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23 Best Business Ideas in Nevada

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23 Best Business Ideas in Nevada

The Silver State is among the world’s largest gold producers, while its largest city, Las Vegas, is among the US’ fastest growing metropolitan areas. With the resumption of conventions and international tourism, Nevada is expected to post strong economic growth in the coming years. 

As the economy bounces back from the pandemic, businesses are also expected to expand. Looking to start your own business? Check out our list of excellent Nevada business ideas to spark some entrepreneurial inspiration.

1. Real Estate

how to start a real estate business

Nevada’s real estate market offers immense opportunities due to the state’s growing population and vibrant tourism sector. The demand for residential and commercial spaces in hotspots like Las Vegas and Reno makes real estate a lucrative venture. From luxury homes to affordable housing, the market is ripe for development, property management, and real estate investment trusts (REITs).

2. Bed and Breakfast

How to start a bed and breakfast business

Capitalizing on Nevada’s tourism industry, a bed and breakfast can offer visitors a homey alternative to the typical hotel experience. With destinations like Lake Tahoe and the scenic beauty of the desert, entrepreneurs can cater to tourists seeking a personalized stay with the charm of Nevada’s diverse landscapes and warm hospitality.

3. Retail

retail store business idea

Nevada’s retail sector thrives on the state’s high tourist footfall and locals’ consumerism. Retail businesses here have the benefit of a broad audience, from luxury shoppers on the Las Vegas Strip to those looking for unique finds in the historic districts. Tapping into niche markets or offering experiential shopping can set a retail business apart.

4. Health Care

How to start a home health care business

With an aging population and a constant influx of residents and visitors, Nevada’s health care industry is essential. Opportunities for clinics, specialized health services, and wellness programs are expanding, especially in areas such as elder care and medical tourism, leveraging Nevada’s resort facilities for recovery and rehabilitation.

5. Casino

How to Start a Casino

The very heart of Nevada’s entertainment lies within its casinos. This industry is not just about gambling; it’s a multifaceted business that includes hospitality, dining, shows, and more. Casinos in Nevada can be as diverse as the tourists they attract, from high-stakes tables in Las Vegas to the family-friendly gaming centers in smaller towns.

6. Construction

How to start a construction company

With both the commercial and residential sectors growing, construction companies in Nevada can expect a consistent demand for their services. Infrastructure development is also on the rise, as the state invests in transportation and public works. Companies specializing in sustainable building practices have a particular edge given the increasing environmental consciousness.

7. Manufacturing

How to Start a Pallet Manufacturing Business

Nevada’s manufacturing sector is on the rise, supported by a favorable tax structure and strategic location for distribution. Manufacturers in technology, green energy, and consumer goods can benefit from the proximity to major West Coast markets and the growing local demand.

8. Insurance

How to start a insurance agency

As the population grows and diversifies, so does the need for insurance services. Nevada offers a broad market for insurance businesses, including health, auto, life, and property insurance, with opportunities to serve both individuals and the commercial sectors.

9. App Development

app business idea

With a burgeoning tech scene, Nevada is ripe for innovative app development startups. The state’s economy supports tech entrepreneurship with incentives and a growing demand for digital solutions in gaming, hospitality, and local services.

10. Bookstore

How to open a bookstore

A bookstore in Nevada could thrive by creating a community space for locals and a niche tourist attraction. Offering a selection of local authors, books on Nevada’s history, and events like readings and book signings can create a unique and engaging atmosphere.

11. Fish Table Business

fish table business idea

Fish table games are a growing trend in gaming establishments. In Nevada, a business focused on offering these arcade-style gambling games could attract a clientele looking for new and exciting ways to engage in gaming beyond traditional slot machines and table games.

12. Tour Guide

tour guide business idea

With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and urban attractions, Nevada is a playground for tour guides. Whether it’s history buffs exploring old mining towns or adventurers touring the backcountry, specialized tour services can provide immersive experiences for every interest.

13. Arcade

How to start a arcade business

An arcade can capture the family segment of Nevada’s tourism market. By offering a variety of games and attractions, from classic pinball machines to the latest virtual reality experiences, arcades can provide fun for all ages away from the casino floor.

14. Cake Making

How to start a cake business

A custom cake business taps into Nevada’s event and entertainment industry. With weddings, conventions, and celebrations year-round, a creative cake making and decorating business can have a steady stream of clients seeking that extra special touch for their events.

15. Babysitting

How to start a babysitting business

A professional babysitting service fills a vital need for both residents and visitors. Parents looking for reliable child care can enjoy Nevada’s adult entertainment venues knowing their children are in good hands, creating potential for a trustworthy service.

16. Cremation Service

How to start a crematorium

As preferences for end-of-life services shift, cremation services are increasingly in demand. Nevada businesses can offer comprehensive packages, including memorial services and eco-friendly options, serving the needs of diverse communities.

17. Hair Salon

How to start a hair salon

The personal care industry in Nevada is bolstered by both a resident population focused on appearance and a tourist population looking to indulge. A salon offering the latest in hair trends and treatments can become a staple in the community and a must-stop for visitors.

18. Business Consulting

How to start a consulting business

With an economy experiencing rapid growth and diversification, business consulting services are in high demand. Consultants who specialize in helping businesses navigate Nevada’s regulatory environment, hospitality industry, or startup scene can build a robust clientele.

19. Candle Making

How to start a candle business

Artisanal candle making can tap into Nevada’s gift and souvenir market. With the right branding and a nod to Nevada’s unique elements—like scents inspired by the desert or local botanicals—such a business can light up the market.

20. Blog

blog business idea

A blog focusing on Nevada’s lifestyle, entertainment, or business opportunities can attract a wide readership. The state’s dynamic character provides endless content, and monetization can come through advertising, affiliate marketing, or partnerships with local businesses.

21. Travel Agency

How to start a travel agency business

A travel agency in Nevada can specialize in curated experiences for the state’s wonders, from luxury stays in Las Vegas to adventure tourism in the wilderness. Tailored packages that offer unique Nevada adventures could differentiate such an agency in a competitive market.

22. Furniture Store

How to start a furniture store business

With the continuous inflow of new residents and businesses, a furniture store in Nevada can cater to a range of clients. From high-end, custom furniture to affordable, stylish options for transient populations, the potential for a well-positioned furniture business is significant.

23. Fitness Center

How to start a fitness business

Fitness centers in Nevada can capitalize on the year-round active lifestyle of its residents and visitors. Specialized fitness centers focusing on anything from rock climbing to hot yoga could appeal to the health-conscious culture and integrate with the state’s outdoor activities ethos.


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23 Best Business Ideas in Nevada