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Charting a Path of Self-Kindness with Coach Jennifer Schwytzer

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Charting a Path of Self-Kindness with Coach Jennifer Schwytzer

Join us as we explore the compelling story of Jennifer Schwytzer, LMSW, a dedicated professional at the helm of KINDfulness Coaching. Jennifer’s initiation into this journey is deeply rooted in the transformative year of 2020, a period that not only tested her resilience but also ignited her passion for self-care and mental health.

With a rich background in social work spanning over 15 years, she faced a personal awakening driven by her own experiences with anxiety and a family medical crisis. Through our conversation, Jennifer unveils the inspiration behind KINDfulness Coaching,, the challenges she conquered in establishing her business, her aspirations for the future of her coaching practice, and much more. Keep reading!

Inspiration Behind KINDfulness Coaching

SBS – What inspired you to start Kindfulness Coaching?

Jennifer – The idea of KINDfulness Coaching started during COVID in 2020. At this time, I had been a social worker in the helping profession for over 15 years and was burnt out and didn’t even know it. My entire life, I had struggled with anxiety which affected me both personally and professionally, and it was not until this time that I actually acknowledged that was what was happening and started to address it (not as easy as it sounds!).

During this time, my husband also experienced a life-threatening medical emergency, which woke us all up to how we had just been going through the motions of life, not exactly feeling present in what we were doing or experiencing. Yes, we were happy and enjoying life, but there was just something missing.

I started to focus a lot on personal development and taking care of my own mental health and how life could change for the better when you are taking care of yourself and being KIND to yourself. This is where KINDfulness Coaching came from — my desire to encourage others to do the same and realize how you can transform your life by being KIND to yourself and allowing yourself grace to make mistakes and learn and grow in the process.

Differentiating Coaching Services

SBS – How do you differentiate your coaching services from others in the market?

Jennifer – As a licensed social worker, I have the unique ability to expertly guide and mentor you to create your success. Coaching with me allows you to identify the root causes of your stress and overwhelm, determine what’s most important to you and find balance in your life.

I will expertly create a safe space for you to be challenged and supported to make massive changes in the direction of your goals. I will walk with you through the hard, be your biggest cheerleader and supporter, and inspire you on your journey to find balance. You can expect to feel more relaxed and confident in your ability to manage stress after our work together.

A Client Success Story

SBS – Can you share a success story that exemplifies the impact of your coaching?

“I sought out working with Jen during a difficult transition in my life. Jen helped me navigate new challenges with insight and strategies that aligned with my goals. Jen is very knowledgeable and provided me with great resources to use on my journey. I am in a much better place now and can’t wait to see what the future holds!! Thank you, Jen!!” — Sandy T

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Challenges in Establishing the Business

SBS – What challenges did you face in establishing your business, and how did you overcome them?

Jennifer – I am a helper, not a business-minded person, and I really struggled at the beginning of my business on where to start and how to execute. Many challenges also come from the limited funds that may exist when starting a business.

During this time, I leaned heavily on daily business podcasts to help me understand where my money was best spent and what systems were the foundation for building a business. Networking with fellow business owners helped me plan and adapt and learn to be flexible and adaptable and that I was not alone in this.

Recognizing the need for expert guidance, I invested in a business coach, understanding that relying on their expertise was more valuable than trying to navigate uncharted territory.

Ensuring Coaching Program Relevance

SBS – How do you ensure your coaching programs remain relevant and effective for your clients?

Jennifer – Continuously assess client needs, adapting programs accordingly and customizing approaches for each individual. I use a customized approach to each individual based on their needs and goals (and also their personality!).

I work hard to continue to educate myself on trends and what my clients are experiencing, incorporate feedback promptly, set measurable goals, and collaborate with others to ensure programs remain impactful and tailored to clients’ evolving needs.

Effective Marketing Strategies

SBS – What marketing strategies have been most effective for attracting new clients?

Jennifer – I try to convey myself and who I am in my marketing. It’s important to recognize with coaching — we are selling ourselves. A prospective client has to be able to relate to me and clique with my personality and vice versa — so I’m conscious of being myself in my marketing.

I utilize lead magnets in an effort to grow my audience (See an example of a lead magnet here) — from there, I utilize nurturing emails with a call to action with the goal of speaking with someone 1:1 to determine if we’re a good fit. I utilize LinkedIn prospecting as this is a platform where many of my ideal clients can be found and provide as much content as possible for individuals to see my style.

Measuring Coaching Program Success

SBS – How do you measure the success of your coaching programs?

Jennifer – This is a great question that I’m still working to refine. I measure success through yearly goals encompassing revenue, sales, and personal business milestones. While these goals provide a direction, I embrace their fluidity, allowing adjustments based on evolving priorities. Unexpected challenges are part of the journey and contribute to growth. Additionally, I gauge success by evaluating client progress and attainment of their goals, an integral part of assessing my own achievements.

Significant Learning Experience as a Business Owner

SBS – Can you discuss a significant learning experience you had as a business owner?

Jennifer – I do not know everything, and I cannot do it all alone! I’m a doer and hate to ask for help. Starting a business was a huge wake up call that if I did not ask for help and tried to do all of this alone, I would not succeed. Ask for help, don’t try to be a martyr, and do it all alone!

Handling Client Feedback

SBS – How do you handle client feedback, both positive and negative?

Jennifer – Client feedback, be it positive or negative, is invaluable. Positive feedback reaffirms our efforts and helps us understand what we’re doing right. It’s an encouragement to continue excelling in those areas. On the other hand, negative feedback, while challenging, is an opportunity for growth. It’s a chance to listen, understand, and address concerns, ultimately improving our services. Both forms of feedback are crucial in shaping and refining the client experience we deliver.

Future Plans for KINDfulness Coaching

SBS – What future plans or expansions are you considering for KINDfulness Coaching?

Jennifer – I have high hopes and goals for the future. This year’s plan is to really build my email list and continue to expand my reach and my 1:1 coaching services. As my list grows, my plan is to start digital courses and recorded educational and support materials to allow more passive income and free up my schedule for more time/energy for my 1:1 coaching clients.

Balancing Work and Life in Coaching

SBS – How do you balance your own work-life while managing a coaching business?

Jennifer – This is what I’m all about! My approach revolves around prioritizing health and family above fixed work hours, I have focused on my priorities, and this allows me to make decisions based on what’s most important to me. Flexibility is key (I’m a recovering Type A personality); however, with a family comes the importance of adapting from a rigid schedule to utilizing available pockets of time.

I maintain a task list instead of booked work times, allowing for a more balanced life. This flexibility enables me to be fully present when needed without overbooking my calendar. One tool I use for both myself and my clients is The Wheel of Life, which helps me identify what I’ve spent time and energy on and what might be neglected — this allows me to re-focus when needed.

Advice for Service-Based Entrepreneurs

SBS – What advice would you give to entrepreneurs starting a service-based business like yours?

Jennifer – Hire a mentor; benefit from their experience instead of reinventing the wheel. Adaptability and active networking are key to forming robust referral networks. Continuous education in your field ensures expertise, while prioritizing exceptional customer service fosters loyalty and growth.


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Charting a Path of Self-Kindness with Coach Jennifer Schwytzer