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Inside Gruntify’s Mission to Transform Field Services

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Esther is a business strategist with over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive, educator, and management advisor.

Inside Gruntify’s Mission to Transform Field Services

In a world where technology continuously reshapes how we work and live, innovators like Igor Stjepanovic, the CEO of Gruntify, stand at the forefront of change. Gruntify has made a name for itself by revolutionizing field inspections, asset workflows, and job assignments, thereby redefining efficiency and productivity in the modern workplace.

In this interview, we delve deep into the mind of the man behind this transformative technology. From his humble beginnings and the spark that ignited the creation of Gruntify to the trials and triumphs that have marked the company’s journey, Igor shares insights that are as inspiring as they are informative.

Join us as we explore the leadership philosophies, team-building strategies, and future-forward thinking that have propelled Gruntify to the forefront of its field and how these elements intertwine to create a company that’s not just a business but a beacon of innovation.

Igor Stjepanovic

Origin Story

SBS – What inspired you to start Gruntify, and how did your personal journey shape the vision of your company?

Igor – Gruntify was born from a desire to simplify complexity. My personal journey navigating inefficiencies in various industries fueled the vision. I envisioned a single platform seamlessly melding processes, operations, and analytics, unlocking potential without the need for coding. Gruntify is my commitment to transforming challenges into opportunities through innovation and simplicity.

Challenges Overcome

SBS – Can you share some significant challenges you faced in the early stages of Gruntify and how you overcame them?

Igor – In the initial phases of Gruntify, we encountered substantial challenges related to scalability and market outreach. Despite the advantage of commencing with a clean slate, unencumbered by vendor or tech dependencies, the inherent obstacles of being a startup — namely, relative obscurity and perceived risk — posed significant hurdles.

We overcame these challenges by maintaining agility, swiftly iterating based on valuable user feedback, and fostering a close collaboration with our inaugural and anchor client, the Queensland Government. Additionally, we strategically partnered with Microsoft, steering Gruntify’s trajectory towards becoming a truly transformative force in the industry.

Key Decisions

SBS – Looking back, what were one or two pivotal decisions you made that were critical to Gruntify’s success?

Igor – Reflecting on our journey, a few pivotal decisions stand out as game-changers for Gruntify’s success. Firstly, our commitment to developing a no-code, low-code platform that seamlessly integrates with third-party solutions has been instrumental in offering flexibility and adaptability to our users.

Secondly, opting to remain bootstrapped, even today, has ensured a nimble and sustainable growth trajectory. This decision empowered us to stay true to our vision without compromising on innovation.

Lastly, a strategic focus on investing more in our development team than the sales team has been a defining choice. While each decision has its pros and cons, collectively, they’ve played a critical role in shaping Gruntify’s impactful journey thus far.

Leadership Philosophy

SBS – How would you describe your leadership style, and how has it evolved since you started Gruntify?

Igor – My leadership style centers on building empowered teams that thrive independently, allowing me the luxury of enjoying holidays once a decade! Jokes aside, I prioritize fostering a flexible and supportive environment where clear performance expectations are defined and collectively reviewed. I set ambitious “stretch goals” that may seem daunting initially, but it’s the kind of challenge our team relishes. Over time, this approach has evolved to emphasize collaboration, continuous learning, and a shared commitment to reaching for the stars together.

Team Building

SBS – What do you look for when building your team, and how do you foster a culture of innovation and collaboration within Gruntify?

Igor – When assembling the Gruntify team, I prioritize finding the right individuals both in terms of skills and personality. I’m deliberately cautious in my hiring approach, avoiding rushing the process to ensure a cultural fit.

My advice: Weed out any bad actors as soon as possible; they can be detrimental to team performance.

I firmly believe that team culture is synonymous with development velocity. A robust culture fosters innovation and collaboration, while a weak one jeopardizes performance.

Communication is at the core — whether it’s face-to-face, through email, or Teams. We document and share internal processes on our Wiki, creating a knowledge repository that accelerates onboarding and invites continuous improvement suggestions. This emphasis on clarity and communication not only saves time but also fuels a consistent and innovative team spirit.

Customer Focus

SBS – How do you stay attuned to the needs of your customers, and how has customer feedback shaped the direction of your company?

Igor – Customer feedback is our compass. We’ve honed a process where customers can suggest features, initiating an internal review. Those passing must undergo a thorough assessment by our technical and user experience teams. When we endorse an idea, we communicate it to the customer and slot it into our roadmap.

Not every suggestion makes the cut, but we provide feedback on why. This iterative dialogue ensures we’re aligned with our customers’ needs, continually refining our direction based on their invaluable input. It’s a dynamic interplay that’s been pivotal in shaping Gruntify’s trajectory.

Technology and Innovation

SBS – How has Gruntify leveraged technology and innovation to stay ahead in the industry, and what role do you see emerging technologies playing in your business’s future?

Igor – Gruntify’s edge lies in our proactive embrace of technology and innovation. We’ve invested heavily in a robust location intelligence engine, addressing a pain point where many competitors falter. This ensures accurate mapping of assets, even in offline mode, providing a distinctive advantage.

No code/low code environment, which seamlessly integrates with other systems, is another area in which Gruntify is ahead of its competition.

Looking forward, emerging technologies will be integral to our future. We see them not just as tools but as catalysts for transformative growth. From AI-driven optimizations to seamless integrations, staying ahead means continually evolving our tech landscape to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. It’s not just about staying current; it’s about leading the charge.

Business Growth

SBS – Can you discuss your approach to scaling the business? What strategies have you found most effective for sustainable growth?

Igor – Our growth journey has been a deliberate and sustainable ascent. Starting with a focus on our home base in Australia, we expanded organically. The key was staying true to our roots while strategically diversifying. As we’ve grown, we’ve strategically expanded our target geographies, now encompassing North America, the Middle East, and European markets.

Sustainable growth, for us, has hinged on a few key strategies:

  • A steadfast commitment to our core values and vision, ensuring that every expansion aligns with our mission
  • A continuous investment in technology and innovation, keeping us agile and competitive
  • A customer-centric approach, where every move is driven by a deep understanding of the evolving needs of our diverse clientele

It’s a recipe that’s proven effective in steering Gruntify’s growth trajectory.

Mistakes and Learning

SBS – Can you share an instance where you made a significant mistake as a leader, and what did you learn from it?

Igor – Indeed, the path of entrepreneurship is riddled with lessons. One of my key takeaways has been to avoid “counting chickens before they hatch.” While promises are encouraging, contracts and purchase orders provide certainty! We’ve learned to adhere to a structured engagement process, avoiding the temptation to “put the cart before the horse.”

Advice to Entrepreneurs

SBS – What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own business?

Igor – Absolutely, entrepreneurship is a journey of continuous learning and adaptability. When I started, I lacked business experience or a management background. However, recognizing a gap and being willing to learn and stay humble allowed me to navigate the challenges.

It’s crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs to weigh the risks and consider if it’s the right path for them. Entrepreneurship isn’t always as glamorous as it seems. As someone aptly put it, “With entrepreneurship, you quit one job to take up 25 jobs.”

But if the prospect of hard work and risks doesn’t intimidate you, then what are you waiting for?

Future Trends

SBS – What trends do you foresee in your industry, and how is Gruntify preparing to adapt to these changes?

Igor – AI is the tidal wave reshaping industries, and Gruntify is riding that wave. We anticipate AI becoming pivotal in our industry’s future, transforming how we operate. Gruntify is strategically positioned to leverage AI, embedding it seamlessly into our stack.

From predictive analytics optimizing field operations to AI-driven insights enhancing decision-making, AI is here to stay. Embracing these trends means not just adapting but leading the charge in revolutionizing how businesses manage and optimize their processes. It’s an exciting journey we’re well-prepared to embark on.

Work-Life Balance

SBS – How do you manage work-life balance, and what tips can you offer to entrepreneurs who struggle with this?

Igor – Entrepreneurship is an all-encompassing journey. The reality is that there’s often no clear line between work and life, especially in the early stages or when building from scratch. The nature of running a business, especially a small one, demands continuous dedication.

If work-life balance is a priority, entrepreneurship might not be the ideal path. It requires a unique mindset and commitment. While it’s challenging, it shouldn’t be a constant struggle. Entrepreneurs need to regularly reassess their motivations and ask themselves why they embarked on this journey in the first place. It’s a demanding road, but one that should align with personal goals and aspirations.

Legacy and Impact

SBS – Finally, what kind of legacy do you hope to create with Gruntify, and what impact do you wish to have on the industry and your community?

Igor – Building Gruntify has always been about more than just a business. My vision is to leave a legacy of transformative impact. I want Gruntify to be synonymous with productivity and efficiency, not just in technology but in reshaping how industries approach challenges.

Beyond business, I hope to inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs and contribute to the communities where we operate.


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Inside Gruntify’s Mission to Transform Field Services