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18 Best Business Ideas In West Virginia

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18 Best Business Ideas In West Virginia

West Virginia has long relied on its mining, energy, manufacturing and service industries. Its economy is starting to rebound from the pandemic, as indicated by the recovery of more than half of the jobs lost in 2020. 

If you’re looking to cash in on this recovery, consider getting into marketing consulting, proofreading, storage, or hospice. There are a lot more possibilities out there — check out our list of great business ideas in West Virginia to find some inspiration.

1. Diamond Jewelry

diamond jewelry business idea

In the heart of Appalachia, a diamond jewelry business in West Virginia offers the chance to bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to a state that prides itself on simple pleasures and natural beauty. Catering to both the local population and visitors, this venture can capitalize on West Virginia’s increasing tourism, targeting those looking to commemorate their experiences with something special. Focusing on responsibly sourced and locally inspired designs could resonate well with West Virginians’ love for their heritage and the natural environment.

2. Health Care

How to start a home health care business

West Virginia’s population has unique health care needs, with a significant demand for services geared towards an aging demographic as well as chronic disease management. A health care business that provides accessible, community-focused care, possibly with mobile units to reach remote areas, could fill critical gaps. Special attention to occupational health, given the state’s industrial workforce, and partnerships with local miners and manufacturers could solidify its relevance and utility in the state.

3. Manufacturing

How to Start a Pallet Manufacturing Business

The manufacturing sector in West Virginia has roots in the steel, chemicals, and aerospace industries. A modern manufacturing business that innovates within these traditional sectors or branches into new areas like advanced materials or biotech could capitalize on the state’s skilled workforce. Emphasizing sustainability and efficiency could also align with the growing environmental consciousness and the state’s push towards a greener economy.

4. Real Estate

how to start a real estate business

Real estate in West Virginia offers diverse opportunities, from revitalizing historic downtown properties to developing new residential communities that cater to the state’s blend of rural and urban living. With a strategic focus on affordability and quality, a real estate business could thrive by addressing the housing needs of both the working-class demographic and the influx of remote workers seeking the natural charm of West Virginia’s landscape.

5. Retail

retail store business idea

A retail business in West Virginia could tap into the state’s rich cultural heritage, offering artisanal crafts, outdoor sporting goods, and local gourmet products. Positioning itself as a hub for both locals and tourists, a retail establishment that curates a blend of traditional and contemporary West Virginian products could become a beloved staple in a community that values small business and personal service.

6. Stock Trading

stock trading business idea

With the financial sector’s growth in West Virginia, a stock trading business could serve an emerging market of local investors and small to mid-sized companies looking to expand their financial horizons. Providing education and personalized investment services could meet the growing interest in personal finance and wealth management among West Virginians.

7. Marketing Consulting

How to start a digital marketing agency

West Virginia’s businesses, from start-ups to established companies, can benefit greatly from a marketing consulting firm that understands the unique cultural and economic landscape of the state. Offering services that help local businesses expand their reach both online and within the community can support the state’s economy and foster local entrepreneurship.

8. LuLaRoe Business

lularoe business

LuLaRoe’s social selling model could resonate well in West Virginia, where community and personal connections are highly valued. By tapping into the state’s strong sense of community, a LuLaRoe consultant can build a robust network for direct sales of their popular leggings and apparel, capitalizing on home-based parties and social media marketing to reach customers seeking both style and comfort.

9. Online Resale

How to Start a Consignment Shop

Given West Virginians’ appreciation for both frugality and quality, an online resale business can thrive by offering gently used, high-quality items. From outdoor gear to designer apparel, this business can cater to eco-conscious consumers and bargain hunters alike, providing an alternative shopping experience that aligns with the state’s increasing internet connectivity and interest in sustainable practices.

10. Storage Lot

How to start a self-storage business

A storage lot business in West Virginia could serve the storage needs arising from the state’s outdoor lifestyle, catering to the seasonal equipment used for activities like hunting, fishing, and boating. Additionally, it could provide solutions for those downsizing or dealing with transitional life events, offering both traditional storage and innovative options like climate-controlled units for sensitive items.

11. Appliance Repair

How to start a handyman business

The need for appliance repair services in West Virginia is steady due to the practical nature of its residents, who often prefer repair over replacement to extend the life of their household items. A business specializing in prompt, reliable service, particularly in rural areas with fewer such services, could build a strong reputation for helping to maintain the homes of hardworking West Virginians.

12. Hospice Care

How to start a hospice business

A hospice care business would address the profound need for compassionate end-of-life care in West Virginia. With an emphasis on dignity, comfort, and support for families, this service is vital in a state with an aging population and could partner with local healthcare providers and community organizations to offer comprehensive care.

13. Bottled Water

How to start a bottled water business

West Virginia’s natural springs and clean rivers could be the source for a bottled water business, emphasizing pure and natural water from the Appalachian region. With careful attention to environmental impact and sustainable practices, this business could offer a local alternative to national brands, appealing to both residents and visitors.

14. Proofreading Service

How to Start a Proofreading Business

An online proofreading service based in West Virginia could capitalize on the growing number of remote and online businesses, offering expertise in a range of areas from academic papers to business proposals and marketing materials. By providing high-quality, reliable service, this business could support the state’s educational institutions and growing entrepreneurial sector.

15. Supplements Store

How to start a supplement business

As West Virginians become more health-conscious, a supplements store could provide a trusted source of vitamins, minerals, and health supplements. Educating customers and offering products tailored to the common health concerns in the state, such as heart health and diabetes management, could be key to success.

16. Fish Table Business

fish table business idea

Entertainment options that offer a mix of skill and chance, like a fish table gaming business, can thrive in West Virginia’s diverse economic climate. Providing a social gaming experience while adhering to local regulations could make this a popular destination for adult entertainment, especially if paired with other amenities.

17. Excavation

excavation business idea

An excavation business could be indispensable in West Virginia due to its rugged terrain and active construction and mining industries. Offering services such as site preparation, grading, and demolition, alongside a commitment to safety and environmental preservation, would make this business a valuable asset to the state’s robust natural resource extraction and infrastructure development projects.

18. Press-on Nail Salon

How to start a press-on nail business

In a state that values both personal appearance and affordability, a press-on nail salon could offer West Virginians a quick, cost-effective way to maintain trendy and professional nail looks. This business would appeal to customers seeking convenience without sacrificing quality or style.


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18 Best Business Ideas In West Virginia