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The Product Review Mom’s Journey to Blogging Success

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The Product Review Mom’s Journey to Blogging Success

Here’s the inspiring story of Louida Martin, the creator of Product Review Mom. From her beginnings in market research to becoming a full-time blogger, Louida shares her journey, challenges, and triumphs in the world of blogging. This interview provides a glimpse into how passion, consistency, and strategic thinking can transform a hobby into a lucrative career.

Louida Martin

Introduction and Background

Hi, I’m Louida Martin, a mother of two daughters from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a blogger at Product Review Mom, sharing product reviews and other topics.

The Genesis of Blogging

During the early 2000s, I participated in market research panels to earn extra money so I wouldn’t have to get a second job. I would test the latest product creations and share my opinions. In return, the market research panel would pay me for my feedback.

I loved having my input considered in the development of brand-new products and seeing them on shelves once completed. But the only thing is, I wasn’t allowed to speak about the product I reviewed.

So, I thought, how about I start reviewing products I buy daily and sharing them on a blog? And that’s how Product Review Mom was created in 2012, as a hobby documenting my everyday product purchases. I wanted to base my blog on my life, and since I am a mother, I wanted my blog to be about the products that fit my current lifestyle, so that’s how I came up with the name.

Growing a Blog into a Business

After completing market research surveys and writing detailed reviews, I learned how to write in-depth analyses of the products I feature on my blog.

When I learned I could make money blogging, I started adding display ads from Google Adsense and joining Affiliate Marketing Programs like Amazon Affiliate and Panthera Network.

I shared my blog on social media and wrote articles on writer’s platforms, which helped increase traffic to my blog, especially from search engines.

By doing this, I started making money with my blog. Within three to four years, I was making full-time income with my blog, and I quit my day job in 2016 to blog full-time and have been full-time ever since.

Evolving Content and Partnerships

Since I am a mom with young children, I would blog about children’s products, activities, beauty products, family vehicles, etc. As my blog grew, it became more of a lifestyle blogging about different topics, like showing my readers ways to make extra money from home by joining market research panels, travel reviews, and food reviews.

At the beginning of my blogging journey, I would review products I purchased or already had, but once I grew bigger, brands began noticing my blog and reached out to me to work directly.  

I would reach out to brands with whom I would like to work with, as well.

Behind the Scenes of Blogging Success

With some of the money I earned, I hired a graphic designer to make my blog look more polished and professional and also writers for informational articles. I also invested in PPC campaigns and built an email list.

I purchased a DSLR camera to improve image quality and created product review videos featuring myself.

I also like to use programs like MeetEdgar for scheduling my social media posts, Fiverr for different tasks like getting technical help, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console to monitor my web traffic and see if improvements need to be made. 

By investing in my blog, I started seeing huge returns, like making five figures monthly.

Navigating the Challenges of Blogging

When it comes to blogging, it’s not an overnight success; you have to be consistent. It can take years to make a living, and you will have high and low times.

For instance, Google frequently releases algorithm updates that can either boost or lower your search engine rankings. Sometimes, I get impacted by these updates and experience declining website traffic. It takes a while to regain my position at the top.

And due to these updates, my income can either go up or down. So, it’s very critical to save money when you get hit.

Ensuring diversification of marketing efforts is essential, which includes building an email list, conducting paid online advertising, and being active on social media.

Blogging can sometimes be overwhelming, so I seek inspiration from sources like Pinterest, travel to new places, or simply take a break to recharge. If I take a break, I usually update and reshare old content.

Blogging as a Rewarding Career

Even though blogging can be overwhelming, it’s a rewarding career because it allows me to be at home with my family and not miss those special moments, financial freedom, and do something I love!


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The Product Review Mom’s Journey to Blogging Success