best, get in on the beauty industry boom and make a good living all at the same time! 

Starting out as a solopreneur, it’s probably a good idea to link your product line to your own needs and interests. If you have dry skin, for instance, a smart approach for your skincare business would be to focus on moisturizing and anti-aging products, as these would be areas in which you’d be seen as having expertise, given your experience. If you’re concerned about the environment, you could offer a skincare line that uses only eco-friendly, sustainable ingredients. 

The skincare market and the broader beauty industry are expected to continue to expand in the coming years, so whichever market segment you choose, there is likely to be considerable opportunity for the entrepreneur.

2. Homeschool Business


If you’re an educator or counselor looking for a new opportunity, starting a homeschool business may be the perfect move. Homeschooling has doubled in the last few years because of the pandemic. The pandemic may be waning, but people’s interest in homeschooling and other alternative educational arrangements is still on an upward trend because of the high cost of schools.

Before you can start, you’ll need to apply for the necessary permits and licenses. The requirements vary depending on location, so it’s best to check out your local regulations. Your curriculum must also meet state requirements, though it can be tailored to each child’s needs and your philosophy on education. This allows for a lot of flexibility. To market your business, it is important that you build a network of homeschooling families. With careful planning and hard work, you can create a successful homeschool business that provides quality education and enrichment opportunities for children!

3. Gym

How to open a gym business

As the US economy recovers from the pandemic, gyms and fitness centers are also bouncing back. The gym, health and fitness clubs industry is poised for modest growth and expected to earn more than $36 billion in 2022. Starting your own gym business can be very profitable and rewarding, too. 

Setting up a gym can be a breeze if you’re motivated and have a clear vision. You will need to invest in exercise equipment, choose an accessible location, and secure the necessary permits and certifications. One option is to secure a franchise or buy an existing fitness center. If you decide against that, you’ll want to identify a target market. There’s an increasing number of younger people who want to get fit and healthy, so you might want to direct your advertising and marketing efforts to this demographic. Don’t forget the older fitness buffs, though. Their numbers are also increasing.

4. Stock Trading

Stock Trading

If you have experience with securities, you might want to consider getting into the stock trade. The stock market is projected to continue growing in the next several years, with more than 40,000 industry jobs expected to be created annually through 2030. 

The first step in starting a stock trading business is to secure a license and become a member of a stock exchange. You can start small and trade from home. It’s important to make a business plan and come up with ways to differentiate yourself from other agencies in order to attract clients or investors. It’s wise to offer a diversified portfolio, research the market, monitor any business news likely to impact the stock market, and brace for any wild swings that could result in losses.

5. Methadone Clinic

Methadone Clinic

Around 3 million Americans have had or suffer from opioid use disorder (OUD). You can help address this crisis and wean people off of opioid dependence by starting a methadone clinic. Methadone is among the drugs used to treat OUD — a market expected to grow to $1.7 billion by 2026. As an opioid treatment provider, you could be part of the solution while making good money. 

Before you can start, make sure you meet licensing requirements and secure federal certification for your treatment program. Do you have the startup capital needed to establish a clinic? You could take out a bank loan or consider other means to raise funds. Competition will be tough as there are already more than a thousand OUD treatment clinics across the US. One option is to set up a mobile clinic and deliver methadone treatment to marginalized populations in rural and unserved communities.

6. Online Gambling

Online Gambling

Ready to start your own online gambling business? Make sure you do business in any of the six states that have legalized online casinos – New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Delaware, West Virginia and Nevada. At least seven other states have introduced laws, hoping to do the same. The online gambling market was valued at more than $2 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow 17% annually the next five years as bettors continue to migrate from offline to online gambling. 

So if you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of online gambling, start by choosing the software provider. There are several in the market, so you have to research each provider’s pros and cons. Once you’ve made that choice, select your gambling content and apply for a license. You also need to establish safe and sure payment processes. Finally, develop your website and promote your business through social media and other platforms. With a bit of luck, you’ll be hitting the jackpot soon!

7. Matchmaking

How to Start a Dating Service

Thanks to emerging technologies, people are able to establish personal and business partnerships, stay in touch, and connect more deeply with each other. Facilitating these partnerships by starting your own matchmaking business might be a good option for you. It can be a very profitable venture, and there’s always a demand for these services. 

Matchmaking businesses focusing on dating are expected to exceed $600 million in market size and attract more than five million users by 2026. Companies that focus on business matchmaking are also expected to grow steadily as more under-resourced or inexperienced businesses seek partners that can boost their operations and give them a competitive edge. 

From online dating to business contract evaluation or government job matching, there’s software that can help address your needs. To find clients, it’s important to wage a creative marketing campaign. Once you get clients, make sure to ask the right questions to encourage them to disclose all the necessary information. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to swipe right on success!

8. Medical Supply

How to start a medical supply business

If you’re looking for a new business opportunity, then look no further than medical supply. Demand for medical supplies such as personal protective equipment (PPE) has spiked in the wake of the pandemic. The medical supplies wholesaling industry in the US is worth $280 billion and expected to grow steadily in the coming years. 

Starting a medical supply business is not easy. You will need to comply with licensing requirements and other government regulations. It’s also important to identify your target market and think of ways to set yourself apart from the competition. One option is to come up with a way to get your medical supplies faster to doctors and hospitals, such as developing an ecommerce website or app where they can conveniently place orders for delivery. There are many challenges to be met, but by starting out with the right mindset, you’ll be pointed toward success.

9. Copywriting

How to start a copywriting business

Can you whip up compelling content under serious time constraints? If so, you may want to consider starting a copywriting business. Copywriting can be a lucrative and rewarding career, and it’s an ideal venture for creative entrepreneurs with a strong command of English. Demand for copywriters is high as their services are essential in marketing and advertising. More than 15,000 job openings for writers, including copywriters, are expected each year through 2030 in the US. 

The biggest barrier to entry is finding clients, but it’s far from impossible. Consider building your personal brand on social media by using captivating headers with great text and visuals, regularly sharing content, and keeping your posts positive and engaging. If you want to work with more than one client at a time, start by building your client list and your portfolio before taking on new projects. With a lot of creativity, you’ll be ready to write your way to success!

10. Basketball Training

Basketball Training

Basketball is a globally popular sport, which means demand for quality training is strong. In the US, nearly 25 million people six years and up played basketball in 2018. Teams in the National Basketball Association, which is the world’s top men’s professional basketball league, have an average franchise value of more than $2 billion. If you love to play and study basketball, then starting a basketball training business might work for you.

Being selective about the niche you choose will save time and money. So, define your target market and understand what type of training they need. Most of those who play basketball are kids and teenagers, who move on to playing competitive high school basketball if they excel. Some later advance to college and even play in pro leagues. With adequate knowledge and experience on the sport, you could succeed in this competitive and lucrative field.

11. Wholesale


Wholesale is all about the advantages of scale: prices are lower because purchases are in bulk, such as vast amounts of tomatoes, cement mix, or shoes. If you’re good at scaling up and making sales, you might consider getting into wholesale, as the industry is expected to continue its steady growth in the years ahead. 

Getting started will require a significant investment, because all of that inventory is not going to suddenly appear out of nowhere, and you’ll need a place to keep it. Fortunately, unlike retail, a wholesale business doesn’t have to worry about finding an area with heavy traffic. Instead, the main concern is space. Once you’ve got your goods and a warehouse, you’ll need to obtain all the necessary licenses, then start reaching out to local businesses that might be interested in your goods.

Keep in mind that this is a big and growing industry, which means you’re going to face stiff competition from established firms and other new entrants. You’ll likely need to work hard, and smart, to succeed.

12. Restaurant

How to start a restaurant business

Opening a restaurant is no easy task, but it can be very lucrative, and especially right now. US dining is bouncing back from pandemic and set to generate $900 billion in sales in 2022. The pandemic, however, has reshaped the industry and many experts think it may be a couple years before business conditions return to normal. But if you’re keeping track of the trends, you could build a digital presence and establish strong delivery services before opening your doors.  

There are many other things to consider. First, it’s important to decide what type of restaurant you want to open. Do you want to serve classic American fare, or specialize in a certain cuisine? Do you want to do casual or fine dining? What about a family-style restaurant? Next, it’s a good idea to research the competition in your area and come up with a plan to set yourself apart. Starting a restaurant can be tough, but if you’re prepared for the challenges ahead, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

13. Coaching Business

Coaching Business

Not long ago, there were only a handful of coaching firms in the United States. Today there are more than 2,200 and the coaching industry is worth more than $11 billion and still seeing strong growth. Americans have learned to appreciate the value of good insight and planning, particularly when it comes to major decisions involving their finances, career and personal matters. 

If you have expertise in any of these areas, you could start your own coaching business and help people lead more fulfilling lives while grabbing a slice of this fast-growing market. It’s easy to get started. You just need a reliable computer, some relevant experience and a strong marketing campaign, highlighting your skills on social media and beyond. 

The challenge will be attracting and maintaining clients, so you’ll need to find a way to stand out from the coaching crowd and prove your worth. A great website will surely help.

Discover how to start a coaching business in your area of expertise

Below we highlight three specific coaching business ideas that can put you on the path to entrepreneurial success.
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How to Start a Life Coaching Business

14. Nutrition Business

How to start a nutrition business

Obsessed with counting calories? If so, a nutrition business might be perfect for you. Nearly 6,000 dietitians and nutritionists are needed each year through 2030 in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and government offices across the US. Globally, the billion-dollar human nutrition market is expected to continue growing due to rising health awareness among consumers and the surging demand for dietary supplements. 

If you’re thinking of starting a nutrition business, there are several ways to do it. You could provide services to hospitals and nursing homes, or set up your own nutrition center and be your own boss. You just need to check out the licensing requirements and government regulations before you start. Pick a niche and stick to it, whether it’s dietary supplements, food and beverages, or infant nutrition. If you’re passionate about what you do and dedicated to helping others achieve their nutritional and other health goals, you’ll find your nutrition business fulfilling and financially rewarding at the same time.

15. Tutoring

How to start a tutoring business

Do you have an area of academic expertise? Maybe you’re great at math, deeply familiar with science, or obsessed with language and literature. Even if you’re not a subject expert, but simply good with children, now’s a great time to consider starting a tutoring business and shape young minds.  

The industry took a hit during the pandemic, but today many tutors are embracing virtual instruction and tutoring is expected to see steady growth in the years ahead. As a result, you’re now able to run a tutoring business almost entirely from home, all while helping children to learn and excel and making a good living.  

Starting a tutoring business is not terribly complicated. If you have teaching experience or some proof of your expertise, you mainly need a good computer and you can start offering your services on a variety of online platforms, like ClubZ or eTutorWorld. With a bit of marketing on social media, you should be able to attract a few clients and start building your tutoring empire.

16. SEO Consulting

SEO Consulting

If you know just want to do to drive web traffic, you might consider starting your own SEO consulting business. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a booming field with a huge need for professionals with strong skills. SEO and internet marketing consultants in the US earned around $55 billion in 2022. As more businesses seek help building their online presence, SEO consulting is expected to surge 5% per year through 2027. 

Before you jump into it, though, you should be aware of the market looks like and how SEO professionals are finding success. The services performed by an SEO consultant include web marketing, keyword strategy, web analytics, content strategy planning, and link building. You can start showing prospective clients what you can do by promoting your own website. With a creative digital marketing strategy, you should be able to get your business up and running.

17. Transport Business

How to start a trucking business

Goods and people always need to be moved from one place to the next, which is why reliable transport is always in demand. Transportation and logistics are fast-growing industries, and you could ride the wave by starting your own transport business and helping the world get moving.

The first step is to identify your favored transport service. You might offer ride-share and taxi services, group transportation and shuttle, logistics and courier services, or something else entirely. Once you have identified your niche, you should decide whether to open a hub and office space, or to be based out of your home. If you choose the latter, understand that your website will be absolutely crucial, and must be impeccably professional to attract clients.

But before you launch, be sure to research the necessary permits and licences required for the line of transport you choose. The last thing you want is to face major fines just as business starts booming.

18. Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

With the world’s digital transformation, the internet is an essential service. Globally, internet service providers earned about $450 billion in 2020. The market is still growing and there are plenty of opportunities for new players, so you might want to launch an internet service provider business now. 

Whether you plan to start small or compete with the giants, you will need to install servers, cable lines and other equipment. It’s a good idea to do some research and find answers to frequently asked questions like, how much investment do you need, how will you raise funds, what are the legal and technical issues, and how to find customers. 

Some people do not think that the internet is something they can make money from because it is too easy for people to switch between networks. But if you know how to position your products and services correctly, you can make it much easier for people to stick with you.

19. Digital Marketing Agency

How to start a digital marketing agency

With many people staying at home and working remotely because of the pandemic, companies have also gone online and undertaken digital marketing initiatives to keep their target markets engaged. Global digital marketing is booming right now, and expected to more than double to $786 billion by 2026.

If you’re looking to start your own digital marketing business, you’re in luck. There has never been a better time to do it. Just catch up on the latest industry trends and know the steps in setting up a business. Keep in mind that since this is a relatively new industry, there are no concrete guidelines for success, but some insights into how other companies grew their own businesses can be helpful. Read and learn everything you can about the business before uploading your first social media post or your first digital ad. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to get the hang of digital marketing!

20. Nursing

How to start a nurse staffing agency business

The US is expected to hire nearly 200,000 nurses every year through 2030, which means right now is a great time to start a nursing business. Pandemic or no pandemic, nursing is one of the most in-demand services, largely thanks to an aging population. By 2030, the number of Americans age 65 and over will exceed 60 million, which means even greater demand in the years ahead.

Starting a nursing business can be challenging, though. There are a lot of regulations to navigate. You will also need a significant investment, if you’re planning to put up a nursing home. But a lot of opportunities await those who are willing to put in the work. With the right planning and execution, you can make your nursing business thrive.

But first it’s important to learn the basics of the industry, find your niche, and find a good location. Then you can start nursing your way to success.

21. Physical Therapy

How to start a physical therapy clinic

As more and more Americans show greater interest in long-term health and wellness, demand for physical therapy has steadily increased. After years of steady growth the US industry is worth $38 billion and offers an excellent opportunity for the entrepreneur.

If you’re an established physical therapist or will soon become one, you could start your own practice and make a good living while helping countless people live fuller, healthier lives. That’s an incredibly valuable service — which is why it’s so well compensated. You will of course need to be certified as a physical therapist, which takes years of education and hard work.

But assuming you have your certification you’ll just need to get your license and insurance and find a good location for your physical therapy business. An alternative, for when you’re just starting out, is to be a mobile physical therapist and provide therapy sessions at people’s homes and offices. This would cut your costs and allow you to save up for the deposit on a fantastic location. 

Once you’re all moved into the new space, your clients will start referring new clients and your marketing should bring in even more.

22. Security

How to start a security guard business

Everybody wants to feel secure, which is why the US security industry is worth $46 billion after more than a decade of steady growth. The market expansion is expected to continue in the years ahead, especially with people spending more time at home these days. You could get in on the action by starting your own security business and make a good living while giving people peace of mind.

You’ll likely need a security license, for which you should apply to your state. You’ll also need to know how to install and operate security systems, for which you could find affordable online courses to get you up to speed. Once you’re confident in your skills, start advertising on platforms like Angie’s List and you might be able to bring in a few clients, if your prices are right. 

It’s probably wise to focus on home security systems when starting out, and move on to bigger jobs as you gain experience. As long as you deliver quality service and reliable security, your business reputation should steadily improve.

23. Makeup

How to start a makeup business

Four in 10 Americans between 30 and 59 years wear makeup every day, according to a 2017 survey. And the number is probably higher now as more men are also wearing makeup, even if it’s just a bit of concealer or foundation. 

So if you’ve been considering starting a makeup business, now is the time to do it. You’ll make good money while helping people look better and feel more confident. If you’re coming up with your own product line, you will need to follow Food and Drug Administration regulations. The rules make sure that any cosmetics sold in the market are not adulterated or misbranded.

An easier alternative way to get into the makeup industry is to start off as a distributor of established brands. With careful planning and aggressive marketing, your makeup business can be a success.

24. Dog Treat Shop

How to start a dog treat business

When you think of starting a business, doggie treats are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But the pet care industry has boomed in recent years, with specialized foods leading the way as pet owners become increasingly concerned about pet health. You could start your own dog treat business and make a good living while putting smiles on the faces of people and pets everywhere. 

Of course, you’ll need to decide what kind of treats you’ll make, the key ingredients, and your pricing structure. To get started, you could research popular dog treats and their prices and goods. Once you know the outlines of your business, start making trial batches in your kitchen and test them out with dogs in your era. Their feedback will help shape your product so that once it hits the market, every doggie will want some!