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StepbyStep Business Logo Generator

Do you need a logo for your business? Try the StepbyStep Business logo generator for startups, professionals, and companies.

With our logo maker, you can create free, professional logos to use on all your platforms in less than 5 minutes.

The logo maker is fast, smart, and delivers beautiful results.

How to Create a Logo With the StepbyStep Business Logo Generator in 6 Simple Steps

Here’s a breakdown of how to design your logo using our logo maker tool:

Step 1 – Enter your business name in the field marked “create logo” and hit enter.

Step 2 – Select up to three fonts you like. Click Next.

Step 3 – Select up to three icons that best represent your brand’s identity and click Next.

Step 4 – Select up to three color schemes that you like. You can choose between bright and dark color schemes or customize the colors that match your brand color palette. Click Next to view your logo.

Step 5 – Your logo options are ready! Choose your favorite out of the different alternatives generated.

Step 6 – Checkout and download your logo. Easy!

Why use the StepbyStep Business Logo Generator?

First, the logo maker is super easy to use. You don’t have to be a professional logo designer to create a high-quality, compelling logo.

Also, each logo is customizable. You can change your logo’s icon, name, and background color to match your brand’s identity. Also, you get full commercial rights to use any logo you create.

Other reasons to use our online logo creator include:

  • You will instantly receive 10+ logo files.
  • You get multiple color font and background variations for your logo.
  • The logo maker is available for free.

What Makes a Good Logo?

A logo is like your business’s mascot. It visually communicates your brand’s personality, core message, and values at a glance.

So, when designing your logo, you should think about how your target audience feels from the first time they see it going forward.

That said, a good logo should contain the following design elements:

1. Simplicity

Some of the world’s most recognizable logos are remarkably straightforward. Think of Nike or Apple. These are simple logos, yet so recognizable and easy to remember.

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to your logo design. Most of your customers will only have a couple of seconds to focus on your logo. So, you’ll want to create something captivating and concise.

Simple logos focus on details such as colors, icons, and fonts to express the brand’s personality.

With the StepbyStep Business logo generator, you can customize these three aspects in a way that communicates your brand’s identity while keeping everything simple.

While you’re at it, check out the StepbyStep business name generator to help you come up with a business name that resonates with your audience in a few clicks.

2. Relevance

Your logo needs to be relevant to your industry and target audience. Your logo’s images, color, ideas, expression, and type should communicate what your brand is all about.

When your logo aligns with your business activity, it will help you create a unique brand identity within your industry.

3. Memorability

A good logo is distinctive enough to be easily remembered. Memorable logos create a connection with your target market and, most importantly, generate interest in your brand. Remember, one of the logo’s goals is to help your brand stick in your customer’s minds.

4. Timelessness

You can’t keep changing your logo year after year. So, you’ll want to create something that will remain relevant for years. Examples of timeless logos that don’t seem to go out of style include Google, McDonald’s, and FedEx.

5. Versatility

A good logo is usable in several ways, situations, and channels to communicate your brand’s message. Put differently; you’re better off with a logo that can allow you to broadcast your brand to your target audience in every possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make a logo stand out?

Here’s how you can ensure your logo is unique and easily identifiable:

Be original. Your logo shouldn’t resemble any other logo. It shouldn’t copy colors, designs, or icons used by your competitors.

To stand out, you must ensure that your design is original and that it represents what your business is all about.

The StepbyStep Business logo generator can help hone your creative power and enable you to design a logo that truly stands out.

Other ways you can make your logo stand out include:

  • Keep it simple and minimalist
  • Make sure that your logo delivers your brand message clearly
  • Ensure that your logo is consistent in all your marketing channels, from social media profiles to product labels, websites, and anything in between.
  • Choose a color scheme to make your logo eye-catching.
What should you not do in a logo?

While our logo generator can help you design a logo representing your brand, you shouldn’t do certain things. These include:

  • Using too many colors. You want something that’s not too crowded with unnecessary colors.
  • Using the wrong font. You can test your font on printed material or your website to see how it looks.
  • Using clip art. Even though most clip arts are readily available, incorporating them into your logo removes the originality factor. Plus, you can’t trademark your logo if it has clipart in it.
How can I create my logo for free?

Your quest to design your logo at no cost starts by choosing a free logo generator. The StepbyStep Business logo generator comes at no fee, which allows you to create unlimited logos without paying a penny.

Choose up to 3 fonts you like

You can choose up to 3 fonts

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You can choose up to 3 icon

Choose up to 3 color schemes you like


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You can choose up to 3 color pallet

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Your brand package

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Your complete brand package includes:

  • 10+ logo files for use across all mediums
  • Ready-to-go PNG files for website
  • Ready-to-go PNG files for social media
  • Multiple high-res file types (SVG & PNG)
  • Multiple color variations (inc. transparent BG’s)
  • Text only logo variations
  • Brand guide including #Hex color codes
  • Bonus file for website favicon
  • Full logo ownership