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Tips for Effective Equity Management from Eqvista’s Founder

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Mark Stewart is the in-house Certified Public Accountant, an accomplished author and financial media specialist.

Tips for Effective Equity Management from Eqvista’s Founder

In this interview, we explore the world of Eqvista through the eyes of its founder, Tomas Milar. Discover how Milar’s desire to streamline equity management and business valuation led to the creation of Eqvista, a user-friendly platform designed to simplify complex financial processes for businesses of all sizes.

From overcoming early challenges to integrating advanced technology and prioritizing data security, this interview provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of fintech and offers valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the tech-based finance sector.

Tomas Milar

Inspiration Behind Eqvista

SBS – What inspired the creation of Eqvista and its focus on equity management and business valuation?

Tomas – I saw the struggle founders/businesses faced in keeping track of their company equity, especially using traditional methods like Excel sheets, which makes cap table management more complex down the road. Also, I wanted to make getting their company’s value (valuation) easier and less confusing.

That’s how I came up with the idea and built Eqvista to be simple and user-friendly for everyone, from startups just starting out to bigger companies. With Eqvista, businesses can track and manage their ownership (cap table) smoothly without worrying about complex calculations or endless data entry. 

Plus, getting a valuation is quicker and more transparent, helping you make smart decisions for your business. 

Think of Eqvista as your one-stop platform for managing your company’s ownership and understanding its value, all in a clear and easy-to-use way! 

Differentiating Eqvista in the Equity Management Market

SBS – How does Eqvista differentiate itself from other equity management and valuation platforms in the market?

Tomas – I primarily focused on the concept — easy to use. Eqvista should be a user-friendly tool that anyone can use efficiently with little or no training. Since its inception in the market, the most received feedback from our clients was its “user-friendliness,” and I think that made all the difference.  

Also, I planned on offering advanced features and keeping the price reasonable. Along with equity management, founders and CFOs use Eqvista to figure out how different funding rounds and ownership shares will impact their cap table and ownership structure. Our scenario modeling feature assists our users in giving an overall picture of the company’s position. This feature has been very helpful for startups in making smart choices about their equity.

My core aim is to make it simple for startups to manage equity without compromising essential features.

Early Challenges and Triumphs in Eqvista’s Journey

SBS – Can you discuss the primary challenges Eqvista faced in its early stages and how you overcame them?

Tomas – I think initially, establishing trust and awareness were challenges. I know it’s hard for anyone, even me, to rely on somebody with confidential data, especially in the fintech market where complexity in usage and trust with sensitive data is more dominant. 

While building Eqvista, I decided that the initial goal should be “reaching the market” and then scaling to “acquiring the market.” So, to make it in practice, I planned to offer freemium and educate about our platform using support articles and other guides. 

Along with it, our team worked on customer support on a full scale, offering free training and demos round-o-clock. It was all about continued efforts and dedication; that’s how I built the Eqvista platform. Being trusted by 14,000+ companies all around, I still prioritize “what’s more” as my day-to-day agenda. 

Key Features of Eqvista

SBS – What are the key features of Eqvista that you believe are most beneficial for startups and entrepreneurs?

Tomas – To put it precisely, I would say “Eqvista is a one-stop solution.” Eqvista’s main focus is to be a hub for startups and entrepreneurs, from equity management to financial stability. Eqvista offers easy cap table management, real-time collaboration, and 409A valuations. These features empower startups to efficiently manage equity, make informed decisions, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Looking back on the first year, I offered something on equity, while I also wanted to cover the financial and banking needs. So, I found Cheqly. On the other hand, Cheqly is a neobank exclusively tailored for startups, offering a range of financial services designed to streamline founders’ banking needs.

So, when you sign in with Eqvista, you will get a range of services as an end-to-end setup. 

Eqvista’s Approach to Simplified Cap Table Management

SBS – How does Eqvista simplify the process of cap table management for its users?

Tomas – As I stated, Eqvista simplifies cap table management by offering a user-friendly platform where stakeholders can effortlessly view, update, and track equity transactions. For founders who often rely on real-time data for strategy planning and optimizing performance, our automation reduces errors, ensures accuracy in ownership records, and provides a real-time snapshot of the company’s equity structure.

For business especially, I would say collaborations are essential. So, we have simplified it with a transparent setup between founders and third-party collaborators. Records and data can be easily shared and granted access (with strict security measures). So, as a single dashboard, users will get all their key personnel to have a heads-up cap table. 

Understanding 409A Valuations with Eqvista

SBS – Could you explain the importance of 409A valuations and how Eqvista helps companies in this regard?

Tomas – Eqvista makes the 409a valuation process easier by providing accurate valuations, helping businesses figure out what their equity is worth on the market (fair market value), and making sure they follow all IRS rules and regulations.

409a valuation not only assists you in complying with the federal code but also offers the company’s investors and management a gauge of the company’s financial standing. To offer better efficiency, Eqvista assists companies with 409a valuations at each stage of their existence. So, for all our clients, our experts will work on valuation in each phase. For each company stage, we get your company’s value. 

Electronic Share Management and Issuance on Eqvista

SBS – How does Eqvista support companies in managing and issuing electronic shares?

Tomas – Yes, Eqvista supports both certified(digital and paper) and uncertified (electronic) shares. Both are similar bylaws and charters. 

I noticed that businesses are often switching over to what’s easy these days. To avail it in shares transfer, I thought of implementing something to “enable businesses to act as their own transfer agent,” so I navigated Eqvista to make it simple for companies to issue and handle electronic shares securely. From inputting the details of the shareholder to getting the certificate signed by the director or secretary, the steps are simple and sleek. The certificate can be easily downloaded in a single way process itself. 

This not only speeds things up but also reduces paperwork, making it easier for companies to follow modern corporate governance practices.

User Feedback Influence on Eqvista’s Evolution

SBS – What kind of feedback have you received from your users, and how has it influenced the development of Eqvista?

Tomas – I believe honesty in business matters more than anything. I’m glad that so far, throughout these years, I have peers and users who give us honest feedback to upgrade our services, and in the end, we are in a place to satisfy them. Primarily, users like our easy-to-use interface and fast customer support. Their suggestions have helped us make Eqvista better. We listen to what users need and use their input to improve the platform.

Building strong relationships with our users and addressing their concerns head-on has been key to our success to date.

Technology’s Evolving Role in Equity Management

SBS – How do you see the role of technology evolving in equity management and business valuations?

Tomas – Technology will be very important for analyzing huge amounts of financial data that will help with business valuations and decisions about equity. We are in our trial phase of using machine learning and AI algorithms to automate tasks like analyzing financial statements, doing market research, and evaluating risk. This will make valuations faster and more accurate. We’ve already joined the rally and are figuring out the outcomes. 

Eqvista’s Commitment to Data Security and Privacy

SBS – What strategies does Eqvista use to ensure data security and privacy for its users?

Tomas – I understand that credibility is the most important factor in the fintech industry, and I haven’t left it behind while building Eqvista, which feeds in all confidential information from the end user. Eqvista prioritizes data privacy and complies with industry standards to ensure a secure platform. I have put in place strong protection measures like two-factor authentication, regular security checks, and strict access controls. 

We employ robust data security measures as startups and founders often entrust us with sensitive financial data. 

Eqvista’s Versatility Across Different Company Sizes

SBS – How does Eqvista cater to the needs of different sizes of companies, from small startups to large corporations?

Tomas – What I’ve learned over time is that business keeps on evolving, with it’s every phase and season. While building a platform like Eqvista, I was pretty sure I would build on scalable infrastructure that could accommodate the growth of companies over time.

Eqvista will cater to the needs of startups, SMEs, and large corporations alike. The pricing model is flexible and allows companies to choose a plan that suits their budget and requirements, ensuring affordability for smaller companies while providing advanced features for larger enterprises. 

Also, the Eqvista platform is customizable, allowing companies to tailor their equity management solution to meet their specific needs. Whether a company is a small startup with a handful of shareholders or a large corporation with complex equity structures, while onboarding, we access its stage and cater solutions according to it. 

Future Developments and New Features in Eqvista

SBS – What future developments or new features can users expect from Eqvista?

Tomas – Our development roadmap is driven by user needs and industry advancements. Users can expect more integrations with complementary tools, advanced financial reporting capabilities, and features that further simplify equity management and business valuations. 

Entrepreneurial Advice for Tech-Based Finance Startups

SBS – Finally, what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs looking to start a tech-based business in the finance sector?

Tomas – Author Peter Drucker once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” To be successful in the tech-based finance sector, you need to be open to new ideas, put the customer first, and stay dedicated to providing value-driven solutions.


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    This is a great interview. Eqvista is a full-featured company valuation, cap table, equity, tax and compliance documentation and shareholder account management platform.

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Tips for Effective Equity Management from Eqvista’s Founder