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How Mediumchat Balances Technology and Spirituality

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How Mediumchat Balances Technology and Spirituality

In this interview, we speak with Amy Bos, the co-founder and COO of Mediumchat.co.uk. With her unique perspective as a leader in the online spiritual service industry, Amy offers a behind-the-scenes look at running a successful platform that connects individuals with experienced psychics and mediums. Readers can expect to gain valuable insights into the challenges, innovations, and future of online spiritual consulting.

Inspiration and Uniqueness of Mediumchat

SBS – What inspired the creation of Mediumchat.co.uk, and how does it stand out in the spiritual service market?

Amy – Since childhood, I’ve felt a close connection to the spiritual realm and a need to enlighten others. So, it was a natural progression for me to turn my passion into a business.

Gifted individuals working in this field typically have a client base limited by their location. I wanted to change this, expanding their reach and empowering them to help as many people as possible. Launching Mediumchat, a psychic chat platform, did just that, creating a safe space not limited by location.

What sets us a part in the spiritual service market is our team. We’ve taken a more down-to-earth approach. Although our core product relates to the spiritual service market, we’ve carefully hired based on skills rather than focussing on a fully spiritual team. Hiring top talent to power our platform and continually upgrading it to meet tomorrows’ needs has been invaluable and has played a huge role in where we are today.

Quality Assurance in Psychic Services

SBS – How do you ensure the quality and credibility of the psychics and mediums on your platform?

Amy – Much like traditional roles, we vet all our candidates. But, with psychics and mediums, there is an extra layer beyond what we see on paper or through references. Each candidate goes through a series of tests with our team, giving readings and demonstrating their gifts and talents. Each successful candidate will have proven their abilities and shown outstanding communication abilities.

Technology Meets Spirituality

SBS – Can you describe the process of integrating technology with spiritual services on your platform?

Amy – We have to put a lot of effort into making it seamless. We meticulously plan each upgrade or change to improve the platform without adding extra layers for our clients or spiritualists. For our spiritual team, we go through the tech side during on boarding. This has proven invaluable not only for their training, but for their feedback. We’ve received some amazing suggestions from new hires, ones that have simplified the team dash.

Confidentiality in Online Readings

SBS – How do you maintain confidentiality and security in online psychic readings?

Amy – All our online psychic readings on our platform are secure and confidential. We’re serious about our clients’ privacy, never sharing info with third parties and ensuring they can maintain anonymity throughout. Our clients trust us and we are 100% transparent about valuing their privacy.

Overcoming Challenges in the Spiritual Service Industry

SBS – What challenges did you face in establishing an online platform for psychic services, and how did you overcome them?

Amy – Good question. The biggest challenge we faced in establishing an online platform for psychic services was creating a balance. The tech side is super important, but the spiritual side is very nuanced. Getting the teams together to hash out what would work for both was frustrating to start, as neither had an understanding of the other work. We launched our own mentorship program, which married up a junior tech with a senior spiritualist and vice versa throughout our ranks. This really helped the teams build and start to work as one rather than in totally different directions. It was awesome to be a part of.

Cultural Diversity in Spiritual Consultations

SBS – How do you cater to a diverse range of customers with different spiritual and cultural backgrounds?

Amy – We’ve got a crew together that offers full-card spiritualist services. We’re not restricted by location or language so our clients can marry their own needs with the right spiritualist.

Marketing Strategies for Psychic Services

SBS – What strategies have been most effective in attracting and retaining users on Mediumchat.co.uk?

Amy – We really listen, actively seeking out what our users want and working hard to implement changes where possible. One comment that we see time and again from our regular users is that they love our consistency. They’ve come to expect a level of service, and they know that we’ll deliver. Our team is so important to us and we’ve gone to great lengths to max out our talent retention rate. So, our spiritualists tend to stay with us long-term.

Measuring Success and Impact in Spiritual Services

SBS – How do you measure the success and impact of your services on your clients?

Amy – We look at customer retention and referrals along with feedback. For us, the fact our customers stay with us as a business and use our services time and again shows the positive impact we’re having. Getting messages from clients helps us understand how well we are doing. We track feedback, and that’s the most important tool for measuring the success of our services.

The Role of Customer Feedback

SBS – What role do customer reviews and feedback play in your business model?

Amy – Feedback shapes our business model and strategy. At the end of the day, if our customers want to see something, we’ll do our best to factor that into our strategy. We’ve adapted our platform based on feedback and will continue to evolve based on what our users ultimately want to see.

The Evolution of Online Psychic Services

SBS – How do you see the future of online psychic and spiritual services evolving?

Amy – Like the entire digital landscape, online psychic and spiritual services are evolving fast. Unlike other spaces, AI will not play such a big role apart from simplifying coding, of course. However, with the advances in tech, I can see VR being a big thing in the medium-term.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Spiritual Wellness

SBS – What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the spiritual or wellness industry?

Amy – You really don’t need to be within the industry already to start up a business in this industry. There’s still loads of room for new businesses, and by doing your research, you can find a niche that works for you. I’d always advise choosing a specific niche within the industry and building from there rather than taking a broader approach.

Upcoming Features and Expansion Plans

SBS – Are there any upcoming features or expansions planned for Mediumchat.co.uk that you can share?

Amy – There’s lots in the pipeline right now, and we’ve really taken feedback from our clients on board. Mainly, there will be updates that will make the overall user experience even smoother.


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How Mediumchat Balances Technology and Spirituality