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20 Best Business Ideas In Maine

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20 Best Business Ideas In Maine

Maine, the largest of the New England states, is making a strong recovery from pandemic recession. The state relies on its services and manufacturing sectors, as well as tourism, and most sectors are already on an upward trend. 

Since Maine lies along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, a fishing charter business would be a good idea. Other businesses that could thrive in Maine are summer camps, apple orchards, and tourism-related ventures. Find more great Maine business ideas below to jumpstart your thinking.

1. Real Estate

how to start a real estate business

In Maine’s diverse market, a real estate business could thrive by catering to the needs of locals and newcomers seeking residential or vacation properties. With picturesque landscapes and a growing demand for both urban and rural living spaces, real estate agencies could offer personalized services, helping clients navigate the market for historic homes, waterfront properties, or new developments.

2. Health Care

How to start a home health care business

Starting a health care business in Maine, where there’s a steady demand for quality medical services, especially in rural areas, can be highly rewarding. This could range from setting up clinics and specialized health services to providing home health care solutions, addressing the needs of an aging population and those seeking alternative and holistic health care options.

3. Manufacturing

How to Start a Pallet Manufacturing Business

Maine’s rich resources, such as timber and seafood, present unique manufacturing opportunities. Businesses could focus on sustainable practices to create high-quality, locally sourced products, ranging from furniture to processed foods. Emphasizing craftsmanship and Maine’s heritage could appeal to both local and global markets.

4. Retail

retail store business idea

A retail business in Maine’s quaint towns or bustling cities could offer a variety of goods from local artisans and producers. Specialty stores focusing on Maine’s unique products, such as maple syrup, handcrafted soaps, and textiles, would cater to both residents and tourists looking for authentic Maine experiences and goods.

5. Insurance

How to start a insurance agency

With Maine’s varied climate and robust maritime activities, an insurance business could provide essential services, offering customized solutions to protect homes, vehicles, boats, and businesses against potential risks. Tailored policies that understand the local landscape and client needs would set such a business apart.

6. Graphic Design

How to start a graphic design business

A graphic design firm in Maine could specialize in creating branding materials that reflect the state’s natural beauty and local culture. There’s potential to collaborate with a wide range of clients, including burgeoning local businesses, hospitality services, and educational institutions that require professional marketing collateral.

7. Tourism Agency

How to start a travel agency business

Capitalizing on Maine’s stunning landscapes, a tourism agency could offer guided tours, adventure packages, and eco-tourism experiences. By focusing on sustainable practices and unique local encounters, such as lighthouse tours, hiking trips, and cultural festivals, the agency could attract a variety of tourists seeking authentic Maine adventures.

8. Bottled Water Company

How to start a bottled water business

With Maine’s reputation for clean and pristine natural resources, a bottled water company could market premium water sourced from Maine’s springs. Emphasizing sustainability and the natural purity of the product, the company could target both local markets and export to regions where clean water is in high demand.

9. Summer Camp

How to start a campground

Maine’s outdoors are perfect for a summer camp business, offering children and adults the chance to engage in activities like kayaking, wildlife watching, and survival skill training. A camp that also educates attendees on local ecology and environmental conservation could become a hit with both locals and visitors.

10. Fishing Charter

How to start a charter boat business

Leveraging Maine’s extensive coastline and fish-rich waters, a fishing charter service could provide locals and tourists with memorable experiences, whether it’s deep-sea fishing, lobstering, or coastal tours. Offering educational excursions and sustainable fishing practices could enhance its appeal.

11. Apple Orchard

apple orchard business idea

Starting an apple orchard in Maine, where the fall season brings an abundance of apple varieties, can be a fruitful venture. Beyond selling fresh and organic apples, diversifying into cider production, offering pick-your-own experiences, and hosting harvest festivals can make for a well-rounded agri-business.

12. Cattle Farm

How to Start a Cattle Farm

A cattle farm in Maine can tap into the growing demand for locally sourced, grass-fed beef. With a focus on ethical farming practices and direct sales to consumers and restaurants, a farm can build a reputation for quality and sustainability in the meat production industry.

13. Brewery

How to start a brewery business

Maine’s thriving craft beer scene presents an opportunity to create a brewery that stands out with unique blends and local ingredients, like blueberries or maple. Breweries that offer tours and tastings, or partner with local restaurants and festivals, can quickly become a staple in the community.

14. IT Business

How to start a software company

As technology becomes increasingly essential, an IT business in Maine could serve a significant role. Providing services such as cybersecurity, tech support, and software development to local businesses and government agencies could fill a vital niche in the market.

15. Locksmith Service

How to start a locksmith business

A locksmith business would be an essential service, offering emergency lockout services, security consultations, and lock installations. A focus on modern security solutions like smart locks and keyless entry systems could cater to a market looking for high-tech home security.

16. Frozen Food

How to start a frozen food business

A frozen food business that uses fresh, local ingredients could cater to busy households and those looking for convenient meal options. Offering a range of products from seafood to vegetarian dishes that capture Maine’s culinary spirit could appeal to both local and regional customers.

17. Shirt Printing

How to start a t-shirt business

With Maine’s unique identity and culture, a shirt printing business could specialize in custom apparel that celebrates local pride. From tourist souvenirs to school spirit wear, the potential for creative and locally-themed designs is vast.

18. Grocery Delivery

How to start a grocery delivery business

In Maine’s more remote areas, a grocery delivery service could be a lifeline, offering access to fresh food and essentials. By utilizing online platforms and offering personalized shopping experiences, this service could cater to the needs of diverse communities throughout the state.

19. Assisted Living Facility

How to Start an Assisted Living Facility

With an aging population, Maine offers a growing market for assisted living facilities. Providing compassionate care with a touch of Maine’s natural charm could offer peace of mind to residents and their families, ensuring a comfortable and engaging environment for seniors.

20. Craft Shop

How to start a craft business

A craft shop showcasing Maine’s handcrafted goods and artisanal items could capitalize on the state’s artistic talent. By offering items ranging from pottery to hand-woven textiles, a craft shop could serve as a hub for local artists to reach a wider audience and for customers to find unique, Maine-made products.


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20 Best Business Ideas In Maine