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Growing a Casino Rental Business in Southern California

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Growing a Casino Rental Business in Southern California

Ace High Casino Rentals is a premier casino event rental service in Southern California. The company offers a unique blend of home and corporate parties, charity fundraising, and team-building events.

In this interview, Andrew Litwin, CEO, discusses the inspiration behind starting the business, the challenges faced, strategies for success, and future goals. You will gain insights into the company’s operations, marketing tactics, and long-term vision for becoming the top casino rental provider in Southern California.

Inspiration for Ace High Casino Rentals

SBS – What inspired you to start a casino rental business?

Andrew – In 2009, two of my friends suggested that we start All-In Productions Casino Rentals with our combined experience. Later on, we acquired Ace High Casino Rentals and Casino De Paris, combining all three companies.

Identifying Target Market

SBS – How did you identify your target market and determine the services to offer?

Andrew We canvassed the Southern CA market to determine an age range and demographic that appeal to casino parties. This consisted of home and corporate parties but later evolved into charity fundraising and team-building events.

Overcoming Initial Challenges

SBS – What were the initial challenges in setting up your business, and how did you overcome them?

Andrew The lack of financial resources and business at the beginning stages was a challenge, but we overcame that by reinvesting all proceeds back into the business for the first five years.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

SBS – How do you ensure compliance with local laws and regulations for casino-themed events?

Andrew We keep up to date (and are registered) with CA fundraising guidelines. We are also a member of NACPO (National Association of Casino Party Operators), which keeps us up to date on legislative changes.

Effective Marketing Strategies

SBS – What strategies have you found most effective for marketing your business in a niche market?

Andrew Google AdWords, word of mouth, and specified email marketing to the existing client base.

Successful Event Example

SBS – Can you describe a particularly successful event and what made it successful?

Andrew We have a few very large annual events consisting of 50 or more tables and dealers. Our Living Spaces event at the Disneyland Hotel goes off without a hitch annually.

Client Relationships and Satisfaction

SBS – How do you manage relationships with clients and maintain customer satisfaction?

Andrew We count on our two front office personnel (Thomas and I) to handle client relations from start to finish. On a monthly rotation, my business partner Orlando and I visit events to touch base with staff and clients to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Role of Technology

SBS – What role has technology played in the operation and growth of your business?

Andrew Evolving to the 21st century and utilizing Hubspot, our CRM has greatly increased internal productivity and sales.

Staff Selection and Training

SBS – How do you select and train your staff, especially your dealers?

Andrew We offer monthly training sessions on our four major games (blackjack, roulette, craps, and poker for new and existing dealers, which I head up.

Mitigating Business Risks

SBS – What are the biggest risks in your business, and how do you mitigate them?

Andrew Because we deal with disposable income budgets, we will always be tied to current economic conditions. The casino rental business in Southern CA is very competitive, with up to 35 companies operating in the area at one time.

Adapting to Changes

SBS – How has your business adapted to changes in the economy or industry trends?

Andrew Coming out of the pandemic has reshaped the industry, putting our main competitor out of business, which we acquired out of bankruptcy. We are just now, four years later, returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs

SBS – What advice would you give to someone looking to start a similar business?

Andrew You can start small and work out of your garage on a weekly schedule, but realize it will take many years to grow into a profitable company. Have a passion to put in the time and effort needed pro-bono until that happens.

Long-term Goals

SBS – Looking forward, what are your long-term goals for Ace High Casino Rentals?

Andrew We are currently scaling up operations but streamlining our daily processes and increasing advertising. Our long-term goal is to increase sales to $5 million annually and become Southern California’s #1 casino rental provider.


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Growing a Casino Rental Business in Southern California