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368 Craft Business Name Ideas

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Carolyn Young is a business writer who focuses on entrepreneurial concepts and the business formation. She has over 25 years of experience in business roles, and has authored several entrepreneurship textbooks.

368 Craft Business Name Ideas

If you’re starting a craft business, congratulations! You have an exciting and creative journey ahead. You also have a host of decisions to make, and choosing the perfect business name is at the top.

The name will be the first impression people will have of your craft business, so you should think carefully and do a lot of research when creating it.

Choosing a winning name is not always easy, but luckily, you’ll find valuable tips and suggestions in this handy guide.

Craft Business Name Generator

We’ve done some work and come up with some business name suggestions for your craft business. The names are divided into categories so that you can choose a name that paints the best picture of your brand’s personality.


  1. Knotical
  2. Embellit
  3. Vinyluxe
  4. Beadazzle
  5. Claychemy
  6. Sparkleware
  7. Feltastic
  8. Gemify
  9. Laceify
  10. Woodle
  11. SilkSpire
  12. Knit Wits Creations
  13. Glue & Giggles Workshop
  14. Beadazzling Designs
  15. Stitched Up Delights
  16. Claymates Studio
  17. Painted Whisk Creations
  18. Threadful Thinking
  19. Purlfectly Crafted
  20. Knot Your Average Crafts
  21. Plaid to the Bone
  22. Painted Posi-Tea-Vity
  23. Whisk It Real Good Crafts
  24. Gourd-geous Creations
  25. Glitz ‘n’ Glue Galore
  26. Tied and True Crafts
  27. Yarn It All Together
  28. Bead-azzled Creations
  29. Pots of Possibilities


  1. ArtiZen
  2. Artifex
  3. Obscura
  4. BeadBounce
  5. WispWeave
  6. EclectiCraft
  7. EmbelliCraft
  8. Aurum Artistry
  9. Fable Fibers
  10. PeculiArtistry
  11. Craft Syndicate
  12. Moonlit Mosaics
  13. Stellar Stitches
  14. Enchantique
  15. Moonlit Metals Art
  16. Ember & Ivy Studio
  17. Astral Assemblage
  18. CurioThread Studio
  19. Chroma Chisel Creations
  20. Steampunk Sculpt Studios
  21. Golden Thread Guild


  1. Craftopia
  2. Weaveit
  3. Silk & Soul
  4. Yarn Yard
  5. ClayCraze
  6. Rustle & Bustle
  7. Pots ‘n Paints
  8. VarnishVanish
  9. ChiselWhistle
  10. PotteryPoetry
  11. Wink & Pink
  12. WireFire
  13. Glaze ‘n Grace
  14. CraftyVerse
  15. Stitch ‘n Switch
  16. Mystic Makers
  17. Stamp ‘n Stencil
  18. Knit ‘n Natter Nest
  19. Bubbles and Baubles
  20. Ember & Earth Crafts


  1. GlitzCraft
  2. PompArt
  3. FizzFlair
  4. GalaGlow
  5. MingleMarvel
  6. GalaGlamour
  7. RazzleRave
  8. SparkSway
  9. EnigmaEvent
  10. FizzFlame
  11. GalaGleam
  12. BlitzBash
  13. Sparkles and Splatters
  14. Glitter Gala Crafts
  15. Crafty Carnival Collective
  16. Sparkle & Spin Soirees
  17. Fiesta Fizz Crafts
  18. Stardust Spectacle
  19. Luxe Loom Parties
  20. Cosmic Canvas Celebrations
  21. Mystique Mingle
  22. Plush Palette Parties
  23. Majestic Mirage
  24. Celestial Cascade Crafts

DIY Delights for Creative Moms

  1. GemstoneMoms
  2. Mommy Craftique
  3. ArtisanMama
  4. CreativeMatriX
  5. MoonlitMama Creations
  6. ArtfulMom
  7. CraftyMama
  8. WhimsyWonders by Mom
  9. Mom’s Magic Atelier
  10. MatriArt Innovations
  11. MakerMatriX Studio
  12. MomCrafted Marvels
  13. BellaMom
  14. MommyMade
  15. MuseMama
  16. SparkMatriX Crafts
  17. Mompreneur Marvels
  18. Mama’s Mosaic Haven
  19. Mom’s Mosaic Magic
  20. WhimsiMom Creations


  1. Glitz & Graft 
  2. WhimsiStitch
  3. EclecticJive
  4. QuirkyStitch
  5. FrolicFusion
  6. Artisanal Alchemy
  7. Rustic Revive
  8. Threaded Fables
  9. Gilded Gnomes Workshop
  10. Driftwood Dreams
  11. Ember & Knot
  12. Stardust Sculptures
  13. Sparkle & Spindle
  14. Quirky Quilts
  15. Enchanted Inkscape


  1. BeadBeat
  2. GemNest
  3. LuxaCraft
  4. EvolveGems
  5. EtherealGlow
  6. AdornAura
  7. BijouBliss
  8. OpalineEdge
  9. NovaGem
  10. TrinketTune
  11. EnchantJewels
  12. Solara Glow
  13. Chuckles and Charms
  14. Peculiar Pendants
  15. Gemstone Whimsy
  16. Azure Adornments
  17. Mystical Metalworks
  18. Seraphic Stones
  19. Ethereal Ornaments
  20. Charm ‘n Chain Creations


  1. Knotworks
  2. Storied Crafts
  3. Lasting Impressions
  4. Masterful Makings
  5. Perpetual Creations
  6. Enduring Artistry
  7. Endless Innovations
  8. Heritage Handmade
  9. Creative Legacy
  10. EtherealCreations
  11. GossamerCrafts
  12. Vintage Vortex
  13. Enchanted Echoes
  14. Celestial Stitches
  15. Verdant Visions
  16. Nectarine Notions
  17. Ember & Anvil Atelier


  1. RustiQuill
  2. TimberCraft
  3. WildRoots
  4. RusticWares
  5. StoneForge
  6. MeadowCrafts
  7. BirchBounty
  8. WillowGrove
  9. HomesteadArt
  10. CreekSide
  11. HearthStone
  12. MossyCraze
  13. Farmsteaded
  14. TwiggyCraft
  15. GrittyCharm
  16. LeafyLoom
  17. FolkloreFinesse
  18. RusticReverie
  19. Pine Cottage Crafts
  20. WillowWay Designs
  21. Stone and Twig Studio
  22. Barnwood Creations
  23. RusticCharm Artisans
  24. CabinCrafters Co
  25. Horseshoe Heritage
  26. Maple Lane Atelier
  27. Rustic Revival
  28. Rustic Renditions
  29. RusticVibes Creations


  1. ArtiFusion
  2. TerraTint
  3. AzureArt
  4. CraftedUp
  5. CraftWave
  6. MakerHub
  7. UrbanGem
  8. PixelArt
  9. ThriveCraft
  10. LuxeMosaic
  11. StellarGrove
  12. NovaCraft
  13. Artisan Nexus
  14. KaleidoCraft
  15. Kinetic Kreationz
  16. Mosaic Moxie
  17. UrbanAlchemy
  18. SolsticeSculptures
  19. KineticFusion Art
  20. LuminaryLooms
  21. Amber Aegis Crafts
  22. PrismPulse Creations
  23. NomadNest Creations


  1. FestiCraft
  2. MerryCraft
  3. CraftyCheer
  4. HolidayMagic
  5. CheerfulCreations
  6. JollyCrafters
  7. MerryMakers
  8. Festive Creations Co.
  9. WinterWonder Crafts
  10. JoyfulArtisan Studios
  11. SparkleScribe Crafts
  12. JollyJewels Creations
  13. Yuletide Treasures Workshop
  14. HollyHandmade Haven
  15. Enchanting Ember Crafts
  16. Snowflake Spark Studios
  17. StarryNight Artisans
  18. Tidings & Trinkets
  19. CozyCrafter Corner
  20. Glimmering Gifts Galore


  1. DaintyCraft
  2. SweetStitch
  3. PoppetCraft
  4. LoomLove
  5. SparkleSprout
  6. FuzzyFeathers
  7. GlimmerGrove
  8. BittyBlossom
  9. SnugSnippets
  10. Dazzle Dust
  11. Sprinkle Spark
  12. Peculiar Crafters
  13. Starry Stitchery Studio
  14. Little Luxuries Lagune
  15. Sunny Sculpt Studio
  16. Colorful Critter Crafts
  17. Petal Pal Creations


  1. EdenCraft
  2. Craft Noir
  3. MuseCraft
  4. GlamCrafted
  5. ChicCraftery
  6. RegalCreations
  7. VerveCrafts
  8. PoshCrafted
  9. Crafted Elegance
  10. Artisanal Elements
  11. Thread & Timber
  12. Velvet Vignettes
  13. Silver Silk Designs
  14. Golden Glimmer Atelier
  15. Opal Oak Artistry
  16. Serene Stitchery
  17. Ethereal Elegance Crafts
  18. Petal & Palette
  19. Sapphire Sparrow Creations


  1. Gulf Coast Gathers
  2. New England Needlecraft
  3. Midwest Whimsy Works
  4. Desert Oasis Crafts
  5. Sunrise Shores Crafts
  6. Central Plains Creations
  7. Cascade Crafts Collective
  8. Bayou Blends Boutique
  9. Cityscape Artistry
  10. Valley Forge Craft Collective
  11. Sunset Boulevard Creators
  12. Coastal Crafts Haven
  13. Urban Charm Artisans
  14. PrairieCraft Studios
  15. Seaside Treasures Crafts
  16. MountainCraft Emporium

Handmade Craft Ideas

  1. Upcycle
  2. Cre8tive
  3. Craftsy
  4. CraftNest
  5. ArtfulEdge
  6. Quillify
  7. Clayful
  8. Weavejoy
  9. HandmadeHQ
  10. The Crafty Collective
  11. Homestead Handcrafts
  12. CraftedCuriosities
  13. Creative Corner Studio
  14. Imagine & Inspire Crafts
  15. Crafty Comet Creations
  16. Artful Endeavors Workshop


  1. BloomCraft
  2. Artisanella
  3. CraftZen
  4. VelvetVine
  5. Enchantella
  6. Cosmic Creations
  7. Offbeat Origins
  8. Raven & Rose Creations
  9. Gleaming Gems
  10. Clay Canvas
  11. Feathered Fancies
  12. Blossom & Bough
  13. Woodland Whispers
  14. Eccentric Elegance
  15. Geode Glow
  16. Bead Boulevard
  17. Enchanting Elements

Paper or Stationery

  1. Papyrus
  2. QuillCraft
  3. Craftistry
  4. Calligra
  5. ScrollCraft
  6. Elegantia
  7. Marquetry
  8. Folio
  9. Quill & Scroll Atelier
  10. Graceful Paper Whispers
  11. The Enchanted Stationer
  12. Blossom Paper Boutique
  13. Paper Trail Treasures
  14. Papercraftify
  15. Paper Petals
  16. PoshPapercrafts
  17. Sparkling Paper Alchemy
  18. Velvet Ribbon Creations
  19. Ink & Imprint Studios
  20. Crafted Paper Elegance
  21. Artisanal Stationery Co.
  22. Papyrus Dreams Workshop
  23. Paper Palette Crafts


  1. BohoChic
  2. BohoBloom
  3. EclecticNook
  4. BohoCrafted
  5. HippieHandcraft
  6. WhimsiWoven
  7. WildWeave
  8. WanderWeave
  9. BohoBlossoms
  10. DreamcatchCrafts
  11. EarthyTreasures
  12. WildFlower Weaves
  13. ZenBoho Designs
  14. BohoDream Crafts
  15. GypsySoul Creations
  16. EarthyVibes Artisan
  17. FreeSpirit Studios
  18. Wanderlust Creations
  19. MysticTide Crafts
  20. SoulfulStitchery
  21. Sunbeam Serenades
  22. FeatheredDreams Crafts

How to Choose a Name for Your Craft Business

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing your craft business name.

1. Check Name Availability

When you come up with name options, you’ll want to make sure they’re available and stand out from competitor names.

You can easily check if a name is available by looking it up on your state’s Secretary of State’s website. The search will also show similar names so you can verify your name is unique in your state.

Also, go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website to see if the name is trademarked.

2. Check Your State’s Business Name Regulations

Each state has rules regarding business names, often restricting words such as “bank” or “university.” Some states have stricter rules than others; for example, Michigan has a long list of prohibited words. You should be able to find your state’s rules on the Secretary of State’s website.

Upon creating an LLC, it’s mandatory to have either ‘LLC’, ‘limited liability company’, or ‘limited liability’ as part of its official name. This ensures clarity and compliance with naming conventions for such entities.

3. Choose a Name with Relevance

Your name should be relevant to your craft products or services and reflect your business mission. Often, if you write down a description of your brand identity, you’ll come up with words that have the potential to be used in your business name.

4. Keep It Simple

Your name should be easy to say so that it’s more memorable. It should also be easy to spell so that people can search for your craft business online. 

5. Short and Unique

Short, unique, and catchy names tend to stand out. Think Google, which is so catchy and unique that it’s become a verb!

6. Get Feedback

Family and friends can give you an outside perspective on your craft business name. They can offer suggestions and give you feedback on the names you have in mind.

7. Allow for Expansion

If you think of a future expansion into new product or service lines, you shouldn’t choose a business name that’s too narrow. For example, “Pete’s Paper Craft” is much more limiting than “Pete’s Craft.”

Your business name should also have timeless appeal. Don’t try to capture a trend — trends continuously change, and you don’t want a name that could become outdated. 

8. .com is the Best

Domain names ending in .com tend to reflect more credibility than alternatives. That’s why you should check if the .com domain name is available for your chosen name. To save some time, you can use our Domain Name Search Tool. It’ll help you find an available website name and get the perfect domain name for your business.

9. Use Keywords to Boost SEO

You’ll want your name to be SEO-friendly to boost your organic search engine rankings. Think about what potential customers might search for (for example, “DIY,” “Handmade,” or “Crafts”) and include them in your business name and website.

10. How Does it Sound?

Say the name out loud to see how it rolls off the tongue. Is it pleasant? Does it evoke positivity? You’d be surprised how different a name sounds when you say it compared to when you think it. 

11. Appeal to Emotions

Names that evoke positive emotions can create a connection with your target customers. You want them to feel good about your craft business.


Should I choose a name that directly relates to the type of crafts I create?

While it’s not necessary, a name that gives a hint about your craft niche can help potential customers understand what you offer.

Can I use my own name for my craft business?

Yes, using your name can give a personal touch to your brand, especially if you are the face of your business. Just ensure it resonates with your craft style.

Should I include location-based elements in my craft business name?

It depends on your business goals. Including a location can signal a local focus, but it might limit potential expansion opportunities.

Should I consider cultural or regional elements in my craft business name?

Cultural or regional elements can add uniqueness and authenticity to your name if they align with your craft.

Can I change my craft business name in the future if I want to rebrand?

Yes, you can. However, keep in mind that this might involve legal steps, such as registering a new business name and updating marketing materials.

368 Craft Business Name Ideas