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15 Best Business Ideas in Pennsylvania

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15 Best Business Ideas in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is seeing an uptick in economic activities with the lifting of stringent pandemic restrictions and reopening of businesses. A robust technology sector, especially in the field of biotechnology, is continuing to boost the economy while a projected shift in spending toward services is anticipated to boost the services sector, including the leisure and hospitality industry. 

Against this backdrop, starting a bartending or junk removal business could be a wise move. Other business ideas in Pennsylvania include opening a boutique or a bar. Going into retail trade also seems viable. Explore more business ideas below!

1. Insurance

How to start a insurance agency

In the heart of the Keystone State, an insurance agency stands as a beacon of security amidst the unpredictable weather and the bustling industries from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. With a diverse population and a rich tapestry of businesses, including farming, tech, and manufacturing, the demand for personalized insurance services is robust. Pennsylvanians, known for their pragmatic approach to life, value an insurance partner that understands the unique risks of their localities, whether it’s coverage for historic homes in Gettysburg or liability protection for the booming startup scene in University City.

2. Wholesale

wholesale business idea

Pennsylvania’s strategic location as a transportation hub between the major markets of the Northeast and Midwest positions a wholesale business for success. Capitalizing on the extensive network of railways, highways, and waterways, a wholesale distributor can effectively supply goods to the dense network of retailers throughout the state. Products that resonate with the Pennsylvania spirit, like locally-sourced materials or Pennsylvanian-made goods, can especially create a loyal customer base.

3. Tow Truck

How to start a towing business

Pennsylvania’s varied topography and climate create a ripe environment for a tow truck enterprise. With harsh winters leading to vehicle mishaps and a landscape dotted with both urban centers and rural expanses, a tow truck service provides an essential lifeline. Plus, the state’s numerous highways and the infamous PA Turnpike constantly require roadside assistance, ensuring a steady stream of business.

4. Bar

How to Start a Bar

Opening a bar in Pennsylvania, where residents cherish their rich history and local sports teams, could be the cornerstone of a community. From the historical streets of Old City Philadelphia to the bustling nightlife of Pittsburgh’s South Side, a bar that captures the local flavor, serves Pennsylvania brews, and fosters a sense of camaraderie can become a local institution.

5. Clothing Boutique

How to start a clothing boutique business

A boutique in Pennsylvania can capitalize on a market that appreciates both high fashion and homey, artisanal wear. A keen eye for trends paired with a selection of local designers can cater to the fashion-forward crowd in cosmopolitan areas, while also appealing to those in smaller towns looking for unique, quality pieces that reflect Pennsylvanian craftsmanship.

6. Bartending Service

How to start a mobile bartending business

The party and event scene in Pennsylvania, from weddings in the bucolic countryside to corporate events in the urban centers, is an excellent market for a mobile bartending service. By offering skilled mixologists who bring a touch of Pennsylvania’s storied hospitality to each event, this business can stir up success by blending tradition with the contemporary craft cocktail movement.

7. Junk Removal

How to start a junk removal business

Pennsylvania’s ongoing revitalization and renovation in cities like Allentown and Reading have created a demand for reliable junk removal services. By focusing on eco-friendly disposal and recycling, a junk removal business can appeal to the state’s increasing environmental consciousness and serve both residential and commercial clients who are updating their spaces.

8. App Development

app business idea

With a thriving tech scene, particularly in places like Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood, an app development firm could tap into a pool of local talent coming from top-notch universities and tech incubators. Pennsylvania businesses are seeking digital transformation, providing ample opportunities for a firm that can offer cutting-edge solutions.

9. Beauty Supply Store

How to start a skincare business

Pennsylvanians’ increasing interest in self-care and wellness is a great opportunity for a beauty supply store. Offering a range of products from luxury brands to organic, locally-made skincare lines can cater to the diverse demographics and preferences within the state, from the fashion-conscious crowds of Rittenhouse Square to the more laid-back clientele in Lancaster County.

10. Dropshipping on Amazon

How to start an ecommerce business

The e-commerce market is booming, and Pennsylvania’s prime location for logistics makes it a great place for a dropshipping business. By leveraging the vast network of distribution centers and Amazon’s extensive presence, entrepreneurs can minimize overhead costs while reaching a wide customer base.

11. Blog

blog business idea

With its rich historical roots, vibrant cultural scenes, and diverse landscapes, Pennsylvania provides endless content for a dedicated blogger. Whether focusing on travel, local food, sports, or the arts, a blog that captures the essence of Pennsylvania life can attract a dedicated following and generate revenue through advertising, partnerships, and sponsored content.

12. Supplements Store

How to start a supplement business

The growing health and wellness trend in Pennsylvania, along with the state’s robust athletic community, presents fertile ground for a supplements store. By offering quality products, personalized health consultations, and aligning with local gyms and health clubs, such a store could become a hub for fitness enthusiasts across the state.

13. Clothing Line

How to start a clothing line business

A clothing line that embodies Pennsylvania’s mix of urban edge and rustic charm could find a strong market. From streetwear inspired by Philly’s vibrant music scene to rugged outerwear that speaks to the outdoor lifestyle of the Poconos, a brand that’s authentic to the Pennsylvania experience could resonate with locals and beyond.

14. Art Gallery

How to start a art gallery

Pennsylvania’s artistic soul, evidenced by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, is ripe for new galleries to emerge. An art gallery that showcases contemporary local artists offers a platform for creative expression and serves as a cultural hub for residents and tourists alike.

15. Online Resale

How to Start a Consignment Shop

With the increasing popularity of sustainable living, an online resale business can thrive in Pennsylvania. A platform specializing in the curation and sale of vintage and gently used items would appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and those with an eye for unique finds from the state’s many historic towns and vibrant city neighborhoods.


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15 Best Business Ideas in Pennsylvania