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Sales Tax Calculator

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Use this sales tax calculator to calculate prices before and after adding sales tax.

To use the calculator, enter the sales tax percentage in the Sales Tax box and the net price in the Net Price box. The net price is the price without tax. The calculator will then show you the gross price (the price with sales tax added), and the amount of tax in dollars.

You can also use this tool as a reverse sales tax calculator to find out the pre-tax price of a product if you know the gross price and the sales tax. Simply enter these values, and the calculator will show you the pre-tax price in the Net Price box and the amount of tax paid in the Tax Amount box.

This sales tax calculator will work for any local or general sales tax rate. Simply enter the rate in the Sales Tax box, and the calculator will instantly update. You can also use this calculator to calculate value added tax (VAT).

Sales Tax FAQs

How do I figure out sales tax?

To figure out the amount of sales tax paid on a purchase, simply multiply the price by the sales tax rate expressed as a decimal. For example, if you buy something for $25 and the sales tax rate is 7%, the calculation is: $25 * 0.07 = $1.75. This is the amount of tax paid.

How much tax is on a $30 purchase?

The amount of tax on a $30 purchase will depend on the sales tax rate in your state. Sales tax rates in the USA range from 0% to 7.25% at the time of writing. If we assume the sales tax rate is 5%, the amount of tax on a $30 purchase would be $30 * 0.05 = $1.50. Enter your local sales tax rate in our calculator to calculate the amount of tax in your state.

Is sales tax the same as VAT?

No, sales tax is not the same thing as VAT. Sales tax is paid by the final consumer (B2C transactions), whereas VAT is collected on all transactions, including B2B transactions.