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Importify’s Blueprint for Dropshipping Success

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Importify’s Blueprint for Dropshipping Success

Today, we are delighted to welcome Moshe Lugasi, the innovative founder of Importify, for an insightful interview. Importify is a cutting-edge tool in the dropshipping landscape that simplifies and streamlines the process of finding, importing, and selling products for online retailers.

In this conversation, we aim to delve into the genesis of Importify, explore its unique features, and gain valuable insights that could benefit both aspiring and established business owners in the dynamic world of dropshipping.

Join us as we uncover the strategies and visions that drive Importify’s success.

Origin of Importify

SBS – What inspired you to create Importify, and how does it stand out in the crowded dropshipping market?

Moshe – I was inspired to create Importify from my own struggles as an online entrepreneur.

I found myself spending too much time adding products and fulfilling orders on AliExpress. This process was taking 20–30 minutes per product, which was incredibly time-consuming.

I realised there had to be a better way to manage these tasks efficiently, and that’s how Importify came into existence​​.

Supplier Vetting Process

SBS – Can you describe the process Importify uses to vet and select suppliers for its platform?

Moshe – We’re really selective about who can join Importify as a supplier. Each potential partner goes through a vetting process so we know they meet high standards for quality, reliability, and customer service.

Importify suppliers must follow strict criteria:

  • Manufacture their own inventory
  • Deliver fast processing and shipping
  • Provide clear return/refund policies that build trust.

Our users can feel fully confident in the reliability of every company on our platform.

Addressing Newbie Dropshipper Challenges

SBS – What are the most common challenges new dropshippers face, and how does Importify help overcome them?

Moshe – Long shipping times from China suppliers are a big headache for new dropshippers. Customers expect faster deliveries these days. The good news is that Importify gives you options.

We have suppliers across the globe, including many in the United States. Sourcing the same or similar products domestically cuts transit time drastically compared to ordering from China. Having both Chinese and US suppliers to choose from lets you find the right balance of product variety and shipping speed for your business.

E-commerce Platform Integrations

SBS – How does Importify integrate with existing eCommerce platforms, and what are the key benefits of these integrations?

Moshe – Importify connects directly to all the major e-commerce platforms — Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, etc., and it can tap into their behind-the-scenes functionality to make importing products quick and easy.

For example, Importify lets you easily bring in products from suppliers like Alibaba or AliExpress straight into your Shopify or Wix store. It even customizes product info like descriptions, images, and pricing automatically on import. Very convenient.

The main key benefits are:

  • It saves a lot of manual time, adding items one by one
  • Since it hooks up directly to the platforms, anyone can use Importify without needing to be a tech expert
  • I can tweak the imported product info to tailor things to my brand

Enhancing Product Listings

SBS – Could you discuss how Importify’s product description editor enhances online store listings?

Moshe – The editor allows users to easily modify product descriptions imported from suppliers. This includes changing text, formatting, and even adding or removing content to better align with the store’s branding and tone. By enabling the customization of product descriptions, Importify’s editor helps in improving the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the products.

Additionally, we offer a new feature called “custom description.” This feature adds another layer of customization. When you add products to your online store, they usually come with basic, generic descriptions. But with this feature, you can transform these descriptions by adding more engaging details, making them sound more appealing, and ensuring they fit the unique style of your store.

Pricing Strategies for Dropshippers

SBS – What strategies does Importify recommend for setting competitive yet profitable pricing?

Moshe – Importify helps ecommerce entrepreneurs nail down pricing in a few key ways.

First, it suggests doing homework to research pricing across suppliers and competitors to make market decisions.

Second, Importify provides profit margin calculations that reveal how much room there is to make money after costs.

Third, the tool enables merchants to create and adjust pricing based on what target customer segments will pay.

Simplifying Order Fulfillment

SBS – How does Importify streamline the order fulfillment process, especially for beginners in dropshipping?

Moshe – When you receive an order in your online store, Importify, through the AliExpress API, automatically fills in the necessary product details (like size, color, or any other variant) and the customer’s shipping information on the AliExpress checkout page. This automation significantly simplifies the process, making it much faster and more error-free.

Success Stories

SBS – Can you share success stories or case studies of businesses that grew significantly using Importify?

Moshe – Back in 2021, Shopify recognized the value of Importify by offering it to all new customers who open a Shopify store.

Importify has been featured multiple times on the homepages of both the Shopify App Store and Wix App Marketplace in 2022 and 2023.

Investopedia has recognized us as the “Best Overall Dropshipping Company for 2023.”

Future Developments at Importify

SBS – What features are in development for Importify, and how will they improve the user experience?

Moshe – We’re always working on new stuff at Importify to make life easier for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Two big things we have cooking right now are AI to find hot products and AI to create killer listings.

First, we’re developing this deep research tool that uses the latest AI to analyze what’s trending and what shoppers are buying. This will help you quickly spot profitable products to sell — super important when things move fast in dropshipping. So with data-backed insights from our tech, you can keep your store stocked with stuff people want to buy right now.

Second, we’re working on AI that can just take a product and spin up awesome listings for it — think perfect titles and great descriptions, all optimized to attract buyers. This will save you a ton of work writing listings yourself. Our AI will crank out listings that not only sound fantastic but also catch the eyes of search engines so your products get seen by more potential customers.

Basically, we’re using AI in new ways to set up Importify members with trending inventory and compelling listings. We know the e-commerce game moves fast, so our aim is to get the latest tech in your hands to keep business booming. Stay tuned for more!

Business Scaling and Expansion Tips

SBS – How does Importify support its users in scaling their businesses and expanding their product range?

Moshe – At Importify, we’re all about helping you grow your e-commerce biz and make more sales. I wanted to break down some of the key ways we’ve got your back as you scale up your product range and take things to the next level.

We’re constantly scouting out new dropshipping suppliers and adding them to the Importify marketplace, so you have the widest selection of trending products to choose from.

We’re like your personal shopper, continuously finding fresh dropshipping sources so you can easily import what’s hot right now. More trending products that sell = faster growth for your biz without the inventory hassle!

Importify’s upcoming features, leveraging AI for market research and analysis, will provide users with valuable insights into trending products and consumer demands. We want to make dropshipping easy by supplying you with viral product intel automatically. This way, you can focus on selling instead of guessing. It’s like having a personal shopper who knows exactly what’s about to blow up!

Importify provides robust customer support and has a comprehensive knowledge base, which is vital for assisting users in troubleshooting and learning best practices for e-commerce. This support ensures that users can effectively utilize all the features of Importify to grow their business.

Future Trends in Dropshipping

SBS – What trends do you foresee in the dropshipping industry, and how is Importify preparing for these changes?

Moshe – This is what I think will be big in dropshipping:

  • Faster delivery. As customers expect quicker fulfillment, dropshippers will need reliable suppliers who can ship products out fast. Building partnerships with these speedy suppliers will be key
  • White label products. Some dropshippers may start creating and branding their own exclusive product lines. While more work, having your own products allows for better margins and distinction

We (importify) are working on new features and education that will empower our customers to adapt to these changes.

  • We are expanding our global supplier network in order to offer users faster shipping times
  • We are expanding product offerings into more niche markets where less competition exists
  • We are building social commerce capabilities by integrating channels like TikTok or Instagram shopping

Choosing the Right Dropshipping Products

SBS – For someone just starting out, what are the key factors to consider when choosing products to dropship?

Moshe – When first selecting dropship products, it’s smart to look for proven best-sellers in your niche with strong existing demand while still validating quality and suppliers yourself — order samples to vet shipping times and check good profit margins over $10 per item after all fees. The sweet spot is finding related untapped micro-niches in that broader category that have solid customer interest but far less competition from other sellers, positioning yourself to dominate that specialized space with excellent yet unique products.

Advice for Founders Entering Dropshipping Business

SBS – Finally, what advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to enter the dropshipping business?

Moshe – This is what I recommend:

  • Research your target customers so you can select the right products and marketing approaches
  • Carefully vet suppliers on platforms like AliExpress to ensure good quality and reliable shipping
  • Use automation tools to simplify product imports, inventory, and order processing. This streamlines operations
  • Create a professional online store and optimize for SEO to drive traffic. Leverage social media marketing
  • Provide excellent customer service with transparent policies and prompt issue resolution to build trust and retention
  • Continuously educate yourself on ecommerce and dropshipping best practices. Adapt your strategies to stay current
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs to learn from their experience and insights


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Importify’s Blueprint for Dropshipping Success