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LOUMI Skincare’s Journey to Sustainable Beauty with Megan Murphy

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LOUMI Skincare’s Journey to Sustainable Beauty with Megan Murphy

In this interview, we delve into the world of ethical and sustainable skincare with Megan Murphy, the CEO and owner of Loumi Skincare. Megan shares her personal journey, driven by her struggles with allergies and a passion for natural beauty, that led to the creation of her brand. She discusses the meticulous process of developing a plant-based, effective skincare line, facing challenges like sourcing ethical ingredients and ensuring product safety. Megan also sheds light on the brand’s commitment to clean beauty, environmental sustainability, and how LOUMI stands out in the competitive skincare and beauty industry.

Megan Murphy

Journey to Creating LOUMI Skincare

SBS – Can you share the journey that led to the creation of LOUMI Skincare and the personal challenges you faced with skin issues?

Megan – LOUMI skincare was driven by my personal experience with allergies and chronic hives and my deep love for natural beauty and holistic wellness. A few years ago, I embarked on a journey to create skincare products that nourish the skin and soul. I started to notice the negative impact that constantly traveling for work was having on my skin, and the need for a simple, natural skincare routine that would help with dark spots and puffiness helped the brand become what it is today.

Developing the First Product Line

SBS – What were the initial steps you took in developing your first product line, and how did you determine which ingredients to use?

Megan – Initially, I did a ton of market research to identify consumer needs. Clear product goals were defined, and collaboration with experienced formulators ensured effective formulations. When selecting ingredients, I prioritized efficacy and safety, considering potential allergens. Experimentation at home was a vital phase, allowing firsthand experience and user feedback.

LOUMI Skincare products

Ensuring Plant-Based Ingredient Safety and Efficacy

SBS – How did you ensure the safety and efficacy of your plant-based ingredients during the product development phase?

Megan – In the making of LOUMI Skincare, we really took our time to make sure our plant-based products were not just effective but also super safe. We dug deep into each plant-based ingredient, got advice from experts like dermatologists and wellness gurus, and even gave every product a spin on my sensitive skin. We’re good at tweaking and improving based on feedback and staying in the loop with the latest research. LOUMI is all about clear labels, playing by the rules, and being your go-to for easy, safe, and effective plant-based skincare.

Challenges in Sourcing Ethical Vegan Ingredients

SBS – What challenges did you encounter in sourcing ethical, vegan, and natural ingredients, and how did you overcome them?

Megan – One key obstacle involved identifying reliable suppliers who could consistently meet our stringent criteria while maintaining ethical and sustainable practices. I did a ton of research to build relationships with suppliers who shared our values and conducted thorough audits to ensure certifications and compliance. A lot of these challenges took place during the pandemic because of geographical and seasonal variations in ingredient availability. However, by maintaining strong partnerships and constant communication, we managed perfectly. 

Obtaining Leaping Bunny Approval and Non-GMO Certification

SBS – Could you describe the process of obtaining certifications like Leaping Bunny approval and ensuring your products are non-GMO and cruelty-free?

Megan – Leaping Bunny is an amazing organization with super high standards. To become certified, they do an audit of your manufacturing facility to ensure legitimacy. The company goes through all your products and ingredients to verify that nothing is tested on animals. A similar process takes place to be non-GMO certified. It’s really satisfying to be able to provide this to our customers.

Balancing Natural Ingredients with High Performance

SBS – How do you balance the need for natural ingredients with the demand for high-performing skincare products in a competitive market?

Megan – We prioritize the inherent benefits of natural ingredients, carefully selecting those known for efficacy. Our products, crafted through extensive research and development, speak for themselves. As someone with sensitive skin, I recognize the desperation for effective solutions, and LOUMI strives to deliver a perfect blend of nature and performance, standing out in the competitive beauty landscape.

Building a Values-Based Brand

SBS – What strategies have you implemented to create a brand that resonates with consumers’ values, particularly around clean beauty and ethical practices?

Megan – LOUMI emphasizes transparency with our vegan and cruelty-free formulations. Our commitment extends to environmentally friendly practices like recyclable packaging and reduced waste. Social responsibility is also key, with support for fair labor and community involvement. Through these strategies, we have successfully crafted a brand that genuinely resonates with consumers who prioritize clean and ethical beauty.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Strategies

SBS – What practices do you follow to ensure your packaging is environmentally friendly without compromising the quality and aesthetics of your products?

Megan – Our packaging is crafted using Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials and recyclable bottles, reflecting our commitment to minimizing environmental impact. To further reduce waste, we’ve opted out of individual product boxes. This streamlined approach ensures our products are both eco-friendly and visually appealing, embodying our dedication to sustainable skincare practices.

Educating Consumers on Botanical Ingredients and Clean Beauty

SBS – How do you educate your consumers about the benefits of botanical ingredients and the importance of clean beauty routines?

Megan – Through our website, social media, and product packaging, we share insights on the natural efficacy of botanicals. Regular blog posts, social media updates, and newsletters provide insights into the specific advantages of botanical ingredients, highlighting their natural efficacy and gentle impact on the skin. We also use a very large network of influencers to help get the word out.

Overcoming Formulation Challenges without Parabens and Sulfates

SBS – Could you discuss any obstacles you’ve faced with product stability and shelf-life, given the absence of parabens and sulfates in your formulations?

Megan – Formulating without parabens and sulfates poses challenges for product stability and shelf-life. We replaced traditional preservatives with natural alternatives and innovative packaging. Maintaining the efficacy and freshness of our formulations without compromising on ingredient integrity was super important so we assured shelf life with various product tests. For example, for our serums, we have opted for glass frosted bottles. The opaque exterior shields contents from harmful UV rays, preventing the degradation of sensitive ingredients. Frosted glass is impermeable to gases and odors, providing an extra layer of defense against environmental factors that can compromise product quality.

Marketing Strategies in the Crowded Beauty Market

SBS – What has been your approach to marketing LOUMI Skincare, and how do you stand out in the crowded beauty and skincare market?

Megan – Our approach centers on authenticity, setting us apart in the crowded beauty market. We collaborate with 200-300 influencers annually, leveraging social channels to authentically showcase our products. This genuine connection builds brand awareness and trust, making LOUMI stand out as a brand that values real connections and real results.

Measuring Impact on Skin Health and Environmental Sustainability

SBS – How do you measure the impact of your products on both skin health and environmental sustainability?

Megan – We gauge our products’ impact by prioritizing skin health and environmental sustainability. Proudly made in the USA, our natural, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben and sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and non-GMO formulations adhere to the highest standards. Thorough testing and dermatologist feedback ensure skin health benefits. As a female-founded brand, we emphasize efficacy and eco-consciousness, reflected in recyclable packaging and a commitment to reducing waste by skipping individual product boxes.


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LOUMI Skincare’s Journey to Sustainable Beauty with Megan Murphy