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How David Pressler’s SafeDomes Are Changing Disaster Preparedness

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How David Pressler’s SafeDomes Are Changing Disaster Preparedness

In the heart of every innovator beats the drum of change, a relentless pursuit to transform the status quo into something remarkable. Today, we talk with a man whose heartbeat is a thunderous call for safety and sustainability in the face of nature’s most ferocious outbursts. David Pressler, the intrepid founder of SafeDomes, carries the torch of ingenuity in the realm of disaster preparedness.

From the chaos of Hurricane Andrew emerged a vision that became the bedrock for SafeDomes — a company dedicated to crafting portable, tornado-proof sanctuaries that promise security amidst the tempest. With the tenacity of a firefighter, which he once was, and the precision of a skilled engineer he has become, Pressler has not only redefined the meaning of a safe home but also challenged the very conventions of building in hurricane-prone geographies.

Join us as we delve into the journey of David Pressler and his mission to shield lives with his innovative SafeDomes.

The Genesis of SafeDomes

SBS – Can you share the story behind the creation of your business, SafeDomes, and what inspired you to start offering portable, tornado-proof structures?

David – As a firefighter for Miami-Dade County, Florida, during Hurricane Andrew, I witnessed the dire need for more robust safe rooms and sturdier home constructions. This experience led me to design and build what is now the only portable bunker storm shelter in America, which we call SafeDomes. They are the only portable bunkers/storm shelters in America certified by Miami-Dade County and the Department of Defense. Engineered to withstand winds in excess of 200 mph, they require no anchoring.

Ensuring Tornado-Proof Reliability

SBS – Your business offers a unique product in the market. How do you ensure that your structures are truly tornado-proof, and what kind of testing or certifications do they go through?

David – As mentioned, SafeDomes have undergone rigorous testing and received certification from both Miami-Dade County and the Department of Defense to ensure their resilience against severe storms.

Educating Customers

SBS – Managing a business that deals with disaster preparedness must be challenging. How do you educate your customers about the importance of having a tornado-proof structure on their property?

David – With the increasing frequency of storms and their resulting devastation, it’s not difficult to convey the significance of owning a safe room. The fact that it can save lives, double as storage, and is a single lifetime purchase makes it a compelling investment for many.

David Pressler

Reaching the Right Audience

SBS – Given that you offer a niche product, how do you approach marketing and advertising to reach your target audience effectively?

David – We believe every facet of society could benefit from a tornado and disaster-proof storage facility. For over six years, DRD Enterprises Inc. of Davie has been using social media to find a person or company interested in becoming wealthy by leaving a legacy, although we’ve yet to see results.

Quonset Hut Homes: The Ultimate Tornado-Proof Solution

SBS – Can you explain the advantages of using Quonset Hut homes as a tornado-proof solution and why a customer should consider this option over traditional housing?

David – There is no recorded instance of a metal Quonset Hut being damaged by a tornado in the USA. Unlike traditional construction methods, a Quonset Hut home can be made tornado-proof in just a week.

The Insurance Perspective

SBS – Insurance is a significant consideration when it comes to homes and safety. Can you elaborate on why your customers might not require home insurance when they purchase your products?

David – DRD Enterprises Inc. of Davie offers financing options that do not require home insurance, as conventional banks do. By declaring a home tornado-proof, it contradicts the need to mandate home insurance.

Customer Satisfaction

SBS – Customer service is crucial in any business. How do you ensure that your customers are satisfied with their purchase, and what kind of support do you provide post-installation?

David – We immediately address any issues that arise with each project. This proactive approach fosters trust and ensures customer satisfaction.

Expertise in Disaster Preparedness

SBS – Your business is highly specialized. How did you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to create these tornado-proof structures?

David – My journey began in 1980 when I started building monolithic concrete dome homes in Loxahatchee, Florida, which were tornado-proof. From that knowledge, I was able to design the SafeDomes, which are 8-ton structures, 10 feet in diameter and 9 feet high.

Overcoming Challenges

SBS – What challenges have you faced while running Safe Domes, and how have you overcome them to sustain and grow your business?

David – We faced a setback in Arcadia, Florida, where a certified aquafarm I bought to transition into a solar-powered fish farm was halted by DeSoto County due to a cease farm development order. This wrongful action violated two Florida laws, and despite the lack of evidence of any wrongdoing on our part, the state officials sided against DRD Enterprises Inc. of Davie. It took us seven years to recover from this incident. However, we are now offering tornado-proof metal Quonset Hut homes in Florida and continue to sell the only portable bunker in America.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

SBS – Sustainability is a hot topic in today’s world. Are your products environmentally friendly, and what measures do you take to minimize the ecological impact of your structures?

David – Our products are incredibly sustainable. They use no wood, and once Quonset Hut homes are encapsulated with foam insulation, they will produce more energy than they consume, thanks to hybrid systems. Being tornado-proof, they also save millions in disaster rebuilding and lives.

Future Endeavors

SBS – Looking towards the future, do you have any plans for expanding your product line or entering new markets? What can we expect to see from Safe Domes in the coming years?

David – Recently, we’ve been approached by 501(c)(3) nonprofits seeking low-cost housing solutions, which Quonset Huts provide. With the rising cost of home insurance, home buyers are increasingly considering Quonset Huts as a viable solution.


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How David Pressler’s SafeDomes Are Changing Disaster Preparedness