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Find the perfect domain name

Welcome to our Domain Name Search tool! 

You can use it to find the perfect domain name for your business. It’s best to use this tool before you settle on a business name and form your business entity. That way you’ll be certain to secure a domain name that matches or echoes the name of your business.  

It’s easy to use. Here is how to do it, step by step:

  1. Enter keywords, such as your business name, into the search box and click “generate”
  2. If your preferred domain name is not among the suggestions, try again with new words
  3. Using “.com” or “.org” sharply increases credibility, so it’s best to focus on these
  4. When you’ve found a domain name that works, click “go to register domain”
  5. You’ll be taken to a web cataloging site, where you can make your purchase 

The tool is designed to give you an exhaustive list of options related to your keywords. It only shows options that are available for purchase, so using the tool is a quick and easy way to find what you want and that you can easily buy. When you enter your keywords, it’s very easy to view all your available options, or go back and start again if you don’t find a suitable name. 

When you do find a good fit, it’s best to immediately purchase the domain and lock it in before somebody else is able to grab it. 

Choosing Your Name

Your domain name is likely to be crucial for your business. It will be your online business identity — identifying your business and helping you get found when people search for related businesses, products and services. 

Choosing your domain name should go hand-in-hand with choosing your business name. Here are some tips when choosing the perfect business name and domain name.

  • Short, unique, and catchy names tend to stand out
  • Names that are easy to say and spell — i.e. “Zoom”, “Amazon” — tend to do better
  • The name should be relevant to your product or service offerings
  • Ask around — family, friends, colleagues, social media — for suggestions
  • Including keywords in the name, such as “meats” for a butcher, boosts SEO
  • Choose a name that allows for expansion: “Jim’s Bakery” over “Jim’s Cookies”
  • Avoid location-based names that might hinder future expansion
  • Use online tools like the Business Name Generator

For an LLC you must include “LLC,” “limited liability company”, or “limited liability”, in the name.

For a corporation, your name must contain the word “corporation,” “company,” “incorporated,” “limited” or one of those terms abbreviated.

Check Name Availability

Once you have a few potential names, check your secretary of state’s website to confirm they are available to register. You should also confirm that the name you want to register conforms to your state’s regulations on business names.

It’s also a good idea to check for nationally trademarked names, to ward off any potential problems later if your business expands

If your business name is available, it’s time to use our domain name search tool. Remember, using “.com” or “.org” sharply increases credibility, so it’s best to focus on these. If you don’t find the domain that you want based on your chosen business name, you have a few options.

One, you could think of other catchy keywords that might make a good domain name. They should be short and easy to remember and related to your business’s name, products or services. 

For example, if you have a bakery and your business name is Jim’s Bakery but JimsBakery.com is not available, you could try keywords like “best cakes”.  You might find the domain name BestCakes.com, which is catchy enough that people will remember it. Or you might find JimsBakedGoods.com, which is nearly as good as JimsBakery.com. 

Your other option is to rethink your business name. You can come up with a few other options and start the process over again, beginning with a business name availability search in your state. 

What’s Next?

Once you find a winner that’s available, go ahead and purchase your chosen domain name through the link provided on our domain name search tool. 

Then, you can either reserve your business name with your state or go ahead and form your business entity with your state. Don’t wait too long – you never know who else might want your winning business name!

To form an LLC, you’ll need to file articles of organization with the state. In some states, it’s called a certificate of organization or a certificate of formation. This is the legal document that officially creates your LLC as a legal entity in your state. The articles of organization include information about your LLC, such as its address, owners, and sometimes the management structure. 

To file articles of organization, go to the website of your state and fill out the form. The fee will range from $40 to $500 and you should receive confirmation in most states within two weeks or less.  

Most new businesses choose LLC because it has many benefits, such as liability protection for ownership and greater flexibility than a corporation, particularly in terms of taxes. The LLC itself does not pay taxes. As a “pass-through” entity, income passes through the business to the owner or owners, who report it on their personal tax returns. 

If you choose to form a corporation, the process is a bit more complicated and more expensive. You’ll also be subject to “double taxation”, meaning that the corporation itself will have to pay taxes, and you’ll pay taxes on any dividends you receive.

If you are planning to operate as a sole proprietorship, you won’t have the personal liability protection of an LLC or corporation. Your business name will also have to be the same as your personal name since with a sole proprietorship, you and the business are one and the same. If you don’t want to use your personal name, you’ll have to register a “doing business as” or DBA name

If you plan to expand your business to other states, it’s a good idea to trademark your name. Registering your business name in your state only protects it in your state, but trademarking it protects it across the country. 

To complete the trademarking process, visit the US Patent and Trademark Office website. You’ll find an application form, part of the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS). You should be able to complete this application relatively quickly and easily. However, the trademarking process is likely to take a month or two.

You may want to hire a trademark attorney, such as those from LegalZoom. It’s imperative that you’re 100% certain the name you have in mind has not already been taken and is different enough from all other trademarked names.

Remember, your business name and your domain name reflect your business identity, so choose one that fits the brand you want to build. You can use our Business Name Generator if you’re having trouble coming up with the right name for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I check if domain names are available?

You can use a Domain Name Search tool to find available domain names based on keywords. You’ll see a long list of options, and you might even find an available domain name you like better than the one you had in mind.

How do I purchase a domain name?

You’ll need to purchase your domain name from a web cataloging site. When you use this Domain Name Search tool, you can find out if the domain name is available, and then click the link to purchase the domain name.

How do I find the best available domain name?

Using a Domain Name Search tool, you can enter keywords and find an exhaustive list of domain name options. Then you can choose the one that you want and easily purchase it in just a few minutes.

What if the domain name I want is taken?

A good Domain Name Search tool will give you an exhaustive list of options similar to the domain name that you wanted. You might even find a domain name that you like better than your original choice.

Which should I do first – register my LLC or buy my domain name?

You should do both at close to the same time to make sure that you get the names that you want. However, if you find that the domain name that you want is available using a Domain Name Search tool, you should purchase it quickly since anyone in the world could buy it before you do. Then register your LLC.

Why is my domain name important?

Your domain name is very important for your business. It will identify your business and help you get found when people search related terms online.

Should I choose a domain name that’s not a .com?

Using “.com” or “.org” sharply increases credibility, so it’s best to focus on these.

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