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15 Best Business Ideas For Pisces

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15 Best Business Ideas For Pisces

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was a Pisces, the last of the 12 zodiac signs. This sign is for people born from February 19 to March 20. They are known to be imaginative, intuitive, compassionate, and highly empathic, often putting the needs of others before themselves. 

If you’re born under this sign and looking to start a business, then you might want to consider a career in painting, music, photography, and home improvement. You could also open a bar, karaoke, or tattoo parlor. Explore our list of business ideas for Pisces and see if anything motivates you.

1. Photography

How to start a photography business

Photography is a perfect outlet for Pisces, who are often drawn to artistic and expressive careers. This business allows them to utilize their creativity and keen eye for aesthetics. To start a photography business, invest in a good camera and learn photo editing software. Networking is crucial, so consider offering free sessions to build your portfolio and gain referrals. Remember to choose a niche, like weddings or portraits, which can help in targeting specific clients.

2. Liquor Store

How to start a liquor store

Running a liquor store could be a good match for Pisces who enjoy interacting with people and can appreciate the nuances of different beverages. Begin by understanding the legal requirements for selling alcohol in your area. Location is key; choose a spot with high foot traffic. Stock a variety of products to cater to different tastes, and consider hosting tasting events to draw in customers and create a community feel.

3. Jewelry

jewelry business idea

Pisces’ artistic nature can be wonderfully expressed through jewelry making. Start by mastering different techniques and understanding materials through courses or self-learning. Sell your pieces online or at craft fairs to test the market. Focus on creating unique designs that reflect your personal style, which can set your brand apart in a crowded market.

4. Matchmaking

How to Start a Dating Service

Pisces are known for their intuition and empathy, making them excellent matchmakers. To start this business, gain experience by working with an established matchmaker or taking relevant courses. Build a network through social events and online platforms. Offering personalized services and maintaining confidentiality will help in building trust and a client base.

5. Karaoke Bar

How to start a karaoke business

Opening a karaoke bar allows Pisces to create a fun and engaging atmosphere, leveraging their love for music and social interactions. Ensure you have a location that attracts nightlife. Sound equipment and a diverse song library are essentials. Promote themed nights or private party services to diversify your income streams and keep the business exciting.

6. Bar

How to Start a Bar

A bar can be a fulfilling venture for Pisces, combining their social skills with a passion for crafting drinks. Location is crucial, as well as obtaining the necessary licenses. Design a welcoming ambiance and consider offering specialty cocktails to stand out. Hosting events and promotions can also help in building a regular clientele.

7. Home Improvement

How to start a remodeling business

Pisces who enjoy hands-on work and transforming spaces might find a home improvement business rewarding. Start by gaining skills in various home repair tasks through classes or apprenticeships. It’s important to get licensed and insured. Build your reputation through quality work and dependable service, focusing initially on smaller projects to gather reviews and referrals.

8. Business Coaching

business coaching idea

For Pisces with experience in the corporate world, business coaching is an excellent way to leverage their empathy and intuition to help others succeed. Gain certifications if available, and start by offering your services to small businesses and startups. Networking and testimonials are key to growing your client base. Focus on areas you excel in, such as leadership coaching or marketing.

9. Tattoo Studio

How to Start a Tattoo Studio

A tattoo studio is a great business for artistic Pisces who can connect personally with clients to create meaningful art. Learning the trade professionally and adhering to health regulations is critical. Build a portfolio by offering free or discounted work initially. Creating a comfortable and clean studio environment will help attract and retain clients.

10. Painting

How to start a painting business

Painting allows Pisces to express their creative and imaginative side. Start by choosing your medium and style, and practice consistently to refine your skills. Sell your art at local galleries, online, or at art shows. Networking with other artists and building a social media presence can also help in gaining visibility and sales.

11. Music Production

How to start a music production company

Music production suits Pisces who are passionate about music and enjoy the technical side of creating tracks. Learning how to use music production software and equipment is essential. Start by producing music for local artists or creating your own projects to showcase your skills. Building a home studio can minimize startup costs.

12. Videography

How to Start a Video Production Company

Videography is ideal for Pisces who want to tell stories through visual content. Invest in quality video equipment and learn editing software. Start by offering services for events or promotional content for businesses. Building a strong portfolio will help attract clients, and networking is essential in this industry.

13. Fish Table Business

How to start a arcade business

Running a fish table business, which involves gaming tables focused on fish shooting games, can be lucrative and entertaining for Pisces. This niche requires understanding the gaming and amusement industry regulations. Location and marketing are key factors in attracting customers to this unique entertainment option.

14. Etsy Store

etsy store business idea

For Pisces with a knack for crafts, opening an Etsy store is an excellent way to monetize their hobby. Focus on creating unique and high-quality products. Good photography and detailed product descriptions will help your items stand out. Engage with your customers through excellent service and use social media to drive traffic to your store.

15. Craft Shop

How to start a craft business

A craft shop is a fantastic business for Pisces who enjoy making and selling handmade items. Start by selecting a niche that aligns with your interests and skills. Location is important, but you can also consider starting online to reduce costs. Offer workshops or classes in your shop to attract a diverse customer base and create an interactive community atmosphere.


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15 Best Business Ideas For Pisces