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20 Best Business Ideas in Nebraska

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20 Best Business Ideas in Nebraska

Nebraska is known for sand dunes and towering rock formations. More importantly, it’s a major producer of corn, wheat, and cattle. The local economy is predicted to continue expanding over the next few years, so now is a great time to get in on the action.

Businesses outside the agriculture sector can also thrive in Nebraska. For example, trucking is very important for the delivery of goods to the communities. Other possible businesses are in fashion, ecommerce, and marketing consulting. Check out our list of smart Nebraska business ideas below.

1. Manufacturing

How to Start a Pallet Manufacturing Business

Nebraska’s strategic location at the heart of the United States makes it a prime spot for manufacturing. With its robust agricultural foundation, manufacturers can leverage local resources for food processing or biofuel production. The state’s favorable business climate, coupled with a skilled workforce, also supports the manufacturing of machinery and transport equipment, tapping into a rich tradition of craftsmanship and industry.

2. Insurance

How to start a insurance agency

The insurance sector thrives in Nebraska, home to major players like Berkshire Hathaway. With a stable economy and a populace that values fiscal responsibility, starting an insurance company in Nebraska can cater to a wide range of needs, from agricultural insurance protecting farmers against unpredictable weather to life and health insurance plans for the state’s diverse residents.

3. Fish Farm

How to start a fish farming business

Given Nebraska’s abundant water resources, like the Platte River and numerous lakes, a fish farm could be a sustainable business. The state’s agricultural infrastructure supports aquaculture endeavors, allowing entrepreneurs to tap into local and national markets, selling species such as catfish or trout, and promoting local food movements.

4. Real Estate

how to start a real estate business

Nebraska’s steady growth in population and economic stability makes real estate a promising venture. The demand for housing, particularly in thriving cities like Omaha and Lincoln, alongside rural opportunities, allows for a diverse portfolio. Real estate investments in Nebraska can range from residential to commercial properties, capitalizing on the state’s low cost of living and business-friendly environment.

5. Health Care

How to start a home health care business

As health care becomes more vital than ever, Nebraska’s aging population and widespread rural areas present opportunities for health care businesses. From opening clinics in underserved locations to providing cutting-edge telehealth services, entrepreneurs can address critical health care needs while also benefiting from Nebraska’s strong community support and state-backed health initiatives.

6. Wholesale

wholesale business idea

Nebraska’s central location is a boon for wholesale businesses, offering easy distribution to all parts of the country. Wholesalers in agricultural products, automotive parts, or industrial equipment can benefit from the state’s extensive transportation network, including major railroads and highways, facilitating the efficient movement of goods.

7. Trucking Company

How to start a trucking business

The trucking industry is the lifeblood of Nebraska’s economy, connecting the agricultural sector with national markets. Starting a trucking company in the state can leverage the extensive network of well-maintained roads and the centrality of the location for cross-country logistics. Local businesses and farms would be key clients, requiring reliable transportation for their goods.

8. Real Estate Agency

how to start a real estate business

A real estate agency in Nebraska could capitalize on the growing interest in Midwestern living and investment. With a focus on customer service and local market knowledge, agents can assist clients in finding the perfect residential, commercial, or agricultural property, contributing to the state’s development and prosperity.

9. Virtual Assistant Service

How to start a virtual assistant business

As remote work becomes more common, Nebraska’s reliable workforce is ideal for virtual assistant services. These businesses can provide support to busy professionals globally, benefiting from the state’s strong work ethic and community values while operating in a cost-effective, virtual environment.

10. Cattle Farm

How to Start a Cattle Farm

Nebraska’s rich grasslands make it one of the top states for cattle ranching. A cattle farm can supply beef to a nation with a growing appetite for quality meat, while also exploring sustainable farming practices that are increasingly valued by consumers and taking advantage of Nebraska’s supportive agricultural policies.

11. Restaurant

How to start a restaurant business

Nebraska’s diverse agricultural produce offers a unique opportunity for restaurants to serve farm-to-table cuisine. Incorporating local beef, corn, and soy into menus can attract both locals and tourists seeking authentic Midwestern flavors, while contributing to the local economy and the state’s culinary reputation.

12. Storage Business

How to start a self-storage business

With a growing population and an increasing number of small businesses, Nebraska’s need for storage solutions is on the rise. A storage business can cater to individuals needing extra space or businesses requiring inventory storage, tapping into a market with steady demand.

13. Social Media Management

How to start a digital marketing agency

Nebraska’s small businesses often require assistance in digital marketing. A social media management company can help these businesses increase their online presence, engage with a broader audience, and navigate the digital landscape, which is crucial for growth in a connected world.

14. Shipping Company

How to Start a Freight Forwarding Business

Nebraska’s geographic advantage can be leveraged by a shipping company that facilitates trade within and beyond the state’s borders. From agricultural products to industrial equipment, a shipping business can meet the logistical needs of Nebraska’s diverse industries, boosted by the state’s excellent transport infrastructure.

15. Fashion Company

How to start a clothing line business

With a burgeoning arts scene, particularly in cities like Omaha, a fashion company could thrive by harnessing local creativity. Designing and producing apparel that reflects the spirit of the Midwest could appeal to local pride and the growing national interest in regional fashion scenes.

16. Nutrition Consultation

How to start a nutrition business

With a heightened focus on health and wellness, a nutrition consultation business could serve the needs of Nebraskans looking to improve their lifestyles. This business could work closely with local agricultural resources to promote a healthy diet rooted in the state’s own produce.

17. Marketing Consulting

marketing consulting business idea

Nebraska’s business-friendly environment is ripe for new ventures and expansions. A marketing consulting firm can aid these businesses in reaching their target audiences effectively, crafting campaigns that resonate with the heartland’s values while leveraging modern digital marketing strategies.

18. 3D Printing

How to start a 3D printing business

The state’s manufacturing and educational sectors could greatly benefit from a 3D printing business. Offering rapid prototyping and custom manufacturing solutions, this business would be at the forefront of technological innovation, aligning with Nebraska’s commitment to industry and education.

19. Ecommerce Store

How to start an ecommerce business

With consumer behavior shifting increasingly toward online shopping, an ecommerce store based in Nebraska could serve a nationwide market. By utilizing the state’s logistical advantages and possibly focusing on Nebraska-made products, entrepreneurs can create a niche for local goods in the vast online marketplace.

20. Bookstore

How to open a bookstore

Despite the digital age, there remains a charm and appeal to brick-and-mortar bookstores. A Nebraska bookstore could become a community hub, offering selections from local authors, and hosting events that celebrate the state’s literary culture and the stories of the Great Plains.


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20 Best Business Ideas in Nebraska