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Behind the Wheel with Double Black’s Founder

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Behind the Wheel with Double Black’s Founder

Meet Case Resor, the driving force behind Double Black Transportation, a company that has redefined luxury transport in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Through our conversation, Case reveals the inception, challenges, and successes of his business, offering a treasure trove of insights for aspiring entrepreneurs in the luxury transport sector. You will gain an understanding of what it takes to thrive in this niche market.

Starting Double Black

SBS – Why did you start your business?

Case – I started Double Black Transportation because there was a lack of luxury transportation in Jackson Hole, my hometown. We became the only company in the area that has vehicles with wraparound seating, creating an intimate experience for our clients. Since then, we’ve opened locations in Charleston, SC, and Miami, FL.

Unique Aspects

SBS – Can you describe your business model and what sets your services apart from competitors?

Case – In all three locations, we separate ourselves from our competitors by offering flexible rates and comprehensive packages. Specifically, our round-trip rate, where clients only need the vehicle at the beginning and end of their reservation, is extremely popular. People don’t like the idea of paying for something when they’re not using it, and this option allows that. It also allows us to stack multiple clients within one shift, benefiting both us and our clients. Their benefit is that we can charge a lower rate since they aren’t the only ones using the bus that night.

Early Challenges and Key Lessons

SBS – What were the biggest challenges you faced during the early days of your business?

Case – The biggest challenges have always been insurance and labor. Commercial auto insurance has been plagued by personal injury law firms, forcing rates to skyrocket. This is even more pronounced for vehicles with wraparound seating as there is increased liability. As a result, only a couple of carriers will insure party buses, and they charge extremely high rates because of it.

At first, it was almost impossible to even get insured because we were a new venture with no industry experience. As for labor, it’s no secret that finding good workers is difficult these days, but when you add requirements such as a CDL and hospitality experience, it becomes nearly unachievable. We’ve combatted this by paying our drivers above market rates and as W-2 employees, while the industry standard is to treat them as 1099 contractors. This gets our drivers to buy into our mission.

Customer Attraction and Retention Strategies

SBS – How do you attract and retain customers in a competitive market?

Case – We attract customers by offering affordable rates for high-end vehicles. While we love getting repeat customers, over 95% of our rides are one-time customers because of the nature of the business.

Managing and Upgrading the Fleet

SBS – How do you manage the maintenance and upgrading of your vehicle fleet?

Case – We are constantly maintaining our vehicles with great, local mechanics. We are constantly upgrading our fleet to the market’s desires.

Service Expansion Decisions

SBS – Have you expanded your services since starting, and what influenced those decisions?

Case – Instead of expanding our services, we’ve focused more on expanding our service areas. Each new location brings new challenges and adventure, as well as a whole new client base!

Effective Marketing for Luxury Transport

SBS – What marketing strategies have proven most effective for your business?

Case – Almost all of our marketing efforts are split between SEO and Google PPC ads. SEO has proven particularly successful in Jackson Hole because it’s a smaller market. Several of our blogs are in the top three results for searches our clients use, including bachelor/ette party, bar crawl, party bus, best bars, etc. Our Google PPC campaigns have been successful in Miami and Charleston, although they are expensive.

Handling and Utilizing Customer Feedback

SBS – How do you handle customer feedback, and has it influenced any business decisions?

Case – We take client feedback very seriously and mainly use it to ensure we have the best drivers in the area. We rarely get to see our drivers as they work, so hearing from the customer is the best way to ensure they are doing their jobs properly.

Technology’s Impact on Business Operations

SBS – What role does technology play in your operations and customer interactions?

Case – We use various softwares to keep our business running as efficiently as possible. This is especially true when it comes to CRM, marketing, and accounting.

Future Plans for Double Black Transportation

SBS – What future plans do you have for Double Black Transportation?

Case – I hope to keep expanding our fleet, particularly in the Southeast. We’ve looked into getting shuttle buses so we can accommodate larger weddings, but for now, we plan on sticking to party buses.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs

SBS – What advice would you give to someone looking to start a business in the luxury transportation industry?

Case – I would advise anyone looking to start a business in the luxury transportation industry to really know their market and their costs. It is easy to underestimate expenses and overestimate revenue, but you should always proceed with caution. Also, don’t be afraid to spend on advertising; PPC ads are often the easiest way to guarantee revenue.


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Behind the Wheel with Double Black’s Founder