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Daniel Javor

Daniel Javor

Daniel Javor


Entrepreneurship, Business Formation, Entrepreneurship Coaching



Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Daniel Javor

Founder & CEO of Step by Step Business

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur who has acquired, managed, and scaled dozens of online businesses over the past decade. He owns businesses in many industries including online publishing, digital marketing, SaaS, eCommerce, and real estate.


Daniel has always been an entrepreneur at heart. His first foray into business was selling trading cards on eBay at the age of 13.

He ended up moving to Israel when he was 17 years old, and while there he founded a digital marketing agency in Tel Aviv, which employed 50 people at its peak.

This ability to find profit continued through a string of offline businesses and an explosive entry into affiliate marketing in 2013.

Daniel launched his fully privately owned investment company in 2017 and the company grew to 8 figures within the first 3 years.

Starting StepByStepBusiness.com

Starting a business begins with an idea, followed by a great deal of research and finding the right resources that can help. Having a solid concept and well-researched information will set your future business up for success.

As a multiple-business owner, Daniel has acquired significant knowledge about starting a business through years of experience. Moreover, he has worked with several entrepreneurs and founders to help them launch, grow, and optimize their businesses. Because of this, Daniel understands the importance of having the necessary resources that help entrepreneurs start their journey.

StepByStepBusiness.com is for entrepreneurs who want to learn the basic steps of starting a new business. Whether you find an area you want to pursue or are looking for an idea to start a business, Step by Step Business provides a wide range of guidelines, as well as a vast array of well-organized references to other useful online resources about starting a business.