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16 Best Business Ideas In Utah

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16 Best Business Ideas In Utah

Utah, a landlocked state in the Rocky Mountain region, boasts a strong pro-business climate. The state was quick to bounce back from pandemic-driven recession and recover most of the jobs lost during the pandemic, according to state officials. 

While leisure-related businesses have yet to fully recover, the real estate and construction sectors are experiencing a boom due to a high in-migration. Business opportunities include coaching, digital marketing, and web design. 

Check out our thorough list of excellent Utah business ideas below and see what sparks your interest.

1. Manufacturing

How to Start a Pallet Manufacturing Business

In Utah, manufacturing businesses need to acquire specific licenses, which depend on their products. These are typically issued by the Utah Department of Commerce. Key tips for starting a manufacturing business include understanding local manufacturing laws, focusing on product quality, and building relationships with local suppliers for better material sourcing. Also, consider the advantages of Utah’s strategic location for shipping logistics.

2. Real Estate

how to start a real estate business

For starting a real estate business in Utah, you must obtain a real estate license from the Utah Division of Real Estate. Important tips include understanding Utah’s housing market trends, networking with local real estate agents, and investing in continuous education about real estate laws and market dynamics. Good customer relations and trustworthy service are crucial for success.

3. Graphic Design

How to start a graphic design business

Graphic designers in Utah may operate without specific business licenses unless opening a physical studio. To succeed, build a strong portfolio and a professional website. Network with local businesses and freelancers. Keep up with the latest design software and trends to stay competitive.

4. Internet Service Provider

internet service provider business idea

Launching an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Utah requires authorization from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and possibly state telecommunications licenses. Focus on providing reliable service and excellent customer support. Analyze local market needs and invest in robust infrastructure to ensure high-speed internet delivery.

5. Insurance

How to start a insurance agency

Starting an insurance agency in Utah requires a license from the Utah Insurance Department. Key tips include understanding the specific insurance needs of Utahns, offering competitive pricing, and maintaining high ethical standards. Building trust with clients and offering personalized services will help in growing your customer base.

6. YouTube Channel

How to start a youtube business

Creating a YouTube channel in Utah doesn’t require a business license. Success tips include choosing a niche relevant to your skills and interests, consistently creating high-quality content, and engaging actively with your viewers. Utilize SEO strategies and social media to increase your visibility.

7. Business Coaching

business coaching idea

Business coaches in Utah must register their business but do not need specific licenses. Successful coaching involves a deep understanding of business dynamics and strong communication skills. Networking with local businesses and offering workshops can help in building a client base. Focus on measurable outcomes to gain client trust.

8. Check Cashing

How to start a check cashing business

To open a check cashing business in Utah, you’ll need a money transmitter license from the Utah Department of Financial Institutions. It’s crucial to implement strong security measures and comply with all regulatory requirements. Offering additional financial services can attract more customers.

9. Shirt Printing

How to start a t-shirt business

Certain state permits and licenses may be needed to operate a custom t-shirt business in Utah. For success, focus on unique designs and quality materials. Online marketing and participating in local events can help attract customers. Offering customization options can also set your business apart from competitors.

10. Reiki Business

How to Start a Reiki Business

Starting a Reiki practice in Utah does not require specific licenses but registering your business is necessary. Building a peaceful, welcoming studio space and getting certified in Reiki practices will enhance your credibility. Use social media and local community boards to advertise your services.

11. Web Design

How to start a web design business

Web designers in Utah do not need specific licenses but should register their business. Staying updated with the latest web technologies and user experience best practices is essential. Networking with local businesses and offering competitive pricing can help establish your presence in the market.

12. Digital Marketing Agency

How to start a digital marketing agency

To start a digital marketing agency in Utah, register your business and comply with general business regulations. Focus on building a skilled team that understands diverse digital platforms and marketing strategies. Networking and showcasing successful case studies are essential for attracting clients.

13. Notary

How to start a notary business

Notaries in Utah must be commissioned by the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s Office. Notaries should ensure compliance with Utah’s notary laws and maintain meticulous records. Offering mobile notary services can increase your business scope and convenience for clients.

14. Government Contracting

Government Contracting

Businesses interested in government contracting in Utah must register with the System for Award Management (SAM) and comply with federal and state regulations. Understanding the bidding process and maintaining high standards of quality and reliability are crucial. Networking with other contractors and government agencies can provide valuable opportunities.

15. Grocery Delivery

How to start a grocery delivery business

Starting a grocery delivery service in Utah requires a business license from the local authority and a food handler’s permit. Utah food handlers must complete an approved food handling course, pass the test and obtain a food handler certificate. Focus on efficient logistics and reliable customer service. Partnering with local grocery stores and using a user-friendly ordering system can enhance your business growth.

16. Travel Agency

How to start a travel agency business

To open a travel agency in Utah, obtain a business registration and consider certification through recognized travel bodies for credibility. Knowledge of travel destinations and regulations is crucial. Offering personalized travel planning services and maintaining strong relationships with clients can ensure repeat business and referrals.


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16 Best Business Ideas In Utah