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20 Best Business Ideas in Ohio

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20 Best Business Ideas in Ohio

With a booming manufacturing sector, Ohio is set to become a hub for global and domestic supply chains. Are you looking to cash in on this boom? If so, then consider starting your own business now.

You could get into microgreens, lawn care, landscaping, or gardening, as well as retail, wine, or warehousing. Check out our list of brilliant Ohio business ideas and see what sparks your interest.

1. Real Estate

how to start a real estate business

Ohio’s real estate market has been characterized by steady growth and affordable living, making it an opportune sector for investment. With a diverse range of urban developments in cities like Columbus and Cincinnati and the charming rural landscapes in places like Holmes County, a real estate business can cater to a broad spectrum of clients. From bustling commercial properties to serene suburban homes, Ohio offers a stable environment for real estate entrepreneurs to thrive, leveraging the state’s economic resilience and demographic diversity.

2. Insurance

How to start a insurance agency

Ohio’s insurance industry is a cornerstone of the state’s economy, buoyed by the presence of major industry players and a robust financial sector. Offering insurance services in Ohio means tapping into a market with a high demand for automotive, health, and property insurance, especially given the state’s varied climate and the significance of agriculture and manufacturing sectors. An insurance business here could benefit from the state’s business-friendly policies and the increasing need for protection against unforeseen events.

3. Internet Service Provider

internet service provider business idea

As Ohio continues to advance in tech industries and startups, the need for reliable internet service providers has never been greater. Establishing an ISP in Ohio could capitalize on underserved rural areas and the growing tech hubs that demand high-speed connectivity. With initiatives to improve infrastructure and digital access, an ISP business could be at the forefront of Ohio’s digital transformation, ensuring communities and businesses stay connected.

4. Project Management

How to start a project management business

Ohio’s diversified economy, with its strong manufacturing, healthcare, and education sectors, provides a fertile ground for project management services. A project management business can serve as the backbone for coordinating complex projects, ensuring efficiency and alignment with Ohio’s progressive business climate. With a knack for organization and strategic planning, such services can support Ohio’s industries to bring projects to fruition on time and within budget.

5. Wholesale

wholesale business idea

The strategic location of Ohio, with its access to major national highways, waterways, and a vast network of railways, makes it a prime location for a wholesale business. The state’s manufacturing strength and agricultural outputs present numerous opportunities for wholesalers to bridge the gap between producers and retailers, ensuring a steady supply chain across various sectors.

6. Graphic Design

How to start a graphic design business

In Ohio’s vibrant arts scene and growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, a graphic design business could serve the creative needs of a diverse clientele. From branding for new startups to marketing materials for established corporations, and even digital design for Ohio’s burgeoning tech industry, graphic design services can capture the spirit of innovation and tradition in the state.

7. 3D Printing

How to start a 3D printing business

With Ohio’s manufacturing legacy, a 3D printing business could serve as a revolutionary force, offering rapid prototyping and custom manufacturing solutions. Positioned in a state with a strong network of universities and research institutions, such a business could collaborate on cutting-edge applications, from aerospace components to medical devices, aligning with Ohio’s reputation as a hub for innovation.

8. Manufacturing Company

How to Start a Pallet Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing is the backbone of Ohio’s economy, contributing significantly to the state’s GDP. Starting a manufacturing company in Ohio, you would join a rich ecosystem of auto, aerospace, and appliance manufacturing giants. The state’s skilled workforce, extensive supply chain networks, and supportive tax structure create an environment where a manufacturing business can grow and prosper.

9. Microgreens Farming

How to start a microgreens business

Capitalizing on the farm-to-table movement and Ohio’s focus on sustainable agriculture, a microgreens farming business can supply fresh, locally grown produce to restaurants and consumers. With Ohio’s diverse agricultural landscape and supportive community for local businesses, microgreens farming can tap into the market for organic and nutritious food options.

10. Pig Farm

pig farm business idea

Ohio’s agricultural heritage offers a solid foundation for a pig farm business. With the state being one of the top pork producers in the country, there’s a ready market for high-quality pork products. Ethical farming practices and a focus on sustainability can also resonate with consumers, making Ohio an ideal place to raise and sell premium pork.

11. Food Truck

How to start a food truck business

Ohio’s vibrant cities like Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati are ripe for a food truck business, offering a mobile culinary experience. The state’s festivals, farmer’s markets, and downtown business districts provide numerous opportunities for a food truck to cater to a variety of tastes, embracing Ohio’s rich agricultural produce and diverse culinary influences.

12. Retail Store

How to start a furniture store business

In Ohio’s dynamic economic landscape, a retail store can leverage the mix of urban shopping districts and suburban malls. With a focus on consumer goods that resonate with Ohioans’ practical yet diverse tastes, a retail business could benefit from the state’s stable consumer base and growing population.

13. Winery

How to Start a Wine Business

Ohio’s climate, particularly in regions like the Lake Erie shore, is conducive to grape growing, presenting an excellent opportunity for winery businesses. With an appreciation for local vineyards and an increasing interest in regional wines, an Ohio winery can cater to enthusiasts and tourists alike, contributing to the state’s robust agritourism sector.

14. Gardening Service

How to start a gardening business

With the trend towards home gardening and sustainable living, a gardening service in Ohio can offer expertise in creating and maintaining vegetable gardens, flower beds, and even urban green spaces. Ohio’s distinct seasons provide a business model that can adapt year-round, from spring plantings to fall harvests and winter preparations.

15. Lawn Care

How to start a lawn care business

Ohio’s suburban expansion and the value placed on home appearance create a consistent demand for lawn care services. Offering maintenance, landscaping, and lawn treatment services can ensure a year-long client base, particularly when you factor in Ohio’s seasonal needs such as leaf removal in fall and snow management in winter.

16. Landscaping

How to start a landscaping business

With Ohioans priding themselves on their homes and community spaces, a landscaping business can thrive by designing and maintaining beautiful and functional outdoor areas. The state’s varied topography and seasonal changes offer a canvas for creative landscaping solutions that can range from residential projects to corporate and public spaces.

17. Kayak Rental

How to start a canoe and kayak rental business

Ohio’s numerous rivers, lakes, and proximity to Lake Erie make kayak rental a promising venture, particularly in the warmer months. Such a business could attract adventure-seekers and families looking for outdoor activities, and with proper marketing, could become a go-to for tourists and locals alike seeking to explore Ohio’s waterways.

18. Health Care

How to start a home health care business

Ohio’s growing population and emphasis on health and wellness signal strong prospects for a healthcare business. Whether it’s a clinic, home health care service, or a specialized medical practice, Ohio offers a robust network of hospitals, universities, and a population in need of diverse healthcare services.

19. Carpet Cleaning

How to start a carpet cleaning business

The carpet cleaning business has a stable market in Ohio, with its vast number of residential homes and commercial properties. Ohioans’ value cleanliness and maintenance, and with the state’s weather bringing in mud, snow, and debris, there’s always a need for professional carpet cleaning services.

20. Warehouse Business

How to start a warehouse business

Ohio’s position as a logistics hub in the Midwestern United States makes it ideal for a warehouse business. The state’s infrastructure supports warehousing and distribution, connecting products to markets across North America. There’s a continuous demand for storage solutions from Ohio’s manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce sectors.


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20 Best Business Ideas in Ohio