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How Misty Dupree’s Medical Tags Offer Peace of Mind

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Esther is a business strategist with over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive, educator, and management advisor.

How Misty Dupree’s Medical Tags Offer Peace of Mind

We spoke with Misty Dupree, president of Medical Bag Tag, a company focused on providing critical information through specially designed medical and allergy awareness tags. These tags ensure visibility and safety for individuals with specific health needs.

During the interview, Misty discusses her inspiration for starting the business, the challenges she’s overcome, and the profound impact her products have had. You can expect to gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship in a specialized market and the dedication required to enhance safety and awareness in healthcare.

Misty Dupree

Inspiration Behind Medical Bag Tags

SBS – What inspired you to start Medical Bag Tags?

Misty – I saw a father walking aimlessly through the halls of our school, carrying a ziplock bag with a crushed EpiPen and box inside. Sadly, the box looked as if it had been in the bottom of a backpack for two years. Knowing that his daughter had a huge need for this medicine inside, I had to wonder what would happen in case of an emergency. That EpiPen needed to be WITH HER or somewhere close by for easy access.

I had to do something about that because when seconds matter, something as simple as a bag tag could possibly expedite proper care. 

Identifying the Market Need for Health Tags

SBS – How did you identify the need for medical and allergy awareness tags in the market?

Misty – This is a very interesting question. Soon after I saw the man in the school, I knew there was a need for this. There was one particular day shortly after that I heard the word “SHAME” in a counseling session. That word changed my life and my business’ mission. Not only did we need to raise awareness, but I also took a hard look at the industry and found that all the medical and allergy alert products were sterile & cold, and unfriendly. Kids and adults are shamed and belittled for things as small as the color of their hair or freckles. I vowed to create a product that was fun and cute, and that didn’t SCREAM “special needs.” Because of the shame I experienced in my marriage for years, I knew firsthand how debilitating that can be, and I do not want ANYONE to ever be shamed for anything — especially conditions that they cannot always prevent or change.

Challenges in Launching Medical Bag Tags

SBS – What challenges did you face when launching your business?

Misty – Sadly, the first challenge I had to overcome was unbelief and lack of support from my spouse. This meant that it was imperative that I find a tribe of women who believed in me, trusted me, and had my back.

Secondly, just as I opened up shop, I found out I was expecting a child who would not survive outside the womb, endured more unsettling in my marriage, joined the world surviving a national pandemic, and eventually landed the role of a single mom of eight kids.

I used these times to do the “hard stuff” of business. I read and read, researched, and sought counsel. I did big things, such as getting an LLC and a registered trademark, and started selling online on multiple platforms.

Balancing Creativity and Practicality

SBS – How have you managed the balance between creativity and practicality in your product designs?

Misty – Creativity is my favorite part of the business. I enjoy creating custom designs for specific allergies. I needed to ensure that my products could quickly and easily move from bag to purse to lunch box and even to the school cubby. I also chose to design all products cohesively with a sketch-like embroidery design. This has become my signature design across the board. Choosing to keep that one style has significantly reduced the costs of manufacturing, and, most importantly, it saves me a ton of time.

Fire Ant Allergy Medical Tag

Customer Engagement Strategies

SBS – Can you describe your approach to customer service and engagement?

Misty – Thankfully, I was born to talk and come from a long line of friendly folks. Customer service is my number one gig! I’m not afraid to ask questions to get to the true needs and desires of a customer. Sometimes, to a fault, I give away tags because I’m also very giving and sympathetic. I love doing custom work, and if you can dream it, I will do my absolute best to achieve it!

Effective Marketing Techniques

SBS – What strategies have you found most effective for marketing your products?

Misty – As far as marketing, for years, I did not really focus on it like I should have. As a single mom of eight children, I relied heavily on the Lord and trusted that the sales I get are what I could handle at the time.

In the last three years, I’ve made it a priority to learn from the best. I’ve worked with multiple PR professionals and taken many courses on marketing, media presentation, and pitching to the media. This year, I have begun to really implement what I’ve learned.

Product Development Insights

SBS – How do you handle product development and innovation?

Misty – Since there is no shortage of allergies or medical conditions, my product development revolves around other’s needs and requests.

One of my products I’ve had to develop and redevelop multiple times because of changes in technology. My medical information bag tag started as a product similar to a luggage tag with a slide-in paper option with hand-written emergency contacts and medical information. Then it hit me that some of us have more medical history than can fit on that tiny business card.

My second version was a small sleeve that holds a USB stick where customers can upload their documents or other relevant medical information they might want to share during an emergency.

My latest and greatest version is a laser-engraved QR-coded medical information tag because no one carries laptops around with USB ports anymore, but they do have their phones on them. 

I have been working one-on-one with a software developer for over two years now to design a platform built specifically for this product. You can now have very quick access to your medical records during an emergency by scanning your personal QR Tag. Phase two of this product will be launching soon, which is the family version, which will house multiple persons’ information on one tag instead of carrying around one for every family member.

Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned

SBS – What have been some key lessons you’ve learned about entrepreneurship through this business?

Misty – Don’t let not knowing what to do scare you. The best thing you can do for yourself is to DO IT SCARED, and the rest will work out. If you can’t afford help, be ready to barter. Most importantly, do not stop at NO. Consider the NO a “NOT YET.” Press on. It sometimes takes 99 NOs to get that one YES, and that one YES could change your life.

Measuring Product Impact and Success

SBS – How do you measure the impact and success of your products?

Misty – I celebrate every order as a huge success as I’m one step closer to raising awareness. My products can be a voice for the voiceless in emergency situations where seconds matter. Proper, quality care is my number one goal. The more information a customer can give to those around them, the better.

Starting a Niche Product Business

SBS – What advice would you give to someone looking to start a niche product-based business?

Misty – Do it! It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Solo entrepreneurship has grown me as a person and has taught my kids that no matter what life throws at you, you CAN do more, be more, and help others along the way. Be different; don’t just follow fads. Pave the way and become the best you can by doing your favorite things.

Quality Control in Product Manufacturing

SBS – How do you manage the manufacturing and quality control of your products?

Misty – I’m a one-woman show, and I handle everything. As my business continues to grow, I’m beginning to see a need for more assistance. I would love to find someone else to manufacture my products, but I must be able to give up some of that control, and it’s not easy.

Expansion Plans for Medical Bag Tags

SBS – What future plans do you have for expanding your product line or business?

Misty – I have plans to start a blog/podcast and do fundraisers, and I would like to partner with clinics and hospitals to carry my products. It is my goal for Medical Bag Tags to be the #1 name in the industry for medical and allergy awareness. I also have plans to add stickers and tattoos to my shop.

The Difference Made by Medical Bag Tags

SBS – Can you share a success story where your product made a significant difference in someone’s life?

Misty – Ever since the COVID pandemic, my number one seller has been the Hard of Hearing bag tag! It must be one of the most used bag tags ever. How many times a day do you think someone who is deaf or hard of hearing person struggles to communicate? This bag tag is a visual cue to others that they may need to talk louder or write things down. When everyone was asked to wear masks, this made it so much harder for those who depend heavily on lip-reading as an essential way of communication. Imagine that you are impatiently waiting in line behind someone, and they just won’t move or listen to you. Having a Hard of Hearing bag tag clipped to your purse or backpack could easily curb your frustrations towards them. They are not ignoring you on purpose; they just can’t hear well.


  1. Pam Rosinbaum says:

    I could not love this more and will share it with as many people as I can! Misty had a product everyone needs and a story that needs to be heard. Her product can be life saving, and she offers hope to those who have given up. A person never “makes it” to the top because there is always more to reach for, but Misty has definitely “made it” to great things and became a greater person through all she has been through to get where she is! She is an example to all. Thank you SBS for sharing her story!!

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How Misty Dupree’s Medical Tags Offer Peace of Mind