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Charting New Paths in iGaming with Traffic Lab

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Howard Tillerman is the Chief Marketing Officer for Step By Step Business and an award-winning marketing professional.

Charting New Paths in iGaming with Traffic Lab

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of iGaming, Traffic Lab stands out as a beacon of innovation and entrepreneurial success. Founded in 2014 by Sebastian Agerskov and Tuomas Jauhiainen, Traffic Lab has swiftly transitioned from a bold experiment in the lead-generation industry to a leader in the iGaming sector. Their journey, which began with diverse product offerings and eventually honed in on iGaming, is a testament to their adaptability and keen market insight. This written interview offers a deep dive into the company’s core strategies, business model, and the visionary minds behind its continual growth.

As we explore Traffic Lab’s story, we uncover the unique blend of creativity and analytical prowess that defines their approach to business. From their initial challenges and the groundbreaking realization of a market gap to their integration of cutting-edge technologies like AI, Traffic Lab’s trajectory is not just about business growth but also about fostering a culture of innovation. The insights shared by Agerskov and Jauhiainen provide invaluable lessons on balancing user value with revenue generation, the importance of company culture in driving innovation, and strategies for sustainable growth. Their experiences and advice offer a rich resource for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those eyeing the affiliate technology or iGaming space.

Sebastian Agerskov

The Genesis of Traffic Lab

SBS – Can you share the story of how your business journey began? What inspired you to start it?

Traffic Lab – Traffic Lab’s journey began with a vision to become a leading affiliate in the iGaming industry back in 2014 with Sebastian Agerskov and his former business partner Tuomas Jauhiainen. What started as an idea in a basement became an entrepreneurial experiment that led to a successfully established business within iGaming. With a team of dedicated experts, we have expanded our reach to various international markets, including Romania. Our inspiration stems from our passion for the iGaming industry and our desire to provide transparent and reliable information to users. Bogdancazino.ro, part of the Traffic Lab group, was launched in 2019 with the aim of making the Romanian iGaming market more transparent. We focus on providing objective and real information about online casinos in Romania, serving as an independent source of news about the online casino industry in the country.

Naming the Game

SBS – Choosing the right name for a business is crucial. How did you come up with the name for your brand, and what significance does it hold?

Traffic Lab – The name “Traffic Lab” signifies our expertise in driving quality traffic and our continuous experimentation to find the best strategies in the affiliate marketing realm. On the other hand, Bogdancazino.ro is tailored for the Romanian market, with “Bogdan” being a popular Romanian name, symbolizing trust and familiarity, and “cazino” directly representing our focus on the casino industry.

Financial Foundations

SBS – Starting a business often requires capital. How did you fund your business initially, and did you explore any unique financing options?

Traffic Lab – Traffic Lab started with a vision and dedication. While the specific financial details are proprietary, our growth has been a result of reinvesting our earnings, focusing on strategic partnerships, and ensuring that we provide value to our users and partners. Our success and reputation in the industry have allowed us to expand and venture into new markets, including Romania.

Setting Apart: Traffic Lab’s Unique Market Position

SBS – How do you differentiate your products/services in your market?

Traffic Lab – Our primary differentiation lies in our commitment to transparency and reliability. At Bogdancazino.ro, we test, evaluate, and gather information about online casinos in Romania and present it objectively to our users. We pride ourselves on being an independent source of news about the online casino industry. Moreover, Traffic Lab operates over 50+ affiliate websites for international markets in the iGaming industry, showcasing our vast expertise and reach.

A Day in the Life of an iGaming Entrepreneur

SBS – As an entrepreneur, what does a typical day look like for you?

Traffic Lab – A typical day at Traffic Lab involves continuous research, analysis, and optimization. Our team of over 100 experts in the iGaming sector collaborates to ensure we provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to our users. We engage in strategic discussions, content creation, market analysis, and partnership negotiations. Our goal is to stay ahead of industry trends and ensure that our users and partners receive the best value.

Traffic Lab’s Business Model Explained

SBS – Can you explain Traffic Lab’s business model and how you balance revenue generation with providing user value?

Traffic Lab – Traffic Lab’s business model revolves around developing comparison technology and websites for iGaming operators. Their primary revenue stream comes from creating these platforms, which are designed to assist players in the iGaming industry. Through Traffic Lab’s comparison websites, players gain access to essential information and transparency, enabling them to make informed decisions about which iGaming operator to choose for their gaming needs.

Tools and Tech Driving Traffic Lab

SBS – What tools, technologies, or software does Traffic Lab use in its daily operations?

Traffic Lab – To ensure the effectiveness of these comparison websites, Traffic Lab focuses heavily on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We specialize in ranking iGaming-related keywords on search engines like Google, a challenging and competitive field. Our SEO strategies involve keeping up-to-date with Google’s algorithm changes, tracking trending keywords, and monitoring competitors. This approach ensures that their clients’ brands achieve strong search engine rankings. Traffic Lab balances revenue generation with user value by creating content that appeals to both search engines and users, maintaining a quality that satisfies the criteria of search engines while engaging users.

Traffic Lab’s Early Challenges

SBS – Can you describe some of the major challenges you faced starting out and how you addressed them?

Traffic Lab – We for sure have had a lot of challenges, not to mention the COVID pandemic and lockdown, but luckily, the whole company had no problems with working from a home setup after some technical arrangements.

But to mention some of the other challenges we have had through time, we started on one big challenge in the early beginnings — the decision to specialize completely in iGaming. In the first year, Traffic Lab worked with various products but then chose to focus solely on iGaming. This specialization required a strategic shift and dedication to a specific industry, which has since become a core part of our business model. After that decision, one of the major challenges was related to office space and the company’s growth. These challenges were met with strategic decisions to expand office space in line with company growth and to specialize in a niche market, which have both contributed to the company’s success.

Traffic Lab’s Research Strategy

SBS – How did you conduct market research to better understand the needs of players and partners in the iGaming industry?

Traffic Lab – With a team of in-house experts, we utilize the knowledge to analyze market trends and player behaviors. With a presence across the globe and in search of new markets, we meet up at conferences with other iGaming operators and share insights from the industry.

AI and iGaming

SBS – In what ways is AI impacting the iGaming industry, and how has Traffic Lab integrated AI into its services?

Traffic Lab – AI is significantly impacting the iGaming industry in various ways, like all other industries and businesses. For one, AI can help identify patterns of problem gambling and enforce responsible gaming measures. AI can also enable highly personalized gaming experiences by analyzing player behavior and preferences, which can lead to more engaging and tailored game recommendations, promotions, and customer interactions.

Traffic Lab is using AI in processing large volumes of data to extract meaningful insight into user behavior based on numbers. In that way, Traffic Lab can enhance its market research and SEO strategies, ensuring that we remain ahead of industry trends.

Cultivating Innovation

SBS – How have you fostered a company culture that encourages innovation and continuous improvement?

Traffic Lab – By maintaining a relaxed and informal environment at the office, Traffic Lab has fostered a company culture that encourages innovation and continuous improvement.  This atmosphere is conducive to teamwork, where colleagues across different departments inspire and challenge each other’s views, beliefs, and practices. Such a collaborative environment is key to our approach to developing state-of-the-art solutions.

Additionally, Traffic Lab’s commitment to developing and testing new concepts, as well as regularly adding new product types to our portfolio, demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation. This combination of a supportive work environment and a proactive approach to exploring new concepts and markets helps Traffic Lab stay at the forefront of innovation in the digital and iGaming industries.

Growth and Challenges at Traffic Lab

SBS – Can you share a learning experience from a mistake or unexpected challenge Traffic Lab encountered?

Traffic Lab – “It used to be the big fish that eat the small fish, but I think it will be the fast fish that eat the slow fish” — Sebastian Agerskov, the founder of Traffic Lab.

There’s no doubt that the learning experience goes together with the company’s journey and evolution. Traffic Lab’s adaptability and willingness to evolve come from a culture of learning from experiences and challenges to drive growth and success.

Strategies for Scalable Growth

SBS – What strategies are in place at Traffic Lab for sustainable growth and scalability to handle an expanding user base?

Traffic Lab – Traffic Lab is a performance-driven marketing bureau, so we employ several strategies for sustainable growth and scalability to handle an expanding user base.

  1. Keeping the expertise in-house: Traffic Lab has a diverse team of experts in fields like programming and SEO. By developing all solutions in-house, we maintain full control and adaptability over our products and services.
  2. Developing and testing new concepts: This approach allows us to stay ahead in the market by regularly introducing new product types and improving existing ones.
  3. Actively seeking new markets globally: This international focus enables us to diversify our user base and mitigate risks associated with operating in a single market.
  4. Having a collaborative culture: A work environment that encourages teamwork and inspiration and challenges conventional views and practices is key to developing innovative solutions and adapting to changing market demands.
  5. Anticipating future trends: No one can foresee the future, but with the above strategies, Traffic Lab tries to anticipate future trends and user needs, and these are essential for sustainable growth and scalability.

Entrepreneurial Insights

SBS – What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the affiliate technology or iGaming space?

Traffic Lab – For aspiring entrepreneurs entering the affiliate business or iGaming industry, Traffic Lab’s journey shows the importance of specializing in a niche, continuously adapting to industry trends, and making a strong, innovative team.

Have a global perspective and a forward-thinking approach, and always be ready to innovate and test new concepts. Cultivate a collaborative culture that encourages creativity and open communication in the company, as these are key to navigating the dynamic and competitive market of iGaming and affiliate business.


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Charting New Paths in iGaming with Traffic Lab