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From Challenges to Coaching: Dielle Charon’s Inspiring Path

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From Challenges to Coaching: Dielle Charon’s Inspiring Path

From facing racial bias as a social worker to spearheading trauma-informed coaching, Dielle Charon’s story stands as a beacon of resilience and empowerment. As the mind behind Dielle Charon Coaching and acclaimed programs like Six Figure Liberation and Five Figure Freedom, her mission is clear: to empower women of color towards financial and personal freedom.

Dielle Charon

With a firm stance against societal barriers such as white supremacy and patriarchy, Dielle combines innovative sales strategies and mindset shifts to foster generational change. Dive into our conversation as we explore her transformative journey, her strategies for success, and her unwavering commitment to making a difference.

Dive in to get inspired by Dielle Charon’s transformative journey.

Business Journey and Inspirations

SBS – Can you share the story of how your business journey began? What inspired you to start it?

Dielle – I was working as a social worker, experiencing a lot of racism and not making enough money to even pay my student loans. I started researching other options and landed in the coaching industry. I became inspired to lead a trauma-informed coaching business, combining my social work skills and my new business.

Brand Identity

SBS – Choosing the right name for a business is crucial. How did you come up with the name for your brand, and what significance does it hold?

Dielle – My overall business is Dielle Charon Coaching, but the programs I’m known for are Six Figure Liberation and Five Figure Freedom. My business is all about making sure to empower women of color to find the freedom they desire and build their businesses, too.

Initial Funding and Unique Financing

SBS – Starting a business often requires capital. How did you fund your business initially, and did you explore any unique financing options?

Dielle – I funded my business by working my 9–5. My business was a side hustle past making $300k a year. This really helped me to start my business peacefully.

Market Differentiation

SBS – How do you differentiate your products/services in your market?

Dielle – I differentiate them by having a powerful Movement that people really connect to and feel inspired by.

A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur

SBS – As an entrepreneur, what does a typical day look like for you?

Dielle – I wake up and self-coach myself to make sure that I am ready for the day. I check in with my teams and either coach or work on projects. I also take breaks for hobbies like hip-hop and barre. I love stopping to cuddle my dog as well, and I really make sure that I protect my energy.

Impactful Strategies and Mindset Shifts

SBS – The focus on “high-converting sales strategies” and “generational changing mindset work” is interesting. Could you elaborate on one strategy or mindset shift that has made a profound impact on your clients?

Dielle – In high-converting sales strategies, we talk about a treatment plan. I want my clients to really be listening during a sales call and building connection and trust. Then, they develop a treatment plan to help them uniquely. Perfecting this art is key. This is why my social work background comes into play, as you had to do a similar thing with your cases. 

Another strategy would be teaching my clients to be in their money and how to have a CEO mindset around it. They need to start acting like the CEO they want to scale to. 

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Online Coaching

SBS – For those just starting out in online coaching, what are the top three mistakes you often see them make, and how can they avoid or overcome them?

Dielle – I find that many make these mistakes:

  • Attempting to be on every platform. Choose one marketing platform at first. This can be Instagram, LinkedIn, or whatever serves your skills best. If you’re really good with the camera, Instagram may be the fit. I see people trying to do them all, and all are weak. Master one and your messaging first, then branch out! 
  • Selling too many offers — I see them come in and try to sell a bunch of stuff. I recommend sticking to an offer and getting really good at selling that. I always recommend 1:1 coaching first. You are learning your coaching and your selling skills with this strategy. 
  • Launching a group program first — Launching a group first is hard. You want to start with 1:1 so that you can learn the coaching and selling skills. 

Building a Supportive Community

SBS – Building a community is crucial in any online venture. How have you nurtured and fostered a supportive community around your brand?

Dielle – My community is full of people who know my movement and connect to it. We are all passionate about women of color finding freedom. This connection through movement and my story really brings that community. 

Staying Relevant in a Digital Landscape

SBS – In a world with evolving technology and changing digital landscapes, how do you ensure your online coaching methods remain current and relevant?

Dielle – I am always learning. I’m enrolling in programs. I am being coached, too. I am researching. I protect my time so that I can stay fresh and analyze my data as well as learn from others. I just spent time completely overhauling my entire curriculum as it adapts to the current day. 

Success Story: Embodying the Mission

SBS – You mentioned “dismantling white supremacy, the patriarchy, and societal norms” as a core mission of your business. Can you share a success story where one of your clients truly embodied this mission?

Dielle – I see so many clients doing this. They come from racist jobs and begin coaching as a side hustle. Today, they have freedom in their business to be treated well. They have freedom in the clients they take on. They have freedom financially as they make more than they imagined. They have freedom in their rest time. I see some able to give money to family members. I see single moms who are now raising their babies in freedom and peace from this business they started. 

At the end of this enlightening interview, we encourage you to connect with Dielle Charon and continue the conversation. Find her on Instagram and YouTube. Dive deeper into her insights and join her ever-growing community.


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From Challenges to Coaching: Dielle Charon’s Inspiring Path