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391 Coffee Shop Name Ideas

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Carolyn Young is a business writer who focuses on entrepreneurial concepts and the business formation. She has over 25 years of experience in business roles, and has authored several entrepreneurship textbooks.

391 Coffee Shop Name Ideas

If you’re starting a coffee shop business, congratulations! You have an exciting journey ahead. You also have a host of decisions to make, and one of the most important is choosing your business name. 

Your name will be the first impression people will have of your coffee business, so your decision should be carefully considered.

Choosing a winning name is not always easy, but luckily, you’ll find valuable tips and suggestions in this handy guide.

Coffee Shop Business Name Generator

We’ve done some work and come up with some business name suggestions for your coffee shop. They’re divided into categories so that you can choose a name that fits your brand’s personality.


  1. Brewed Bliss Café
  2. Brewzen
  3. Caffeinique
  4. Steamy Serenity Coffee House
  5. Perk Haven
  6. Mug Magic Roastery
  7. Beanstalk Bistro
  8. Caffeine Canvas
  9. Espresso Enchantment
  10. Cup & Cozy
  11. Roast Reverie
  12. The Daily Grind
  13. Frothy Forest Café
  14. Sipstir
  15. Sip & Savor Station
  16. Mocha Moonlight Café
  17. Latte Lullaby Lounge
  18. Rustic Roast Retreat
  19. Pourover Paradise


  1. The Coffee Beanery
  2. Java Junction
  3. Central Perk
  4. Sipsters
  5. CaféNoir
  6. Espresso Express
  7. Mocha Delight
  8. Beanery
  9. Bean Street Café
  10. Brewed Awakening
  11. Coffee Haven
  12. Cappuccino Corner
  13. Perk Up Café
  14. Grounds & Beans
  15. Cuppa Joe Café
  16. Roastery & Co.
  17. PerkUp
  18. CaffeineCo
  19. The Bean Counter
  20. Café Arabica
  21. Java House Classics
  22. Coffee Central


  1. Rustiq
  2. Chilluxe
  3. Hiptide
  4. Urban Grind Collective
  5. Bean & Bicycle Roastery
  6. Steamship
  7. Perkwise
  8. Gourmetroast
  9. The Rustic Roasthouse
  10. Quirky Quaffs Café
  11. The Cozy Chemex
  12. Vintique
  13. Retro Brew Revival
  14. Vintage Vibe Café
  15. Indie Espresso Lounge
  16. Vinyl & Venti
  17. Crafted Cup Collective
  18. Pour Over Pioneers
  19. The Whimsical Whisk
  20. Sustainable Sips Studio
  21. Local Blend Laboratory
  22. Kombucha & Kaffeine
  23. Hippy Hoppy Coffee Hub


  1. Perkville
  2. Aromaze
  3. Mugnify
  4. Perk & Sip
  5. Steamy Mornings
  6. Morning Buzz Cafe
  7. Cuppa Comfort
  8. Aroma Haven
  9. Mocha Mojo Haven
  10. Caffeine Oasis
  11. Perk & Pour Cafe
  12. Cafe Aromatica
  13. Roast and Revive
  14. Mug Muse
  15. SipSwell
  16. CuppaJoy
  17. Roast & Relax
  18. The Beanery
  19. Beanstream


  1. Espressojo
  2. Perkology
  3. BuzzMuse
  4. Cool Beans Café
  5. Espressivo
  6. GrindScape
  7. Iced & Infused
  8. Chill Vibes Coffee Co.
  9. Urban Sipsters
  10. Velvet Espresso Lounge
  11. The Roast Republic
  12. Coffee Oasis
  13. Cool Caffeination
  14. Slick Sips Coffeehouse
  15. The Froth Factory
  16. Arctic Grind
  17. Swanky Sipster Spot
  18. Liquid Elegance
  19. Café Noir
  20. Café Zenith
  21. Arctic Bean Blend
  22. Mod Cup Creations
  23. The Chilled Mug Café


  1. Brewsville
  2. Buzztopia
  3. Beanorama
  4. Frothology
  5. Perkopolis
  6. Brewed to Perfection
  7. Jitterbug Java Joint
  8. Sip ‘n Smile Café
  9. Caffeine Carnival
  10. Bean Bonanza
  11. Laughing Latte Lounge
  12. Espresso Extravaganza
  13. Frothy Funtimes
  14. Mugs of Mirth
  15. Cuppa Cheer Central
  16. Happy Hour Coffee House
  17. Beanstalk Adventures
  18. Grind & Giggle Café
  19. Mocha Mania
  20. Caffeine Comedy Club
  21. Brew-tiful Day Café
  22. Coffee and Chuckles
  23. Perky Playgrounds
  24. Java Jesters


  1. Cuppify
  2. Caffeinest
  3. Brainstorm Brews
  4. Caffeine Cogitations
  5. Sipnosis Café
  6. Mugshot Mornings
  7. A Latte Thought
  8. Wake Up & Smell the Espresso
  9. Perkonomics
  10. Espresso Yourself
  11. Aromano
  12. The Grindstone
  13. Bean Counter Bistro
  14. Quantum Quaffs
  15. Brew-tiful Minds Café
  16. Steam & Schemes
  17. Java Jigsaw
  18. Roast & Reason
  19. The Think Tank Brew
  20. Eureka Espresso
  21. Mocha Meditations
  22. Caffeinated Calculations


  1. Espressique
  2. Arabesque
  3. Mochaluxe
  4. The Velvet Bean Cafe
  5. Perk & Posh
  6. Mocha Manor
  7. Cappuccino Couture
  8. Quintessa
  9. Baristocrat
  10. The Gilded Grind
  11. Java Jewelbox
  12. Crema Creations
  13. The Espresso Emporium
  14. Bean Bliss Bistro
  15. Tasseled Taste
  16. Brewed Opulence
  17. Sip & Splendor
  18. The Artisan Sipper
  19. Lush Latte Lagoon
  20. Café Château
  21. Chic Caffeine Collective


  1. BeanCrafters
  2. JavaBlend
  3. Brewistry
  4. Café Royale
  5. Latte Luxe Lounge
  6. The Velvet Espresso
  7. Gourmet Grindhouse
  8. Caffè D’Élite
  9. L’Artisan de Café
  10. Arabesque Aromas
  11. Viennese Velvet
  12. Palatial Pour-Over
  13. The Opulent Ounce
  14. Crème de la Crème Café
  15. Barista’s Ballroom
  16. Espresso Etiquette
  17. Refined Roast Ritual
  18. Mocha Majesty
  19. Coffee Couturiers


  1. Blesspresso
  2. Graceful Grind Café
  3. Faithful Brews
  4. Heavenly Grounds Coffeehouse
  5. Blessed Beans Bistro
  6. Cup of Redemption
  7. Gospel Grounds Café
  8. Aroma of Praise
  9. Crossroads Coffee Co.
  10. Sacred Sipsters
  11. Redeemed Roastery
  12. Manna & Mugs Café
  13. Coffee & Communion
  14. Holy Grounds Haven
  15. Faith & Flavor Café
  16. Saved by the Sip
  17. Hallelujah Espresso
  18. Sip & Scripture
  19. Christian Coffee Corner
  20. Gospel Grind & Savor
  21. Peaceful Percolations


  1. DripDream
  2. Elysian Espresso
  3. Artful Aromas Café
  4. Serene Sips Sanctuary
  5. Ethereal Elixirs
  6. Velvet Vibes Coffee Co.
  7. Bohemian Brews
  8. Chic Cup Collective
  9. Harmony & Hues Café
  10. Café Lumière
  11. The Tranquil Taste
  12. Whispering Willow Roastery
  13. Polished Percolations
  14. Vintage Velvet Brew
  15. Opulent Origins Café


  1. Café del Sol
  2. Aromas Hispanos
  3. El Rincón del Café
  4. La Taza Mágica
  5. Sabores de España
  6. Café y Encanto
  7. Cosecha de Café
  8. Rinconcito de Sabor
  9. Café Amoroso
  10. El Sabor Auténtico
  11. Café de Oro
  12. Aroma Andaluz
  13. El Rincón del Espresso
  14. Café con Encanto
  15. El Sabor de la Tarde
  16. Café de la Plaza
  17. Brisa Café
  18. Sabores del Sur
  19. Café con Pasión
  20. El Rincón Aromático


  1. Café de Paris
  2. Le Petit Espresso
  3. Croissant & Café
  4. L’Amour Latte
  5. La Vie en Espresso
  6. Boulangerie Brews
  7. Patisserie Perk
  8. La Belle Cappuccino
  9. Parisian Roastery
  10. Champs-Élysées Café
  11. Bonjour Brew
  12. Montmartre Mornings
  13. Provençal Pours
  14. French Press Delights


  1. Brewscape
  2. StirCharm
  3. Perk Palace
  4. Morning Elixir
  5. Liquid Artistry Café
  6. Bean Boulevard Studio
  7. Coffee Canvas Collective
  8. Espresso Euphoria
  9. Mug Masterpieces
  10. Caffeine Chronicles
  11. The Roastcrafters
  12. Sip ‘n Craft Café
  13. Coffee Concoctions Co.
  14. Roast & Revelry
  15. Aromatic Artisans
  16. Brewed Expressions
  17. Java Palette Café
  18. The Flavor Forge
  19. Bean & Brush Bistro
  20. Creative Cuppings
  21. Artisanal Infusions
  22. The Coffee Crafters’ Guild


  1. Tiny Roasters Café
  2. MicroBeans Studio
  3. The Nano Roastery
  4. Precision Roast Haven
  5. Small-Batch Brews & Beans
  6. MicroMug Roastery
  7. Craft Roast Nook
  8. NanoGrind Coffee Co.
  9. Boutique Bean Blends
  10. The Mini Roasthouse
  11. Artisan Micro-Roasts
  12. Tiny Batch Brews
  13. Microbrewed Elixirs
  14. Petite Roast Paradise
  15. Roastlab Micro-Café


  1. Caffè Bella Italia
  2. Espresso Eleganza
  3. Dolce Vita Café
  4. Tiramisu Tastings
  5. Piazza Cappuccino
  6. La Dolce Espresso
  7. Amici Coffeehouse
  8. Via Espresso
  9. Trattoria Tazza
  10. Il Gusto del Caffè
  11. Buon Giorno Brews
  12. Pasticceria Pours
  13. Italiano Aromas
  14. Caffè del Sole
  15. Bella Caffetteria


  1. CremaPeak
  2. FrothHub
  3. SteepSoul
  4. Crafted Crema Café
  5. The Bean Boutique
  6. Artisanal Aromas
  7. Espresso Excellence
  8. Bean Alchemy
  9. Cup of Craft
  10. The Roast Masters
  11. Brewed Brilliance
  12. Unique Grounds
  13. Specialty Sips & Sweets
  14. Flavors & Fragrance Café
  15. Custom Brew Bistro
  16. The Coffee Connoisseur


  1. CozyCup
  2. FrothFolk
  3. Bean Bunny Café
  4. Brewed with Love
  5. Sweet Espresso Whiskers
  6. Cupcake & Coffee Cuddles
  7. Paws & Pours Café
  8. Whisker-Warming Brews
  9. Cozy Kitten Kafé
  10. Cuddle Cup Corner
  11. Furry Friends’ Froth
  12. Teddy Brew-ski
  13. Kitty & Coffee Co.
  14. Puppy Perk & Pour
  15. Bunny’s Bean Nook
  16. Whisker & Whiff Coffee


  1. VerveVilla
  2. Poshpresso
  3. Élite Espresso Elegance
  4. The Opulent Brew
  5. Elixirio
  6. Prestige Pours Café
  7. Regal Roastery
  8. Caffeine Couture
  9. Aristocratic Aromas
  10. Gourmet Grind & Sip
  11. Enchanté
  12. High Society Coffee Co.
  13. Velvet & Venti
  14. The Eminent Espresso
  15. Coffee Château
  16. Grandeur Grounds
  17. The Sophisticated Sip
  18. Refined Roast & Relax
  19. Haute Brews & Bites
  20. Decadent Drips Café


  1. Perkatory Cafe
  2. Steamendous
  3. Bean Me Up, Scotty
  4. Mug Life
  5. Pour Choices
  6. Bean and Gone
  7. Cream of the Crop
  8. Grounds for Celebration
  9. Beanstoppable
  10. Coffee: Because Adulting is Hard
  11. Espressolve
  12. Bean There, Done That
  13. Latte Da!
  14. Sippin’ on Sunshine
  15. Javabulous
  16. Caffeine and Kisses
  17. Sipplicity
  18. Cappunzel
  19. Perkfection
  20. Brewmance
  21. Mocha Ado About Nothing
  22. GrindTime
  23. Siplicity
  24. UnBEARably Good Coffee
  25. Java the Hutt

How to Choose a Name for Your Coffee Shop

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing your coffee shop business name.

1. Check Name Availability

When you come up with name options, you’ll want to make sure they’re available and stand out from competitor names. You don’t want to copy competitors by choosing a name similar to theirs.

You’ll need to do a business name search on your state’s Secretary of State’s website to see if the name is available. The search will also show similar names, so you can ensure your name is unique in your state.

Also, go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website to confirm that the name is not trademarked.

2. Check Your State’s Business Name Regulations

Each state has rules regarding business names, often restricting words such as “bank” or “university.” Some states have stricter rules than others; for example, Michigan has a long list of prohibited words. You should be able to find your state’s rules on the Secretary of State’s website.

Upon creating an LLC, it’s mandatory to have either ‘LLC’, ‘limited liability company’, or ‘limited liability’ as part of its official name. This ensures clarity and compliance with naming conventions for such entities.

3. Choose a Name with Relevance

Your name should be relevant to the coffee that you offer. It should also reflect your business mission and your brand’s identity. 

For example, a high-end coffee shop might reference details about the roasting process in its name. At the same time, a brand seeking to become a franchise might want to choose a more general name to attract customers nationwide. 

Often, if you write down a description of your brand identity, you’ll come up with words that have the potential to be used in your business name.

4. Keep It Simple

Your name should be easy to say so that it’s more memorable. It should also be easy to spell so that people can search for your coffee shop business online. 

5. Short and Unique

Short, unique, and catchy names tend to stand out. Think Google, which is so catchy and unique that it’s become a verb!

6. Get Feedback

Family and friends can give you an outside perspective on your coffee shop business name. They can offer suggestions and give you feedback on the names you have in mind.

7. Allow for Expansion

As your business grows, you may expand into new product or service lines, so you don’t want a business name that’s too narrow.  

For example, “Classic Coffee” is a great name for a business that only sells coffee drinks. But what if you decide to open a full breakfast restaurant in the future? A broader name, such as “Classic Cafe,” will more easily allow for expansion.  

The name should also have timeless appeal. Don’t try to capture a trend — trends continuously change, and you don’t want a name that could become outdated.  

8. .com is Best

You’ll want to make sure that the .com domain name is available for your chosen name because domain names that end in .com generally reflect more credibility than alternatives. Use our Domain Name Search Tool to find an available website name and get the perfect domain name for your business.

9. Use Keywords to Boost SEO

Choosing an SEO-friendly name to boost your organic search engine rankings is also a good idea. Many trendy coffee shops choose modern names that don’t necessarily sound like coffee shops to people unfamiliar with their brand. 

The problem with this is that your business won’t rank on search engines unless it contains keywords that users use to find new businesses. In this case, it may be challenging to build a customer base without including “coffee” or “cafe” in your name. 

10. How Does it Sound?

Say the name out loud to see how it rolls off the tongue. Is it pleasant? Does it evoke positivity? You’d be surprised how different a name sounds when you say it compared to when you think it. Try to choose a name that evokes a delicious pick-me-up for tired customers!  

11. Appeal to Emotions

Names that evoke positive emotions can create a connection with your target customers. You want them to feel good about your coffee shop business. Many coffee fans choose businesses that support local roasteries and use ethically sourced ingredients. 

People also usually feel better about supporting businesses with minimal environmental footprints and those that support the local community. 


Should I use a personal name in my coffee shop business name?

Using your name can give your coffee shop a personal touch and make it feel more authentic. However, consider whether your name is easy to remember and pronounce and if it aligns with the brand image you want to create.

How do I ensure that my coffee shop business name is memorable?

Memorable names often have a certain uniqueness, simplicity, or a play on words. Avoid overly complicated or generic names that might get lost among competitors.

Is using local or universal themes in my coffee shop name better?

This depends on your target audience and location. A local theme can make your coffee shop feel more connected to the community, while a universal theme can appeal to a broader audience. Consider what resonates best with your potential customers. 

Should I test my coffee shop name with focus groups or surveys?

Testing the name with focus groups or surveys can provide valuable feedback. It can help you gauge how potential customers react to the name and whether it aligns with their expectations.

Can I change my coffee shop’s name later if I’m not happy with it?

Yes, you can change your coffee shop’s name, but it can be a complex and costly process. It’s best to invest time and effort upfront in choosing a name you’re confident will serve your business well in the long run.

391 Coffee Shop Name Ideas