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How to File an LLC Annual Report in Texas

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How to File an LLC Annual Report in Texas

How to File an LLC Annual Report in Texas

In Texas, your LLC is legally required to file an annual report with the state. Failure to do so can lead to fines and even the closure of your business, so it’s crucial that you stay up-to-date. 

What Is an Annual Report?

Your LLC must file an annual report, also known as a statement of information, with your state to keep your company in good standing.

Who Needs to File an Annual Report?

Any business that is legally registered with the state of Texas must file this report, which includes detailed information about your business. 

How to File a Texas Annual Report

In Texas, the annual report is filed with the Comptroller. Annual reports consist of two filings: your annual public information report and annual franchise tax report.

You can file online by visiting the Comptroller website and taking the following steps. If you don’t have an eSystems account, you’ll need to create one before filing online.

  1. Go to the eSystems portal and log in. 
  2. Click on the Assign Taxes/Fees button from the dashboard page.
  1. Next, look up your business records by entering your taxpayer number and click continue to complete the form.
  1. Your tax rate will vary based on your annual revenue. Please review the documents and instructions carefully to determine what you owe. 

Alternatively, you can file by mail. Download the instructions and forms from the Comptroller website

NOTE: If you do not owe franchise taxes, you still need to complete and file a No Tax Due Report.

Mail completed documentation and fees to:

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
P.O. Box 149348
Austin, TX 78714-9348

In Texas, annual reports are due every year on May 15th. The penalty for filing late is $50. Additionally,  you will be charged a penalty of 5% of taxes due. If you do not file within 30 days of your due date, you will be charged an additional 5%. Late filings beyond 60 days will incur additional interest and risk administrative dissolution of the LLC.

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Filing Fee

As mentioned above, the fee for filing an annual LLC report in Texas depends on your total annual revenue. 

What Happens After I File my Texas Annual Report?

After you file your report, you will receive a notification of any errors or omissions, or confirmation that your report has been filed. If you receive a notification, it’s crucial that you respond quickly and address any errors in order to avoid penalties.  


Filing an annual report is a requirement for LLCs in Texas, so it’s critical that you take the time to accurately fill out the form and file with your state in a timely manner. This will ensure your company is allowed to operate uninterrupted and with no legal penalties.