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Empowering Brands to Soar with Tenyse Williams

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Howard Tillerman is the Chief Marketing Officer for Step By Step Business and an award-winning marketing professional.

Empowering Brands to Soar with Tenyse Williams

Tenyse Williams is the founder & chief communications officer at Verified Consulting, a boutique marketing consulting firm certified as a Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise by the City of New York. A visionary and leader in digital marketing & PR, she works with clients across all industries, creating strategic awareness-building campaigns and leads collaborations with media, influencers, and partners that include award-winning entertainers, championship athletes, and major corporations, achieving measurable results. Committed to sharing her knowledge & expertise with the next generation, Tenyse Williams teaches digital marketing as an adjunct instructional specialist at Columbia University in New York and George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Tenyse Williams

Join us as we explore her perspectives on industry leadership, brand enhancement, and the evolving landscape of digital marketing.

Company Vision and Growth Strategies

SBS – How has Verified Consulting’s commitment to helping businesses find their target audience and transform into beloved brands influenced your approach to growth and scalability?” 

Tenyse – At Verified Consulting, our commitment to helping businesses find their target audience and transforming them into beloved brands has been the guiding force behind our approach to growth and scalability. We believe in nurturing connections and empowering our clients to spread their wings and soar!

With that in mind, we place a strong focus on developing long-lasting relationships while embracing the exciting adventures that come with scaling up to better serve the evolving business landscape. We recognize that business growth is an interconnected process and it’s not just about expanding but about amplifying the value we bring to each professional relationship. 

Industry Leadership

SBS – As a leader in your field, what key strategies do you employ to bring a business to the forefront of its respective industry?

Tenyse – With our goal to propel client companies from being just competitors to industry front runners, I have adopted a data-driven and intuition-guided approach. We champion targeted strategies that resonate with the unique ethos of each business while keeping pace with the dynamic industry landscape. This involves bringing clients to the forefront of their respective industries by harnessing the magical trifecta of creativity, intuition, and determination.

We believe it’s essential to create tailor-made strategies that embody the unique spirit of each business, all the while keeping a close eye on the latest industry trends to ensure we are ahead of the curve in our approach.

Brand Awareness and Presence

SBS – What methods do you use to build not just awareness but a commanding presence for a business in the marketplace?” 

Tenyse – To build more than just awareness but a truly commanding presence for a business in the marketplace, we tap into a delightful mix of digital platforms with meaningful storytelling and old-fashioned networking. Combining vibrant visuals with compelling narratives, we strive to engage the audience and foster an emotional connection that turns one-time visitors into loyal supporters.

Brand Enhancement Techniques

SBS – Could you elaborate on the vision and techniques behind helping companies become household names and creating robust brand awareness? 

Tenyse – Making a brand a household name is like planting a garden filled with beauty and growth. I start by cultivating a robust understanding of the brand’s vision and values, then sprinkle in creative marketing techniques like eye-catching campaigns, influencer collaborations, and loving customer interactions to create an enchanting brand experience that lingers in people’s hearts and minds.

Business Growth Catalysts

SBS – In what ways does Verified Consulting act as a catalyst to accelerate business growth towards unprecedented levels of success?

Tenyse – Verified Consulting is a catalyst for growth by acting as a glitter-infused fairy godmother, helping businesses unlock their potential and achieve unprecedented success. We identify golden opportunities, devise bespoke strategies, and lovingly guide businesses through the transformation process while celebrating their successes at every step.

Digital Storytelling and Data Utilization

SBS – How do you utilize data and digital platforms to narrate a brand’s story and create an emotional connection with its customer base? 

Tenyse – Creating a household brand requires a visionary approach anchored in understanding a brand’s essence, its target demographic, and the marketplace. Through innovative marketing techniques, such as compelling campaigns, strategic influencer collaborations, and optimized customer interactions, We work to craft a memorable brand identity that resonates with each audience. Data, when paired with effective digital storytelling, becomes a powerful vehicle to convey a brand’s narrative.

Using data insights to enhance our storytelling approach, we use digital platforms to create distinct, emotionally resonant experiences that foster brand engagement and elevate customer loyalty.

Clientele and Partnerships

SBS – Can you share insights on how you’ve brokered partnerships and worked with diverse clientele, including major organizations like the Nelson Mandela Foundation? 

Tenyse – Working with an array of clients, from the esteemed Nelson Mandela Foundation to BET Awards to Samsung 837 Events and many more multiple thriving enterprises, has been a testament to the power of strategic partnerships. These experiences underscore the belief that a shared vision, mutual value, and meaningful collaboration are essential to driving transformative outcomes.

Personal Leadership Philosophy

SBS – How have your personal philosophy and experiences as an educator and leader in marketing and PR shaped the way you run Verified Consulting? 

Tenyse – My experiences as an educator, marketing maven, and PR powerhouse have shaped my leadership style and how I run Verified Consulting with warmth, authenticity, and gusto. I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of self-love, inspiring others to be their best selves and creating an atmosphere of radiant positivity where business dreams can sprout and flourish.

Challenges and Solutions

SBS – What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in the marketing consulting industry, and how have you overcome them? 

Tenyse – Navigating the ebbs and flows of the marketing consulting industry can feel much like surfing big waves – sometimes thrilling and other times challenging. From budgetary tight ropes and shape-shifting technologies to the evolving desires of our treasured clients, these are all waves I have learned to ride and, in some cases, master with grace and resilience.

Especially in today’s economic climate, tackling these challenges hasn’t just steeled me — it has sparked off an abundance of creative income streams. This newfound horizon welcomed me into the captivating rhythm of establishing digital resources.

Don’t let anyone fool you; digital education isn’t taking a pause — it’s in an invigorating sprint, sprinting alongside time, hand in hand with the ceaseless advancement of technology. So, let’s lace our running shoes and join this exhilarating race!

Innovative Marketing Trends

SBS – What emerging trends in digital marketing and PR do you think are crucial for businesses to adopt today? 

Tenyse – Today’s major trends businesses should embrace include AI-powered content generation, micro-influencer partnerships, and the art of truly personalized customer journeys. As marketing and PR are becoming intertwined, it’s essential to understand how to measure the impact of public relations by using the latest tools to track data and its impact for clients to understand the power of earned media.

It isn’t only about major influencers, as companies are noticing that micro-influencers are driving an uptick in sales vs only the “celeb influencers” with a large following. Engagement is essential for collaborations and driving awareness to build authentic trust with your targeted audience.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

SBS – What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a mark in the marketing and PR industry? 

Tenyse – My advice for future entrepreneurs, specifically in marketing and PR, is to develop your audience and brand. As a service-based business, we give the branding blueprint to our clients and not to ourselves, and this is a reminder that every entrepreneur should consider themselves their own first client!

Future Vision

SBS – Where do you see the future of digital marketing and public relations heading, and how is Verified Consulting preparing to meet those future challenges? 

Tenyse – The future of digital marketing and public relations is a developing world where AI, virtual and augmented reality, and immersive storytelling intertwine. At Verified Consulting, we’re preparing for these changes by constantly adapting to the latest technology and training ourselves on how to use these new platforms in our business practices and across strategies for our clients. Keeping our fingers on the pulse of change and remaining steadfast in our dedication to empowering businesses and their mesmerizing growth stories.


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Empowering Brands to Soar with Tenyse Williams