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Alexander’s Journey: Tech to Fashion Guru

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Alexander’s Journey: Tech to Fashion Guru

Meet Alexander Stoicoff, the innovative entrepreneur behind Suits Expert, a distinguished online platform and blog dedicated to elevating men’s formal wear. Launched in 2016, this venture by the Macedonian computer engineering graduate has quickly become a cornerstone in the realm of men’s fashion advice. Alexander’s journey from a tech-savvy individual to a digital platform and blog creator marks a significant transition, filling a crucial void in online style guidance for men.

In this engaging interview, Alexander shares the story of transforming his vision into a reality, starting with a blog that evolved into the comprehensive digital platform known as Suits Expert. He discusses the intricate process of developing a successful blog and digital presence, focusing on strategic content creation, search engine optimization, and effective user engagement. His journey is not just about creating a profitable business but also about providing a valuable resource for men who seek to improve their formal attire and overall style confidence.

Join us as we delve into the world of Alexander Stoicoff, exploring how his passion for fashion and expertise in technology converged to create a unique and influential online destination for men’s fashion advice.

Alexander Stoicoff

Introduction and Venture Overview

SBS – Hi there! Can you introduce yourself and the venture you embarked on?

Alexander – Hello! I’m Alexander Stoicoff, a 33-year-old entrepreneur from Macedonia (a small country in the Balkans, with a background in computer engineering.

My key venture, Suits Expert, was launched in 2016 to address a gap in the online fashion advice space, particularly for men’s formal attire. The target audience includes men who are looking to enhance their understanding and execution of formal dressing, aiming to improve their overall style and confidence.

The interesting part is that, looking back, the growth path of Suits Expert has been like a thrilling roller coaster ride, full of ups, downs, and exhilarating turns.

Who knew that I would teach men about style!? I had hoped for it, but I wasn’t sure I’d be successful.

The unique twist was that deep dive into my tailored niche and my fundamental understanding of the subject.

So here’s to a story of growth, style, and, of course, suits!

Inspiration and Journey to the Idea

SBS – Share with us your journey leading up to this idea. What inspired it?

Alexander – My journey into the world of digital entrepreneurship began after graduating in computer engineering in 2013.

Instead of following a traditional tech path, I was drawn to entrepreneurship and the promise of long-term financial freedom. This led me to establish Adivius, a digital marketing agency, where I delved deeply into SEO.

The idea for Suits Expert struck me as I observed a common trend: many people, especially men, were not dressing appropriately for their age or in a manner that flattered them. Even those who wore suits often got it wrong, either in fit, style, or pairing with other garments.

This observation sparked my interest. The online resources were either visually driven without substantial guidance or overly complicated. I saw an opportunity to fill this gap with clear, practical advice on formal dressing.

So, what convinced me to pursue this venture was a combination of my professional experience and personal conviction. My background in SEO and digital marketing, coupled with an understanding of content curation and user engagement, was instrumental.

I realized that I could leverage these skills to create a platform that was informative, engaging, and visually appealing.

With all that, the deal was sealed. Soon, I started to test the waters…

From Concept to Creation

SBS – Walk us through the journey of conceptualizing, creating a prototype, and bringing your first guide/blog article to life.

Alexander – The journey of creating Suits Expert was both exhilarating and challenging. Of course, as a digital platform, it didn’t involve traditional manufacturing or physical prototypes, but it certainly required a meticulous design and development process.

Choosing the name “Suits Expert” was a straightforward process. I wanted something that was direct, easy to remember, and reflective of the site’s content and purpose. The name instantly conveys the site’s focus on suits and positions it as an authoritative source.

The initial phase was all about conceptualizing the content and structure of the website. I wanted to create a platform that was user-friendly, visually appealing, and packed with valuable information.

This meant designing an intuitive user interface and keyword clustering that could guide visitors through various topics about men’s suits with ease.

The first version of the site focused on the most essential features: informative articles, good navigation, and a clean layout.

The Launch

SBS – What was your strategy for putting your business on the map?

Alexander – So, the primary goal was to establish the website as a go-to resource for men’s formal wear.

One of the major challenges was ensuring the website’s visibility and reach. As someone deeply involved in SEO, I started leveraging my skills, focusing on three things: well-organized content, relevant interlinking, and helpful visuals.

In other words, articles were accompanied by high-quality images and graphics to enhance the user experience. I started with foundational and simple topics (like how to wear a suit) and found a way to connect the articles with links, gradually expanding to cover more nuanced subjects based on user feedback and SEO analysis.

The growth formula became clear as soon as the site began to gain traction in search rankings, affirming my belief that the content quality is more impactful than the quantity.

Attracting and Retaining Readers

SBS – After your initial launch, which tactics stood out in attracting and retaining your audience?

Alexander – Our primary tactic was a strong SEO-driven content strategy. We focused on creating well-researched, informative articles that answered specific questions related to men’s suits.

Using tools like Ahrefs, we identified keywords with high search volumes and low difficulty, ensuring our content ranked well on search engines.

This approach not only brought in traffic but also established Suits Expert as a credible source of information.

Another key aspect was the effective use of visuals. Each article included high-quality images and infographics, making complex information easier to digest.

For example, guides on suit styles would be accompanied by visuals showing different cuts and fits, enhancing the user experience.

A note that user experience was always at the forefront. We consistently sought feedback to improve our website and content.

Current Business Snapshot and Future Plans

SBS – Give us a snapshot of your business today, and share a glimpse of your future plans

Alexander – Today, Suits Expert stands as a robust and profitable business, primarily driven by its strong online presence. The website generates a monthly revenue of $7,000 to $10,000, with gross margins primarily coming from display ads (80%) and supplemented by affiliate marketing (15%) and direct brand collaborations (5%).

The site enjoys a healthy monthly traffic of 200K–300K visitors, with a good average time on site, reflecting the high engagement and relevance of our content. Our customer acquisition costs are relatively low, given that 90% of our traffic comes organically through SEO, minimizing the need for extensive ad spending.

Google Analytics Audience Overview of a website suitsexpert.com

Looking forward, we plan to tap into new markets by expanding our content to cover a broader range of men’s fashion and lifestyle topics. This expansion is aimed at increasing our website traffic and diversifying our revenue streams.

Additionally, we’re focusing on enhancing our YouTube channel, aiming to convert our popular articles into engaging video content, which we believe will open up new avenues for revenue and audience engagement.

Key Lessons and Takeaways from Building the Business

SBS – What key takeaways or beneficial lessons have emerged as you’ve built your business?

Alexander – One of the key bumps in the road was initially not focusing solely on Suits Expert.

Spreading my efforts across multiple projects diluted my attention and resources, which slowed the growth of the site. This experience taught me the importance of concentrated effort, especially in the initial stages of a business.

On the other hand, a significant win was our decision to invest time and resources in content quality. This not only drove organic traffic but also established us as a credible source in the men’s fashion niche.

Another lesson I learned is that timing is (almost) everything. What works now will not work forever. Fortunate timing played a role in our success. A noticeable gap at the time in quality online resources for men’s formal wear worked in our favor.

These experiences underscored the importance of focusing on one’s strengths, understanding market needs, and being agile enough to adapt to changing trends and user preferences.

Digital Tools and Platforms

SBS – Which tools or platforms have been of great value for running your business?

Alexander – Running Suits Expert wouldn’t be as streamlined and efficient as it is without a suite of indispensable tools that I like to think of as my digital Swiss Army knife.

At the heart of it all is Ahrefs. It’s an SEO tool that we use for keyword research and competitor analysis.

For keyword research, we’re particularly interested in the search volume and the keyword difficulty. Another essential thing is topical relevancy. I want to make sure a lot of keywords are covered on one topic (for example, suit colors) before we move to another topic (for example, dress codes).

In addition, Ahrefs has a great free metric on keyword difficulty. It tracks easy keywords (below 10 score) as green and medium (11–30) as medium green, both of which are great to start with.

Surfer is our go-to choice for content optimization. It helps fill in the gaps in the content. We think of it as a savvy advisor, guiding us in creating content that not only reads well but ranks well.

For project management, we use ClickUp. It’s like the command center for everything — from content planning to task management. It keeps the team in sync, no matter where we are in the world, ensuring that we’re always on the same page (or should I say, screen?).

Influential Books, Podcasts, and Media Resources

SBS – Are there books, podcasts, or other mediums that greatly influenced or motivated you?

Alexander – For me, one of the key sources of knowledge and tips has been the content on Backlinko, especially for its comprehensive guides on SEO topics like keyword research and link building. These resources helped me refine my approach to SEO, which is the backbone of Suits Expert’s success.

I also recommend the Affiliate Lab course for anyone who wants to build sites similar to Suits Expert. It provided insights into creating a profitable blog, focusing on affiliate marketing strategies. For full disclosure, I watched the course somewhere in 2018, which is after I created the site, but the point was very similar.

Advice for Aspiring Bloggers

SBS – What advice can you offer people gearing up to launch their first blog?

Alexander – One crucial insight I’ve learned is the importance of focus. In the early stages, it’s easy to get distracted by new ideas or opportunities, but spreading yourself too thin can hinder your progress.

So, concentrate on one core idea or product and make it as good as it can be. This focus will not only streamline your resources but also help in building a strong brand identity.

It’s OK to work on multiple projects once you have tasted success. But start with one thing at a time.

Another key lesson is to embrace failure as part of the learning process. Every setback is an opportunity to refine your approach and strategy.

Remember, the most successful entrepreneurs are those who view challenges as stepping stones rather than roadblocks.

The mantra I live by is to “Stay true to your vision, but be adaptable and keep learning. Manage time wisely, develop discipline, and be patient. Dedicate yourself long enough to one thing, and with a good plan, success will follow naturally.”

Current Team Expansion

SBS – Are there specific roles you’re aiming to fill in your team currently?

Alexander – I’m always looking forward to connecting or hiring content creators and writers.

We’re currently focusing on our new YouTube channel as well, and we’re looking for video editors who are interested in creating helpful content in terms of menswear and style.

Most of my projects revolve around the men’s fashion industry, so anyone deeply interested in these roles can always feel free to reach out on the site’s contact page.

Discover More: Where to Explore the Business Further

SBS – If our readers are eager to delve deeper into your business, where should they head?

Alexander – For those interested in exploring more about Suits Expert and diving into the world of men’s formal fashion, I recommend starting here.

This page explains how we improve your styling and life skills and contains the most important resources, like how to wear a suit and the different suit styles you can wear. It’s a good guidance on where to start on your sartorial journey. And once you’re in there, we’ll show you the path onwards.

In addition, here are the platforms where you can find us:


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Alexander’s Journey: Tech to Fashion Guru