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Polishing Potential: Inside One Touch Cleaners

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Polishing Potential: Inside One Touch Cleaners

In this interview, Roohil Hamid, the owner of One Touch Cleaners, shares the journey of his San Diego-based cleaning service business. From its inception in the wake of challenges in the financial markets to becoming one of the highest-rated companies in its field, Hamid delves into the motivations, strategies, and challenges that shaped One Touch Cleaners. He also delves into the effective use of technology for scheduling, client feedback, and marketing tactics and offers insights for those aspiring to enter the cleaning service industry.

Read the full interview below to get further insights into the successful trajectory of One Touch Cleaners.

Inception of OneTouch Cleaners

SBS – Can you share the story behind the inception of OneTouch and what motivated you to start a cleaning service business in San Diego?

Roohil – Before launching OneTouch, my primary focus was on the financial markets, where I worked as a full-time futures trader. Following a particularly challenging year in the markets in 2022, I decided to take a break from trading and explore new opportunities. Having a business-oriented mindset, I came across discussions on Twitter where individuals shared their experiences starting cleaning companies, detailing their successful paths. Recognizing the low-risk nature of the investment and its potential as a lucrative venture, I launched OneTouch at the beginning of 2023. Today, it stands as one of the highest-rated cleaning companies in San Diego.

Overcoming Initial Challenges

SBS – What were the initial challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?

Roohil – The most significant challenge in establishing a cleaning business was sourcing skilled cleaners. Finding talent in the cleaning industry proved to be a meticulous process, given the requirement for both efficiency and quality. To build my team, I utilized platforms such as Indeed, Facebook groups, and Craigslist. Screening applicants involved assessing their cleaning skills through questions about past experiences, such as tasks like oven cleaning or the time required to clean an empty apartment. Additionally, we conducted reference checks, reviewed work photos, and performed test cleans before finalizing hires.

Legal and Licensing Insights

SBS – Can you discuss the legal structure you chose for OneTouch and provide insights on acquiring the necessary licenses and permits?

Roohil – OneTouch is structured as a limited liability company (LLC). Opting for an LLC was a strategic decision based on the inherent benefits it offers, such as limited personal liability for business debts and obligations. This structure provides a separation between personal and business assets, safeguarding personal assets in case of unforeseen challenges or legal issues.

Maintaining High Standards

SBS – How do you ensure that all your cleaning staff are well-trained and adhere to high standards of cleanliness and professionalism?

Roohil – Our hiring process requires a minimum of one year of cleaning experience. During interviews, specific questions about past cleaning experiences are crucial indicators of a candidate’s proficiency. For further evaluation, we contact references, examine work photos, and conduct test cleans before making hiring decisions.

Building Client Trust

SBS – What strategies do you employ to build and maintain trust with your clients?

Roohil – We place a strong emphasis on building and maintaining trust with our clients through several strategic measures. In addition to expressing gratitude to our recurring clients with holiday gifts and assigning the same cleaner or team for consistency, we prioritize the safety and security of our client’s homes.

One significant aspect of our commitment to security is the implementation of thorough background checks for all our cleaning staff. We understand the importance of providing our clients with peace of mind and conducting background checks ensures that our team is composed of trustworthy and reliable individuals. This additional layer of screening not only aligns with our commitment to professionalism but also reinforces the trust that our clients place in OneTouch.

Service Range and Pricing

SBS – Can you discuss the range of services you offer and how you determine pricing for each?

Roohil – Our service offerings at OneTouch encompass a comprehensive range to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. We provide standard cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and post-construction cleaning. Additionally, we offer a specialized carpet washing service as an add-on feature.

When it comes to determining pricing, we adopt a meticulous approach that takes into account the specificities of each cleaning package. Factors influencing our pricing structure include the size of the space, the scope of cleaning required, and the additional services selected. For example, our carpet washing add-on is designed to enhance the overall cleaning experience and is available exclusively as part of a comprehensive cleaning package.

Efficient Scheduling Strategies

SBS – How do you manage scheduling, especially during peak seasons like spring cleaning?

Roohil – Efficient scheduling is a crucial aspect of our operations, particularly during peak seasons such as spring cleaning. At OneTouch, we understand the increased demand during certain times of the year and the importance of being well-prepared to meet our clients’ needs promptly.

To address this, our proactive approach involves a continuous hiring strategy. We focus on team expansion throughout the year, with a special emphasis on recruiting additional staff right before busy seasons. By maintaining a dynamic and adaptable workforce, we ensure that we can accommodate increased service requests during peak times without compromising on the quality and efficiency that our clients expect.

Operational Tools and Software

SBS – What systems or software do you use for managing appointments, invoicing, and customer feedback?

Roohil – At OneTouch, we employ advanced systems and software to streamline various aspects of our operations, ensuring a seamless and positive experience for our clients. Our primary tool for appointment management is BookingKoala, a robust CRM that has proven highly effective in handling scheduling and client interactions.

For invoicing, we rely on Stripe, a secure and reliable platform that facilitates smooth and transparent financial transactions. This ensures that our clients have a convenient and secure method for processing payments, contributing to the overall efficiency of our service delivery.

In addition to these operational tools, we actively seek and encourage customer feedback. We understand the value of client reviews in shaping our services and building our reputation. After every cleaning session, we make it a point to request feedback from our clients. This not only helps us gauge the satisfaction levels of our clients but also provides an opportunity for continuous improvement. We genuinely appreciate and love reviews as they not only serve as a testament to our commitment to quality but also aid potential clients in making informed decisions when choosing OneTouch for their cleaning needs.

Marketing and Advertising Tactics

SBS – How do you approach marketing and advertising for OneTouch, and what channels have been most effective for you?

Roohil – Marketing and advertising play pivotal roles in our business strategy at OneTouch. Our strong online presence is a result of strategic efforts, with a prominent position on Google being a key element. By consistently optimizing our website for search engines and investing in targeted online advertising, we ensure that we are easily discoverable when potential clients search for cleaning services. Additionally, we leverage social media platforms to engage with our audience and showcase the quality of our services through before-and-after visuals and client testimonials.

Entrepreneurial Advice

SBS – What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own cleaning service business?

Roohil – Embarking on the journey of starting a cleaning service business requires strategic planning and a keen understanding of the industry. Always prioritize recruitment, ensuring that your team consists of reliable and skilled individuals. Invest in a user-friendly and SEO-optimized website with online booking capabilities to enhance accessibility for potential clients. Cultivate strong sales skills to effectively communicate the value of your services during client interactions. Establishing systems for lead follow-ups and capturing potential clients’ information is essential to maximize the return on your marketing investments.

Future Growth Plans

SBS – Looking forward, what are your growth plans for OneTouch, and how do you plan to achieve them?

Roohil – As we set our sights on the future, OneTouch is committed to a robust growth plan that involves scaling to even greater heights. A key aspect of this plan is the continuous expansion of our team to meet the ever-growing demand for our services. We are actively hiring and diligently training skilled professionals, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of service excellence that our clients have come to expect.

Simultaneously, we plan to allocate additional resources to our advertising budget to broaden our reach and secure more jobs. Our website serves as a central hub for clients to learn about our services and easily engage with our offerings. By leveraging digital marketing strategies and optimizing our online presence, we aim to attract a wider audience and reinforce our position as a top-tier cleaning service provider.


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Polishing Potential: Inside One Touch Cleaners