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Klu’s Visionary Approach to Information Management

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Klu’s Visionary Approach to Information Management

In this interview, we delve into the world of Klu.so, a cutting-edge information management platform, through the eyes of its chief marketing officer, Sandra Đajić. Klu stands apart in the realm of digital knowledge management and search tools. It emerged as a solution to the challenge of sifting through scattered data across various cloud-based applications.

Sandra provides us with an in-depth look at Klu’s unique approach to ensuring data relevance, accuracy, privacy, and security. She also sheds light on the company’s core values, challenges, and future plans, offering valuable insights for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts alike.

Join us as we explore the inner workings and aspirations of Klu, a platform striving to become an integral part of digital information management in our rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Inspiration Behind Klu’s Creation

SBS – What inspired the creation of Klu, and how does it differ from existing search and knowledge management tools?

Sandra – Klu was inspired by a CTO named Wildan, who was struggling to find relevant information from his cloud-based apps like Slack, Notion, Trello, Gmail, Asana, etc. In this pain, he built his own chat box to retrieve and organize relevant information and decided to create his own “second brain.”

Ensuring Relevance and Accuracy in Search Results

SBS – How does Klu ensure the relevance and accuracy of search results for its users?

Sandra – In Klu, security and privacy are top priorities, and this has been the case from the very beginning. We encrypt every piece of information so no one, not even us, can see it. However, during the indexing process, we extract keywords without context, so when you search for something, we can bring you the relevant results.

The Technology Driving Klu

SBS – Can you discuss the technology behind Klu and any plans for future advancements?

Sandra – We started building Klu before the AI surge, which gave us advantages in building a solid foundation for future development. Now that users have all their consented apps integrated with AI, there are endless opportunities. We aim to make Klu the central piece of your information network.

Encouraging Teamwork and Collaboration

SBS – What strategies does Klu use to encourage teamwork and collaboration among users?

Sandra – We’ve seen great results with team collaboration, like between marketing and development teams. There’s no need to ask questions on Slack and wait for a response. If the data is stored somewhere in your cloud-based app, the marketing team can just ask Klu, “What is the latest update on X feature?”

Addressing Privacy and Security in Digital Information Management

SBS – How does Klu address privacy and security concerns in digital information management?

Sandra – As I said from the beginning, the key to building Klu for us has always been to ensure that all data is protected. So, we encrypt everything. Also, we are obtaining standard certifications from the industry to assure our users that their data is secure with us, like the SOC2 certification.

Overcoming Challenges in Klu’s Journey

SBS – What challenges did Klu face in its journey, and how were they overcome?

Sandra – One of the biggest challenges is leading users to their success. Since we put so much emphasis on protecting the data and since we index everything, finding the right piece of information can be hard. But we are making our indexer better and better to ensure it works flawlessly.

Klu’s Core Values and Business Operations

SBS – How does Klu’s value system (e.g., honesty, reliability, teamwork) influence its business operations and company culture?

Sandra – One more thing we had to understand when building Klu is that we are not only building a product, but we are also laying the groundwork for the future of Klu. Transparency and honesty are the most important things, along with the ability to grow and learn.

Klu’s Role in Future Digital Information Management

SBS – What role do you see Klu playing in the future of digital information management?

Sandra – Our vision is for Klu to become a central piece of everyone’s life. Think of it as your company’s personal Google.

Supporting Continuous Learning and Development

SBS – How does Klu support continuous learning and development within the company?

Sandra – Klu started with four people who knew each other beforehand; we were friends, but now I can say we’ve become a family. We welcomed two kids in this process, so the stakes for us are quite high, and we know we need to make it work. And in order to make something work, we need to continuously work, learn, and develop our skills.

Klu’s Impact on Users and Organizations

SBS – Can you share a success story of how Klu has significantly impacted a user or organization?

Sandra – We have users who have shared with us that they can’t imagine now switching between apps to find something. We’ve had users saying that the number of questions inside their internal communication went down since introducing Klu.

Klu’s Innovative Approach in Tech

SBS – What is Klu’s approach to innovation, and how do you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving tech landscape?

Sandra – Innovation has always been key. The speed at which things get done allows this innovation.

Expansion and Diversification Plans for Klu

SBS – How does Klu plan to expand or diversify its services in the coming years?

Sandra – At the moment, we are targeting the Nordics but also the US market. But we don’t want to stop there. We are planning to introduce many partnerships that will shape Klu’s future in the upcoming years.

Advice for Tech Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

SBS – Finally, what advice would you give to entrepreneurs and business owners in the tech industry based on your experiences with Klu?

Sandra – This lifestyle is hard. Building something that will change and break how people work takes a lot of ability to see and predict the future. Have a great team, have a visionary who doesn’t know how to stop, have a guy who knows at any moment what it takes to make something happen, and have a generalist who is ready to wear many hats.


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Klu’s Visionary Approach to Information Management