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14 Best Business Ideas in Oregon

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14 Best Business Ideas in Oregon

Known for its lush forests, Oregon is a major producer of cherries, hazelnuts and Christmas trees. The economy is growing on the back of rising household incomes and strong job growth in leisure and hospitality and business services.

Businesses in the retail sector, like clothing, drinks, and skincare, would likely thrive in this state. You could also open a karaoke or a tour business. Check out our list of brilliant business ideas in Oregon and begin your next entrepreneurial journey.

1. Retail

retail store business idea

In Oregon’s retail landscape, an eco-conscious boutique could flourish, especially in a city like Portland, known for its sustainability efforts. A store that emphasizes local, sustainable, and handmade products can resonate well with the community, tapping into the ethos of supporting small businesses and reducing carbon footprints. Given Oregon’s no sales tax policy, such a retail store could also attract shoppers from neighboring states looking for unique items and a guilt-free shopping experience.

2. Karaoke Bar

How to start a karaoke business

Oregonians love their eclectic nightlife and a karaoke bar in the heart of Portland’s bustling city or Eugene’s vibrant college town could be a hit. Offering a mix of the latest pop hits and beloved classics, this venue could quickly become a go-to for both casual nights out and celebratory events. With Oregon’s craft beer scene, incorporating local brews alongside organic snacks could provide a unique twist, making it a standout in the Oregon bar scene.

3. Sprinter Van

sprinter van business idea

Capitalizing on Oregon’s breathtaking landscapes, a Sprinter van conversion business could offer customized vehicles perfect for the adventure-seekers looking to explore the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s for a weekend on the Oregon coast or a longer expedition through the Cascades, these versatile vans could cater to both tourists and locals who yearn for a taste of van life with all the modern comforts.

4. Boba Tea

How to start a bubble tea business

Boba tea is a trend that’s not going away, and in Oregon’s health-conscious market, a boba tea shop that offers organic, locally-sourced ingredients could be a major draw. Situated in a neighborhood like Portland’s trendy Pearl District, the shop could offer a range of customizable options, from classic milk teas to unique Oregon-inspired flavors, catering to the state’s diverse and adventurous palates.

5. Craft Shop

How to start a craft business

Oregon’s robust community of artists and makers is the perfect foundation for a craft shop, especially one that specializes in supplies for sustainable art. Stocking everything from recycled-fiber yarns to natural dyes, the shop could become a hub for the creative spirits in places like Ashland or Bend, providing workshops and community events to foster a vibrant crafting scene.

6. Basketball Training

basketball business idea

With a rich basketball culture and a deep-seated love for the sport (thanks to the Portland Trail Blazers), a specialized basketball training academy could nurture the next generation of talent. Offering year-round clinics, personal training, and competitive leagues, the academy could focus on developing skills and sportsmanship, leveraging Oregon’s active lifestyle and passion for sports.

7. Business Coaching

business coaching idea

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in Oregon, with Portland ranking as one of the top cities for startups. A business coaching service could be instrumental, offering guidance to nascent companies on navigating the unique business landscape of Oregon, from sustainability practices to tapping into local networks for growth and collaboration.

8. Cremation Service

How to start a crematorium

With a growing preference for cremation over traditional burials, a cremation service in Oregon could serve the needs of the community with a focus on compassionate care. Emphasizing environmentally-friendly practices could resonate well in a state that values ecological responsibility, providing services that honor both the departed and the beautiful natural surroundings of Oregon.

9. Skincare

How to start a skincare business

Oregon’s clean air and natural beauty inspire a market for organic and sustainable skincare lines. A skincare brand that harnesses ingredients from the Pacific Northwest, like marionberry or Douglas fir extracts, and emphasizes eco-friendly packaging, could appeal to the environmentally aware consumer base, setting itself apart in the thriving natural beauty industry.

10. Tour Guide

tour guide business idea

With its diverse landscapes, from the rugged Pacific coastline to the volcanic peaks of the Cascades, a tour guide business could offer curated experiences for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Specialized tours, like a “Wine Country” tour or a “Trail of Waterfalls” hike, could attract both locals and tourists, showcasing the best of what Oregon has to offer.

11. CBD Business

How to start a cbd business

Riding the wave of hemp legalization, an Oregon-based CBD business could thrive, especially with the state’s reputation for high-quality cannabis production. By offering a range of products from therapeutic oils to edible treats, such a business could appeal to health-conscious consumers looking for natural remedies and relaxation aids, all sourced from Oregon’s abundant hemp farms.

12. Beverage Company

How to start a brewery business

Oregon’s reputation for quality craft beverages—from beer to coffee—provides a fertile ground for a new beverage company. An enterprise focusing on locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices could tap into the market, whether creating small-batch artisanal sodas, kombucha, or a new line of craft spirits, reflecting Oregon’s innovative and eco-friendly ethos.

13. Clothing Line

How to start a clothing line business

Oregonians pride themselves on a unique sense of style that blends outdoor functionality with urban chic. A clothing line that embodies this with durable, fashionable, and sustainable garments could gain a loyal following. Whether it’s recycled-material rain jackets for the unpredictable weather or soft organic cotton shirts perfect for the casual Portland vibe, authenticity and quality would be key.

14. Ice Cream Truck

How to start an ice cream business

An ice cream truck business that delivers artisanal, locally-made ice cream using Oregon’s rich dairy and unique flavors like Marionberry Pie or Honey Lavender could be a hit. By focusing on community events, local food festivals, and the bustling summer tourist season at popular spots like Cannon Beach, such a mobile dessert business could cater to both children and adults alike.


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14 Best Business Ideas in Oregon