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Behind the Scenes with Miss Tourist: Yulia’s Adventures in Travel Blogging

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Behind the Scenes with Miss Tourist: Yulia’s Adventures in Travel Blogging

We are delighted to feature Yulia Saf, the dynamic creator behind Miss Tourist, a popular travel blog known for its engaging content and stunning visuals. Yulia has journeyed through myriad destinations, sharing her adventures and travel wisdom with a global audience.

In this insightful interview, she opens up about the tools and strategies she employs to manage her blog, grow her audience, and monetize her content. Additionally, Yulia discusses the intricacies of balancing travel with work, shares memorable cultural encounters, and offers advice to aspiring travel bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Join us as we delve into the world of Miss Tourist and uncover the secrets behind Yulia’s blogging success.

Inception and Inspiration

SBS – Can you share the story of how your travel blog began? What inspired you to start it?

Yulia – Transforming passion for travel into a thriving business. I started misstourist.com over eight years ago, inspired by a simple idea — to share my travel experiences and tips with others. I have always believed that the best way to discover the world is through the stories of those who have already tread the path. After traveling to over 70 countries, I turned my passion for travel into a successful enterprise.

Crafting the Perfect Identity

SBS – Choosing the right name for a blog is crucial. How did you come up with the name for your travel blog, and what significance does it hold?

Yulia – The name “Miss Tourist” accurately encapsulates the essence of my brand, showcasing the everlasting curiosity and thirst for discovering new places, cultures, and experiences, like an eternal tourist.

From Passion to Capital

SBS – Starting a blog often requires capital. How did you fund your blog initially, and did you explore any unique financing options?

Yulia – I started my business with savings from earlier years and the unique financing option — my travel stories’ value. The uniqueness of my service lies in offering practical, up-to-date, and personal travel tips from firsthand experiences on global destinations.

A Day in the Life

SBS – As an entrepreneur, what does a typical day look like for you?

Yulia – Every day as an entrepreneur, I discover new territories, interact with my cross-functional remote team, create travel content, and, most importantly, balance the challenges of motherhood and leadership. I believe this unique perspective of tackling professional and personal life as a digital nomad mother brings a fresh dynamic to the business landscape.

Tools of the Trade

SBS – What blogging platform and tools do you use to manage and publish your travel content, and why did you choose them?

Yulia – I primarily use WordPress for my blog. It’s a versatile platform with endless plugins, making customization easy. Over the years, I’ve also relied on tools like Trello for content planning, Google Analytics for understanding my audience, and Adobe Lightroom for photo editing. These tools streamline my workflow and allow me to focus on producing quality content.

Charting the Course

SBS – Growing a blog’s audience is essential. Can you share some of your strategies for increasing blog traffic, including your approach to SEO and social media promotion?

Yulia – Absolutely! First and foremost, I focus on creating high-quality, relevant content. I conduct keyword research for SEO to understand what potential readers are searching for and tailor my content accordingly. On the social media front, I’m active on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, where I engage with my community, share travel photos, and post snippets of my blogs. Collaborating with fellow travel bloggers and guest posting has also been invaluable in driving traffic.

The Business of Blogging

SBS – Monetization is a common goal for bloggers. If you’re comfortable, could you discuss the primary revenue streams for your travel blog and how your blog’s income has evolved over time?

Yulia – I earned mainly through sponsored posts and affiliate marketing in the early days. I diversified with ad placements as traffic increased through ad networks like AdSense and Mediavine. Over time, I’ve also launched digital products such as travel guides and e-courses. The journey took time; it required patience, persistence, and an understanding of my audience’s needs.

Destination Dilemmas

SBS – Travel bloggers often explore a wide range of destinations. How do you decide on the next place to visit, and what factors influence your choice of destinations for your blog content?

Yulia – I often choose places based on personal interest and reader demand. Feedback from my audience is invaluable. Sometimes, current global events or travel trends play a role too. I always strive to offer unique perspectives on both popular and less-traveled destinations.

The Art of Balance

SBS – Traveling and maintaining a blog can be demanding. How do you balance work and personal life while on the road, and what are the challenges of combining travel with work?

Yulia – It’s a juggling act! I set specific work hours, even while traveling, to maintain a balance. Sometimes, I’d spend days just exploring, then allocate specific days for writing and editing. The key challenge is the unpredictability of travel — unexpected events can disrupt plans. But over time, I’ve learned to adapt and work flexibly.

Lessons in Growth

SBS – Throughout your journey as a travel blogger, what specific lessons or experiences have been particularly beneficial or advantageous in growing your blog and brand?

Yulia – Connecting with local communities has been enriching. Their insights offer depth to my content. Moreover, networking with fellow bloggers and attending industry conferences have been instrumental in my growth.

Influential Resources

SBS – Are there any books, podcasts, or other resources that have had a significant influence on your approach to travel blogging or entrepreneurship?

Yulia – Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss has been influential. Podcasts like The Blog Millionaire and The Smart Passive Income offer valuable insights into blogging and online entrepreneurship.

Navigating New Horizons

SBS – For aspiring travel bloggers and entrepreneurs, what advice would you give to those looking to start their own journey or who are just beginning their blogging career?

Yulia – Start with passion and be patient. The landscape is saturated, but there’s always room for unique voices. Learn continuously, engage with your community, and be bold and evolve as you learn more about your audience and yourself.

Cultural Connections

SBS – Travel often provides unique cultural experiences. Can you share an unforgettable encounter or cultural exchange that had a lasting impact on you and your blog?

Yulia – In Bhutan, I stayed with a local family. Their profound connection to nature and the community taught me the essence of sustainable travel. This experience reshaped my approach, placing more emphasis on responsible tourism in my content.

Triumph Over Trials

SBS – How do you handle and overcome challenges while traveling, and do you have any tips for fellow travelers or bloggers when faced with unexpected situations on the road?

Yulia – Flexibility is the key. Travel insurance, backup plans, and a positive mindset have helped me navigate challenges. For fellow travelers, I suggest always having a “Plan B,” and remember, sometimes, unexpected events lead to the most memorable stories!


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Behind the Scenes with Miss Tourist: Yulia’s Adventures in Travel Blogging